Poll: Hobby Horse Functions

December 1, 2012

Weekly Poll

This week we saw added to Bullroarer a new Hobby Horse item. I think the general consensus is that the propose 5,000 TP price is a bit much so that’s not worth a poll.

So pricing aside, I’d like to ask our audience their opinion on the functions this item should have. Should it operate as a mount and be summoned and used like a travel mount, used as a toy or emote for temporary fun times or shouldn’t even be added (note that I know its a repeatable in Harwick).

What function preferences do you have for the Hobby Horse item?

  • Not as a mount at all - just a toy or emote (60%, 492 Votes)
  • It shouldn't be in the game at all (22%, 183 Votes)
  • 68% Mount (8%, 64 Votes)
  • As is - 40% mount (7%, 57 Votes)
  • Other (Leave a comment) (2%, 19 Votes)
  • 62% Mount (1%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 825

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46 Responses to “Poll: Hobby Horse Functions”

  1. Douglas Says:

    Fix Bugs & Lag, and stop making non-sense!


    • Joshua Says:

      Not mutually exclusive. Completely different teams, in fact. So it would be a waste of resources if they told their item team, “Hey, stop making stuff while we fix bugs.”


      • Douglas Says:

        2 separate teams…. Yet bugs and lag still aren’t getting fixed….


        • Douglas Says:

          Either way, this is all non-sense.. They aren’t forcing you to buy it, its not something needed in order to play the game, so why is it such an issue..


          • Avatar of Hobbitmeister
            Hobbitmeister Says:

            It’s an issue because once the “nonsense” is let into the store, we can expect mopre and more of it. Just because they CAN price something at a stupidly high price doesn’t mean they should.

            How would you feel if they were charging $50 for the upcoming Instance cluster? Give them an inh and they will take a mile.

          • Aaron Says:

            ^ agreed

      • Nicolas Fabbroni Says:

        Expecting us to give them $50 for 10 minutes of devwork is the problem, considering the lag and bugs haven’t been fixed (oh, and kiss festival fun goodbye, it’s been grinded and monetized).

        $50 is expac price, though I must just be going crazypants again.


    • Cithryth Says:

      I don’t like the hobby horse either, but this is a bit of a silly statement. The people who make items like this are definitely not the same people responsible for fixing world bugs and dealing with lag issues.


      • Pasduil Says:

        > Not mutually exclusive. Completely different teams

        Maybe not, but you can always spend less money hiring people with fluff-making skills and more on those with bug-fixing skills. So they are somewhat mutually-exclusive like any management decision involving money and resources.

        If they don’t go for that it’s probably because it doesn’t make “business sense”. As in fixing bugs in their view isn’t going to affect income much, while the fluff will bring in lots of money.

        And if you can sell a fluff horse for more than a quest pack that probably take 50 times the expense and effort to make, sure a business will decide to make a lot of fluff, and not much new content.

        Not necessarily evil of them, as they have to pay the bills (and the dev salaries) somehow.

        Personally I think this one is ridiculous. But probably it doesn’t matter to them if 98% of people think it’s ridiculous if there’s even 2% that will shell out $50 for it.


  2. CJ Says:

    As is. But I want a squire to follow me around making clopping sounds with a halved coconut. :P


  3. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    Is the hobby horse quest really that popular? I think it’s stupid.

    I can’t think of any single, per-character item in game which would cause me to shell out $50. I won’t even pay $20 for the other store-exclusive horses, so there’s no way I’d pay real money for a silly/juvenile/stupid virtual hobby horse. For $50, I had better get a happy ending and a cigarette every time I mount it.

    The way the post on the forums is phrased is patronising and downright offensive. I used to think that F2P was going to save LOTRO from turning out the lights, but now I’m not so sure.


  4. Sidarin Says:

    This hobby horse reminds me of Monty Python and the holy grail. So I will buy the horse when they sell me some coconuts for my steward


    • Luinori Says:

      Brilliant! I’d actually like to see, as a temporary April Fool’s joke, all Captain Heralds turn into Patsy from the Holy Grail. That would be priceless.


  5. Atzumo Says:

    I think it’ll break the game atmosphere to see someone raiding this thing through town (it’s overpriced to hell and back, now way I’m getting one). I can already imagine what the people that get scandalized for players choosing non-lore characters names (like mine) have to say about this “mount”.


  6. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    Just to throw this out there as point for discussion:

    Is there the possibility that this post is a joke and/or the work of a disgruntled/downsized employee on their way out?

    Think about it: the tone of the post is patronising and insulting. They’re floating an idea that is so out in left field, that no one will take it seriously, and the part about constructive feedback only is practically begging for a pitchfork-weilding mob to form.

    Either they’re inviting ridicule to distract people from something else they’re doing, or there’s someone who is high/ticked off and trying to raise the hackles of the LOTRO community as they’re let go.

    I have no reasonable basis or other information to bring up this hypothesis, but it could be a possible scenario.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I’m betting if it was a disgruntled employee the existence of the thread would have long since disappeared. It’s been up for over a day now. I think it is a real post.

      Can’t say that the distraction idea is not valid though.


      • Tony Says:

        I think what they’re trying to do is see how much they will piss people off by introducing “rich” items in to the game. Kind of like that monocle in another MMO I can’t think of the name for.

        I think that’s all this is about. See how long people will complain, how quickly they’ll move on to other stuff and how many people would shell out the money.

        Seems like odd timing considering they’ve already broken up the raid release. There’s not a ton of good will around.


      • Tuiliel Says:

        Perhaps trying to distract the angry mob from the Yule Festival disaster? The more we get fired up about this, the less we focus on a design change that will likely affect (ruin?) all festivals to come.


  7. Avatar of Dietlbomb
    Dietlbomb Says:

    I would make it a -30% mount. The hobby horse should slow you down.


  8. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    No bother with an in game quest or deed reward that gives an emote. They could even add it to the mountains of banners that appear in the “reward” boxes.

    A mount in lotro should be a proper beast of burden not a toy or a joke item. Goats were pushing it but this, just no.

    Price wise I’d be willing to bet that this would be the same kind of cost as the dwarven moobs, being another overpirced jokeshop item.

    They get enough grief over the additions and alterations to the store that surely someone must realise they might need to stop milking it as much and focus on keeping lotro a decent game instead of one that’s sliding down into a money pit.


    • Avatar of Kanati Siquayetsga
      Kanati Siquayetsga Says:

      FWIW, I kind of completely hate the goats and only use mine when I have to.

      IIRC, pre-industrial subterranean draft animals were usually burros, ponies, or mules. I would have preferred any/all of these over the stupid goats. Also, I would have preferred it if the Moria goblin-cavalry rode some form of domesticated worms rather than wargs which seem out of place that deep underground.


  9. Pickles Says:

    Had to go and check my calendar for this one.


  10. Tori Says:

    I have no problem with a hobby horse as a “play” sort of item, but one that gives a speed boost? Ridiculous. I know we’re talking about a game, but realistically you wouldn’t really run faster while riding a hobby horse :p

    And the price is outrageous. Not really sure what they’re trying to accomplish with this.


  11. tony Says:

    I feel turbine wants to make some worthless almost lore-abiding store item that is fun. I am perfectly fine with that, I really enjoy the small parts of this game, it’s really why i play it. But what makes it controversial is the price and the speed boost. If it was 1/10 the price and no speed boost, i would buy it nearly as soon as it came out. (i may not have 500 tp at the moment).


  12. Rhaegor Says:

    Some players haven’t been able to play since RoR due to bugs or lag and they spend their time making this s&@t. They are turning this game into a joke. This, along with their broken IC promise and the “Grind That Stole Yulefest” is proving to be the last straw for me. Been here since the beginning, and its sad to see how they are destroying this mmo.


  13. Zyngor Says:

    Overall, I’m not too bothered by all of this hobby horse hooplah. Does it seem like a silly idea? Sure! Is the current suggested price a little out there? Sure!

    However, I see it as a response to what I would assume they noticed through the game and forum that a lot of users found that riding a hobby horse (in the Hytbold daily) was a pretty funny and (might I say) unique way to represent the Harwick series of landscape quests (which are generally revolved around playing around with the younger Rohirrim children).

    To me, Bullroarer is a test server, and thus they are welcome to throw out anything they wish to garner some form of feedback. The price does not necessarily reflect the cost if it were to be pushed to live (I would guess it would be bumped down), nor does it mean the item will even be pushed to live.

    Poll-wise, I went with the “toy or emote” option. I think it would be a suitable idea if it went the same way the “Prized Pie” item is used. That is, make it a non-consumed item that has a timer, and allows the user to ride around during that allotted time. Throw in a five minute+ cooldown or so, and not usable in combat, and hopefully we’re good to go. If they decided not to monetize it, perhaps add some kind of deed or questline after West Rohan comes out, in which you need to help children across Rohan, and the reward would be this gift for coming to the aid of the Rohirrim children.


  14. Kiarane Says:

    It should be a hobby!!

    Something like a tamagoshi pet, that you need to ride, feed and pet. Built stables, buy/grow grain, buy/craft saddles. Look and stats should vary accordingly with how much time you spent in your horse.

    Ps: If they could match that with a housing update…. :P


  15. Rinvan Says:

    If this gets added to the store then I guess Radagast’s bunny sled from “The Hobbit” will be the next joke mount available. :)


  16. Avatar of Chris Moran
    Chris Moran Says:

    I’m so confused. xRaina’s post is just so strange. The concept is strange. I won’t hate on it, but it does seem like it’s something banking on some people’s inability to not have everything available, especially the oddities. My toons carry crap around because I so often wonder “maybe it’ll be useful for something eventually”. But, if those buyers help fund the game developers, why not. So long as they don’t effect OTHER players in any way, I don’t really care.


  17. Dan Says:

    I really don’t understand why they didn’t just add this to the game as an alternative “cosmetic” like they did with the Gift-Boxes (one of my favorite cosmetics). Then it could be sold (for some *reasonable* TP cost) together with a “giddy-up” emote that would allow you to gallop around on your own.

    This just seems like it was a trial balloon to see the limits on what the playerbase would accept. Not sure why it was so over the top, though.


  18. Luinori Says:

    Here’s a thought: when this ridiculous items finally goes live, what would happen if NOBODY BOUGHT IT? I think a boycott could be very effective in expressing to Turbine how we feel, and would perhaps get it through to them that we don’t want silly things like this in our game. Yes, OUR game. Remember that, folks; we can vote with our wallets!


    • Evenhald Says:

      At 5K TP, I don’t think a boycott is needed. You could probably count the number of people who would buy a fluff item for that price on one hand.


  19. Nicolas Fabbroni Says:


    * Fix the lag, the warsteed rubberbanding, the lag, draigoch, the lag, the warsteed rubberbanding.

    * Start treating players like playing customers, not your annoying kindergarden class.

    * Fix the lag and rubberbanding.


  20. Jacob Says:

    I would never ever ever buy this. But if they are going to have it in the game. It should be 100% (over 68%) and be used on a cosmetic for MC. That way at least I’ll get a laugh every now and again watching someone speed across the landscape on the hobby horse.

    I think a shark jumping mount would be more suitable for this game at its current point in its life cycle.

    I hope you cover this on TLDL…reaches for popcorn…


  21. davidt Says:

    For $50 you should be able to apply it cosmetically to your War Steed:)

    And use it in Moria, or should that be exclusive to the Hobby Goat?


  22. Avatar of Kanati Siquayetsga
    Kanati Siquayetsga Says:

    It should be a -25% mount. Yes, I mean you should ride your hobby-horse at about 3/4 running speed.


  23. Thaillin Says:

    Serious answer – I think that it should just be a fun emote type item for people to have fun with occasionally in RP and parties at a reasonable emote price. No problem with it if it is for fun at a good price and doesn’t break immersion.

    For fun answer – However, if we are going to match the ridiculousness of the price with function I say make it a heavy war steed with a trample attack – I don’t have Rohan yet but using my imagination it would be pretty epic to stomp on some elite warband boss with your stick toy pony – or maybe get off of it and go all “el kabong” on the warband with the hobby horse (hey, could this open the door for LI hobby horses). While doing this you should also be able to be shirtless (male only) while experiencing the drunk effect and constantly doing the toast emote. I would have to pretty much be in that state to buy it at $50 – unless it could fly of course :)


  24. Belegedan Says:

    10% Mount is acceptable – not usable, but faster than walking.


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