Poll: The Next Goofy Mount

December 29, 2012

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll was suggested by Vraeden. Now that the Hobby Horse has made it into the game, what should the next mount be that’s introduced?

Note that we are mostly joking around with these answers so let’s not get all grumpy about it. There’s even an “Other” option to allow you to add your own goofy choice!

Now that the Hobby Horse has made it into the game, what should the next mount be that's introduced?

  • A sled being pulled by bunnies (49%, 427 Votes)
  • Eagles (20%, 174 Votes)
  • Goat warsteed cosmetics for mounted combat in Moria (19%, 168 Votes)
  • Theodred rep horses based on the models next to the stables in Dunland (9%, 75 Votes)
  • Other (Leave a comment) (3%, 36 Votes)

Total Voters: 880

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60 Responses to “Poll: The Next Goofy Mount”

  1. Luinori Says:

    Dear lord, how about no more silly mounts and just more cool REAL mounts?


  2. Floradine Says:

    Mounted combat in Moria?
    The movie-sled?

    Man, I don’t know what to say to these. Mounted Combat in Moria is just impossible in terms of game-mechanics. There is just not enough space down there for anything like this. The sled? Really? Just because a famous director had a dopey idea we don’t need to follow it. And the Eagles? Really? Do you even know who the eagles are and that there probably is a reason why they don’t let you ride on them on a daily basis.


    • Beryline Says:

      This poll was intended to be silly. Obviously they didn’t think we’d get any of these as real mounts. Sense of humor, people.


      • Avatar of Kanati Siquayetsga
        Kanati Siquayetsga Says:

        The intension of the poll is beside the point Beryline. Mention silly things, and silly things will make their way into the game. The festival consumables and the accursed +68% hobbyhorse is proof that Turbine is clueless enough that the devs will take this poll as evidence that we want bunny sleds at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. How long before we have hobbyhorse mounted combat? Months? Weeks? Days?


    • Halgoreth Says:

      You are correct. The eagles do not do favors unless Gandalf asks really nicely. The reason for this is that _The Lord of the Rings_ would have been *very* short otherwise: “Hey, Gwaihir, remember when I saved your life? Could you be a pal now and drop this ring into a volcano for me? It should only take you a couple hours, and would save us a bit of bother.” (IMHO, Tolkien overused the “Eagles save the day” device, and PJ won’t be sparing us any eagle scenes, either [unless, of course, the next installments have a Battle of only *Four* Armies.)

      To chime in on goofy mounts, I am definitely not a fan of them. I only grudgingly use the Cave-Claw Steed because I occasionally need something slightly faster (even if almost imperceptibly so) than what I usually ride. I am particularly annoyed whenever goofy mounts are easier to get and have better stats than the non-novelty steeds.

      I have ten or so reputation mounts that I worked very hard to get. Some of them took hundreds of hours each just to earn the eligibility to purchase them. They are all 162 speed (that is, they travel 62% faster than an unbuffed, unmounted player runs).

      Now, 168-speed mounts do exist. (What’s so special about a mere 3.7% speed boost over regular mounts? I don’t know. But it’s the best, and therefore I want my toon to have it!) However, in order to get one, you either have to buy it from the store or complete some incredibly difficult high-level chain of quests or deeds.

      Well, that’s not quite true. . .I was kind of annoyed to find that a player of any level, with maybe 3-5 hours to kill, has a better-than-even chance during Treasure Hunt to get any of three somewhat goofy 168-speed mounts for free. (I do also have the Treasure-laden Goat from that event but, outside of Moria, the goat one looks even goofier than the Cave-Claw steed–especially for a non-dwarven rider.)

      If we *must* have goofy mounts in the game, I would *really* prefer that they have *less* desirable riding characteristics than the non-goofy ones. If someone wants goofy, why are they even playing LOTRO? There are plenty of other quasi-medieval fantasy MMOs out there that are not bound to pre-established canon. Don’t ask LOTRO to steer away from LotR just because you want more ways to be silly.

      BTW, I appreciated PJ’s rabbit-sled for Radagast (but not so much his guano-encrusted beard). It seemed to me a creative transportation solution that didn’t stretch *too* far from Tolkien–much the same as LOTRO having saddle goats in Moria. However, I do *not* want to see toons mushing hare-teams in the game. But I don’t think we’re in danger of that, as I don’t believe that Turbine has access to New Line intellectual properties.

      Other player-mounts that I don’t want to see include wargs, bears, leopards, lizards, aurochs, Fell-beasts, neeker-breekers, Model Ts, mountain bikes, goblin-borne sedan chairs, and slug-drawn chariots. And absolutely no turtles!


  3. Skuin Says:

    I want to ride one of those big elephants!


  4. Tori Says:

    Mounted combat in Moria! AKA, cliff jumping.


  5. Mighty Viking Hamster Says:

    Galadriel as mount. My dwarf would love that!


  6. Lorgelas Says:

    A Hobbit horse. Riding a hobbit would be awesome


  7. Avatar of eleen scholten
    eleen scholten Says:

    i would like a deer to ride ^^


  8. Glinluin Says:

    Bunnies bunnies bunnies.


  9. Avatar of Yeti
    Yeti Says:

    Or a White War Stag


  10. Bhebbna Says:

    The next mount should be J.R.R. Tolkien’s avatar. I’d pay to have him give me a piggy- back ride through Middle-Eartth.


  11. Andy Says:

    Thanks to morias taxi service there’s a greater chance of dying while mounted there already. But at least being underground there’s no untogglable weather effects to totally mess up the playability.

    I’d suggest oliphants but we’re not quite that far east ingame yet so maybe we’ll be getting wargs first. Just think of all the lovely cosmetic hairstyling options that would be spawned as a result.


  12. Pointy Says:

    Bunny sled! :D

    How do you actually get the hobby horse? I’ve not seen it anywhere other than screen caps.


  13. Tim Says:

    How about being carried by a dwarf. If it’s a dwarf with a hump back that’s where you can put your saddle. Plus, he comes with an axe. BINGO: WAR-STEED!!


  14. Avatar of Haffleheim
    Haffleheim Says:

    Invisible mounts! It’s already in the game, so Turbine won’t have any problem making it available in the store.


  15. Royal Bob Says:

    We talked about this in kin chat a couple days ago. I suggested a giant chicken to go with my outfit. To unlock it, you’d have to do a chicken play quest from the Shire to Mordor. Another kinnie said that it would probably be in the next festival.


  16. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    Wargs.. For riding. Also Mammoths.


  17. Flosiin Says:

    Battle squirrels on war-bunny steeds?


  18. smugglin Says:

    LMs will ride Bog Lurkers.
    Warsteed goats will actually be added. pretty sure about that.
    Creeps will finally get mounts- all orcs will get a chariot pulled by hobbits.


  19. Elinnea Says:

    I want an elk steed now.


  20. Bibliocat Says:



  21. Halmiril Says:

    Greenwood / Mirkwood Stag
    That Stag in the Hobbit was awesome. But really lotro make a Stag I don’t care what stag and you can have my wallet.
    That’s all
    Halmiril of SONS


  22. William S Says:

    A Herald that follows you, clapping coconuts, while you pretend to ride a horse. It would have 38% speed and 100 Morale, like the tame Moria goat.


  23. susan Says:

    some really good and funny ideas, hmmmm. let me see, how about being able to ride giant spider or any one of the myriad monsters out there. a very rare drop from working your monster kill deeds.


  24. Cashil Says:

    dinosaur.. or centaur or blt sandwich. TAKE THAT TOLKIEN.


  25. Ruhrval Says:

    A magic bit and chariot from Goldberry that when taken to Galadriel, dominates Galadriel completely: getting her to switch to her best black leather cosmetic outfit and pull the chariot.

    Hunters can fire only flaming arrows while riding in the chariot.


  26. Avatar of Bregyn
    Bregyn Says:

    There is only one possible outcome.


  27. Avatar of The Dwarrow Scholar
    The Dwarrow Scholar Says:

    Based on the comments from Billy Connolly, I have a feeling the Iron Hill Dwarves will be riding boars in one of the next installments of the Hobbit movies. Hence, my choice goes to “other”, and “Boars”. Would be a tad more original than the goats we’ve got now I would say. So, go for it Turbine… ridable boars in the game!


  28. Avatar of The Dwarrow Scholar
    The Dwarrow Scholar Says:

    Based on the comments from Dáin Ironfoot actor Billy Connolly I have a strong feeling the Iron Hill dwarves of the next Hobbit movies will be riding boars. Hence my vote goes to “other”, specifically “boars”.


  29. Avatar of Bryandt
  30. bywitter Says:



  31. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    Bicycle. I’m Dutch so… has to be a bike.


  32. Rufusstan Says:

    Of the options given, the warsteed in Moria would be the closest, just for the combination of the warsteed’s turning circle/acceleration and Moria’s tight spaces and sudden drops.

    I was thinking about a huge riding cat, but it would have to have an animation where it tries to eat any nearby mounts.

    In the end though, I’d have to agree with the herald with coconuts idea. All I’d add would be that the mount had 2 speeds. The +38% as mentioned above. but if the combat state is triggered while riding, the speed rises to +62% or higher.
    ….he bravely, bravely ran away…


  33. Halmiril Says:

    What about a giant kangaroo from the south. I would pay for that.


  34. Shaidde Says:

    Look Raist, Bunnies!!!


  35. Wyllo Says:

    warsteed cosmetics for ALL rep mounts!


  36. Vanflicke Says:

    i want a rowboat. red with white trim. two oars made of ash. and silver oarlocks.


  37. Andy Says:



    • Wyllo Says:

      NOT FAIR!!!!

      I would love to have a Balrog Mount … give it some perky bells & a banner off it’s sholder …


  38. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Space hopper.

    Not only is it a classic “mount” design but it would help make sense of the random bouncing about that warsteeds love to do.


  39. Tolarthor Says:

    What about two slugs strapped underneath a plank?
    Then my dwarf can snore away with his keg at hand, gently being carried to the next inn for a refil :)


  40. Avatar of Kanati Siquayetsga
    Kanati Siquayetsga Says:

    I despise goofy mounts. Even the goats steeds are servants of Melkor and should be cast in to the void with their dark master.

    I wouldn’t mind the accursed hobbyhorse if it gave a speed *debuff*. Do you run faster when you skip along with a stick between your legs? I thought not.

    Grousing aside, I second Wyllo’s idea and would like to see warsteed appearances for all the (equine) reputation steeds.


  41. Sigela Says:


    132% speed but 1000 morale. :) Just joshin’.


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