Riders of Rohan Official Video Game Score & Contest!

December 14, 2012

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This contest is over. Congratulations Eiledon TrueVoice!


Hey everyone DJ Helsing here. With the recent release of Riders of Rohan and the upcoming Update 9 I wanted to take a few minutes to review the Official Video Game Score and provide an opportunity for one of you to walk away with a FREE copy of the CD.

When I first entered into Rohan I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the music that Turbine ordered for the expansion. Normally in MMO’s you hear the same generic music throughout the game and nothing ever changes. Most games have one battle theme and one or two regional themes but nothing to expansive. Some MMO’s even reuse old music from less visited regions making it seem like its new music for the new area. This was definitely not the case with LOTRO and Rohan. Turbine spared no expense and created a very expansive score of 22 different and unique tracks that we hear through the Riddermark both in battle, instances and throughout the different regions of the expansion.

I personally really enjoy the music from this expansion. It’s very reminiscent of the themes and score of the films while still having its own unique touch that distinctly separates it from the motion pictures sound of Rohan. I enjoyed it so much I actually picked up a copy of the soundtrack myself and listen to it on long drives imaging myself riding my steed across the plains of Rohan or into battle.

If you haven’t heard it yet because you play with the sound off I would highly recommend turning the music on the next time you play or check out the Spotify channel when you’re at work and need an escape from reality.



So now time for the big giveaway! I have one copy of the Official Score That will be given away in a random drawing.

All you need to do to enter is Reply to this post with your favorite track from the score. 

A random drawing will be conducted on December 27th. One lucky winner will be sent an email and requested to provide their mailing address to receive the prize.

Shipping is limited to the U.S. only but is willing to send anywhere if the winner is willing to pay for shipping internationally.

Best of Luck and “Ride for wrath, ride for ruin, and a red dawn! Forth Eorlingas!”

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79 Responses to “Riders of Rohan Official Video Game Score & Contest!”

  1. Lalorn Says:

    My fav is Entwash Vale, makes me relaxed? lol

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Urgent Errands is my choice.

  3. Martha Says:

    “The Conflict Comes” because it evokes Heraldry.

  4. Indrabar Says:

    Learning to Ride! It has a sense of perseverance to me that embodies trekking all across Middle-earth!

  5. Timothy Says:

    Honestly, I’d have to say my favorite track is LOTRO Legacy, followed closely by Boromir’s Last Stand and Learning to Ride.

  6. Cyraith Says:

    I really like The Éored for its epicness. Yes, that’s not a word, but I don’t care!

  7. Steiner-Davion Says:

    The Éored

    What’s not to love in its Epic Inspiration?

  8. Scott Randel Says:

    I like “Horse Lords of the Norcrofts.”

  9. Avatar of JohnGee
    JohnGee Says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite as I Love the whole thing, but if I had to, it would be Theme For Rohan, it invokes the sorrow and the pride all in one, it brings the reolute strength of the Rohirim to mind yet makes me feel the pain of the uncertainty of their Future! All of it is so powerful and well done.

  10. Believed an Says:

    Learning to ride? Yes, okay.

  11. Mereniel Says:

    I like Theme for Rohan. It is so evocative of the beauty of Middle Earth.

  12. Dunon Says:

    Learning to ride

  13. David King Says:

    Boromir’s Last Stand!

  14. Daniel R Says:

    The main Theme of Rohan is so epic, rather i like them all! :)

  15. Gareth Palmer Says:

    LOTRO legacy, invokes happy memories

  16. Taloer Says:

    Without a doubt, LotRO Legacy is my favorite piece from this soundtrack. I sometimes just hang out in character select just to listen to this!

  17. Avatar of Sabrina McCoy
    Sabrina McCoy Says:

    So far I’m digging “Horse Lords of Norcrofts”

  18. BiggMakk Says:

    Calm Before the Storm

  19. Sappherelda Says:

    If I had to pick, I would have to say that I LOVE “Theme for Rohan.” I also love “Roaming Free.”

  20. Arkhon Says:

    The Eored for sure.

  21. Tanek Says:

    “Theme for Rohan”. As much as I like the parts that were redone in “LOTRO Legacy”, the new music is great for the area.

  22. Avatar of Anthony Fondren
    Anthony Fondren Says:

    I’m going to have to go with LOTRO Legacy as well.

  23. lony Says:

    Learning to Ride.

  24. Honikan Says:

    Let us song together is hands down a favorite, but I also really enjoy the music in the dwarfs area of Ered Luin.

  25. Layanor Says:

    why only one track. i consider the entire score to be one epic track. i will just pick at random. Learning to Ride.


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