Steed of Victory & Steed of Dol Baran

December 21, 2012


With Update 9 we have found two new steeds in the LOTRO Store listed in the Store Exclusives section. Both steeds have the same cost, stats and each steed will grant a war-steed appearance.

Once again we owe our thanks to Simsim of Eldar for these screenshots! Thank you!

Steed of Dol BaranThere’s something a bit curious about the tool tip that is on both of these horses. The mention of not being “knocked off immediately when critically hit” seemed new to me. I asked Ketani and in her investigations some of her store exclusive horses had this not but not all of them. The store listing doesn’t mention it either so we’re not really sure if it actually does anything.

Store Location: Travel & Housing → Mounts → Store Exclusive
Levels: 5+
250 Morale
68% Speed

Steed of Victory

This steed has barding made of heavy, plated black leather with metal studs and a bright, cloth underlay.

Steed of Victory 01 Steed of Victory 02 Steed of Victory 03 Steed of Victory 04

War-steed Appearance:

Steed of Victory War-steed

Steed of Dol Baran

This steed has barding made of plated black leather with metal studs and a cloth underlay.

Steed of Dol Baran 01 Steed of Dol Baran 02 Steed of Dol Baran 04 Steed of Dol Baran 03

War-steed Appearance:


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18 Responses to “Steed of Victory & Steed of Dol Baran”

  1. Black Llama Says:

    Love how the Warden steed get’s a rather ugly (and non color changing red shield) and the Steed of Victory looks completely smashing. Gah.. should have used my 2k TP on that instead :\


  2. Avatar of Barosa Balladweaver
    Barosa Balladweaver Says:

    I saw both of these steed appearances at the stable master throughout Rohan last night and was very confused since when you clicked on them they pointed to different appearances in the store. Glad the mystery has been solved.


  3. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Now we know where the designer of the earlier class mounts vanished to.

    There’s parts of these that would work so much better with the class steeds that the frippery that was used instead. If they werent so expensive per character I’d be tempted to get them to make myself a better looking class mount.


  4. Goreamir Says:

    I’m not going to attribute it to “greed” as it’s such a cliche these days, every business needs to make profit to survive and grow. But it would be nice to see some of the new mount designs appear somewhere other than the store. We didn’t get any new rep mounts for the four Rohan factions, which was disappointing since some of us still like to collect mounts even though we have our war-steeds. I prefer to ride a normal mount when in towns and hubs anyway since the war-steeds are pretty clumsy for tight maneuvering.


    • Lucanthanas Says:

      Well, in their defense, they did distribute War Steed cosmetics for each of the four factions so, it’s LIKE reputation steeds… Just not regular ones…


  5. Lucanthanas Says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is a place to find the war-steed version dye-able parts?


  6. susan Says:

    i think the top player and mount cosmetics look great together. I also like the armor of the first but am very tired of all the drapes and frippery most steeds have on them now.


  7. danania Says:

    :D I need to remember just to copy CSTM on all steed related posts. lol!

    Kudos on your horse collection Simsim. :)


  8. Estendir Says:

    Any rumours on turning some store steed outfits to wars-steed? (like Isildur one)


  9. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Is the steed of bones warsteed cosmetic set a new addition as well?

    Got sent to it earlier after clicking on a totally different horse by a stables in rohan.


    • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

      The bones set is a time-limited one that’s been rotated in and out a few times..mostly silently.



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