Steam LOTRO Packs 50% Off

December 20, 2012


The new starter pack recently added to Steam, the Steely Dawn Starter Pack, is currently on sale for 50% off ($9.99 USD) from now until January 4th.

UPDATE: Steam has all their LOTRO Packs 50% off including Riders of Rohan Heroic Edition and the Triple Pack!

Steely Dawn Pack $9.99

header_292x136Included with this pack is:

  • Steely Dawn Cosmetic Armor Set: Prepare yourself for adventure with the Steely Dawn armor set. This cosmetic set pairs bright white armor with dark grey trim for a very cool look.
  • Evendim Quest Pack: Explore the ruined city of Annúminas on the shores of Lake Evendim and aid Aragorn in re-forging Narsil, the Blade That Was Broken!
  • Five 100% XP Boosts: Build your legend even faster with these five boosts that grant you 100% additional experience on quests, monster kills, and more for 60 minutes.
  • 500 Turbine Points: Customize your experience in Middle-earth with 500 Turbine Points. Buy cosmetic gear, rare mounts, experience boosts, buffs, and more.


I had gone over the value of this bundle in this post if you are interested in taking a look. A reminder that these cosmetics are not able to be dyed.

This still isn’t an instant buy for some even at half off but if you love the cosmetics, I say go for it! I think it’s much more of a value at this price.

Special thank you to @lotrorandoms for alerting us to this sale!

Riders of Rohan Heroic Edition $24.99

Included with the Heroic Edition:

  • 1,000 Turbine Points
  • The Steed of the Eastemnet (Travel Mount)
  • Hauberk of the Eastemnet (cosmetic chest piece)
  • Title: Friend of the Mark
  • Evendim, Moria, and Lothlórien Quest Packs

Steam Store Link for Riders of Rohan Heroic Edition $24.99

Triple Pack $19.99


The package includes the following expansions:

This is a great price to get you caught up with the previous expansions! This retails for $39.99 so get it 50% off!

Steam Store Link for Triple Play Pack $19.99

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14 Responses to “Steam LOTRO Packs 50% Off”

  1. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    Tripple pack is also on sale at 50% off…only $20 for 3 expansions!


  2. Avatar of JohnGee
    JohnGee Says:

    Please excuse my confusion is this only available on Steam or can I get this in the LOTRO store??


  3. Gliredhel Says:

    … and two weeks ago, precisely, it was twice the price. I sense a failure to hit sales goals.


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      I think it’s more the original price was a huge mark up so they can point to it as a huge discounted holiday sale.


    • Avatar of andyb
      andyb Says:

      The new starter pack will be discounted as part of the winter sale along with the other packs.

      Most games that go into the sale get the addons/dlc discounted by a similar amount across the board. Tends to be half price until a daily or flash sale nudges it lower, exceptions being the cashcows like cod or skyrim.


  4. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    For the lazy the UK prices are

    £7.49 for the steely dan
    £18.49 for the heroic rohan
    £14.99 for the triple pack


  5. Arthalor_1999 Says:

    Hello , I want to buy the triple pack and steel dawn pack too , but…Its only available on steam right ?
    Well….I want to ask if I will get a code if I buy it , or not…
    Please Reply :)


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      The steel dawn pack is only available on steam. The Quad Pack (no longer a Triple Pack) is available on the LOTRO Market and even on Amazon.

      Steam does give codes though. I didn’t buy the steely dawn pack but I did buy the previous starter pack and it gave me a code to apply to my account at turbine.



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