Temporary Closing of Rohan Public Instances

December 3, 2012



Turbine announced today they are temporarily disabling the the following public instances:

  • Public Instance: The Siege of Eaworth
  • Public Instance: Defence of Faldham
  • Public Instance: Defence of Walstow
  • Public Instance: Defence of Harwick

Tubine didn’t discuss why they are shutting these instances down but we believe it is due to the reports of large raids of people essentially farming the area for gold and rare drops. I’m not yet at level cap so I haven’t personally experienced it but I’ve heard it that has been been a serious bummer for players trying to complete quests in the area and a bit of a hit to the server economies as well.

I think this is good news for those just wanting to advance their quest dailies. Hopefully Turbine will have the corrections soon!

Source: LOTRO Forums

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50 Responses to “Temporary Closing of Rohan Public Instances”

  1. Joshua Says:

    This is a direct consequence, by the way, of the demands people made to revert the Open Tapping rules for fellowships and raids. A direct and predictable consequence, which is of course why Open Tapping worked the way it did on launch.

    Turbine isn’t infallible, but I really wish the community would think this stuff through before pitching a fit.


    • Joshua Says:

      I’ll also add that I simply don’t see a way to prevent the type of farming that was going on in this instances, without either banning raid groups/fellowships from them entirely or using the original version of Open Tapping that required participation on each mob, even within a fellowship.


      • Avatar of Ketani
        Ketani Says:

        There are several things they could do:

        a) Give the quests a timer to keep people for staying in there for hours on end.
        b) Disable summoning within these instances (people were logging out there so they could summon people into the instances even on days they weren’t up).
        c) Remove coin drops from the mobs in the instances.

        The summoning is a big thing because people would bring in low-level toons to power level them in there, too. There was a level 75 on my server whining in glff earlier because he couldn’t find a raid in these instances to level him any more.


        • Thorcar Says:

          a) people were using macros to stay in there days on end

          c) while the coins were nice, that is not the big prize people could get from doing this


          • Avatar of Ketani
            Ketani Says:

            Coin is certainly not the only reason people were doing this, but it was contributing to over-inflating server economies. The people farming these instances were walking away from a few hours farming with hundreds of gold (and who knows how much for the people macro-ing in there for days on end). I think the overall solution for this would require more than one of these changes to make any meaningful deterrent to people farming these instances in the future.

          • Thorcar Says:

            On the flip side, Riddermark lootboxes are dirt cheap now

  2. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    This is unconfirmed:

    I heard in GLFF that they banned 1,500 players for a week for using this exploit.


  3. susan Says:

    well once again I miss the bandwagon, a penalty for taking my time in rohan and not racing to cap. I missed out when warbands were easy, now I cant do alot of them due to no one being around on my server to help out in any area except hybolt, so glad everyone else got to get all the cosmetics and loot off them. now I lose out on gaining some easy gold. shame really, I could have used the extra 500g so I wont have to beat a dead AH to death to make some coin. im half serious here.

    I wonder if they will punish the worst offenders.. prob not, so they get a tremendous boon to their game. I say take the loot back from the farmers, they know who they were. funny, when i went in those instances it was normal, only a few people in there, doing their thing and leaving when the q was done. just like me.


    • Eva Says:

      FWIW, susan, you should be able to solo most of the lower-level warbands once you are a bit higher in level and have your mount levelled fully – Haglob, for example, really only needs to be circled for a while to get him down. On my server at least people still do the Sutcroft ones (of which one is definitely soloable too).


      • Rorgg Says:

        Depending on class, there’s not a warband in the Eastemnet that’s not soloable. I’ve taken them all out on my Captain.


        • Thaeryn Says:

          I was coming on to say this same thing — Warbands are quite solo-able. Thing is, you’ll almost NEVER find one alone. Even if you happen across one, a group of others will be along to take it down with you shortly.

          My first was a troll by Elthengels. I stood there a minute then decided to attack. Not 20 seconds later, a group of 5 came along and helped knock it down.


  4. Avatar of Dietlbomb
    Dietlbomb Says:

    This is slightly annoying as one of these instances was the last one to finish the “Aiding the Eastemnet” deed for my champion. But they’ll be back soon. :)


  5. Scooty Says:

    Good to see them taking some positive action although they only have themselves to blame.

    Moria crating instances for example are on an hour timer after taking the quest. Also locked to those without the quest. Crazy not to carry that into rohan’s.
    Those crafting patterns made a lovely job of devaluing guild gear thanks to the crit factor.
    The quantity of gold will have hurt the server economy as by now those who were farming the places will be the ones driving the prices through the roof on more regular AH items. Hopefully the farmers will be penalised to prevent too much damage to the fragile economy.

    Those that exploited this deserve every ban or penalty they get.


  6. Cedrowald of Vilya Says:

    It’s definitely gold farming but I don’t know that there is an easy fix to this without some serious re-working. Having the instance mobs not give loot or coin defeats the current itemization structure, reverting the open tapping rules would be a backward step when the while rest of the live world is going to the OT system. I think they are going to have to put them on a timer and gate access by having the open quest. This would reduce those who can be in the instance to those who are actually running the instance. How long it might take, well that’s another thing.


  7. Avatar of Longstride
    Longstride Says:

    It’s kind of ironic, really. They didn’t give the raiders something to do, so the raiders found something to do themselves.


    • Mallika Says:

      You’re defending people who are using exploits? Really?


      • Roger Edwards Says:

        Yes. I’m more than happy to do so.

        This particular issue doesn’t have any victims. I found large groups of people farming the Walstow instance and it didn’t really impact upon me when I was there. I still managed to do my repeatable.

        So if you are arguing purely from a moral stance, remember they are very subjective.

        My stance on exploits is that the blame lies ultimately with the developers.


        • Corelin Says:

          There most certainly are victims. Let’s say First Age symbols are selling for 1000 gold to start out with, people abusing this exploit will have it, and might have enough for a couple of them, people who were doing the right thing are being punished for doing the right thing because they simply will not have the gold for it. It’s economic damage to what is already a *really* shaky economy.


          • Roger Edwards Says:

            A tenuous example at most. This is not an issue with real victims in any meaningful sense.

            Plus economies vary from server to server, based on population.

            Also, there is no real excuse for gold poverty at level cap in LOTRO.

        • Andy Says:

          Gold poverty as you put it relies on being able to dedicate enough time to grind it out.

          If that same time is also put in by those exploiting a game mechanic then no matter how much you gain it’ll never keep step with those doing so by using the exploit.

          It might be a digital world but financial gain through illegitimate means will still have just as many victims as a real world equivalent. Might not have a direct impact on your questing but longterm and left unchecked it would have had negative results all over.


          • Pasduil Says:

            People who accumulate tons of gold by dubious means can buy up everything on the AH which the rest of us need, pushing prices through the roof or emptying the stock out completely, thereby forcing us to grind far more to get what we need. Crafting materials, symbols, rep items and the like. That is presumably why they want the gold in the first place, not to just admire in their wallet.

        • Eva Says:

          It did real harm to the economy. I have one character at level cap and three others between level 75 and 80, and at this point I could afford about three tarnished symbols of Celebrimbor with all my accumulated money – and I’m pretty sure I’m the richest person in my kin. If some people can buy whatever they want because they made huge sums through exploits, prices will rise to levels that those of us who don’t exploit cannot afford.

          There may not be “victims” in the sense of people starving because they can’t buy bread, but the game economy will be skewed… which is also one of the reasons given for why Turbine goes after gold sellers.


  8. EiledonTruevoice Says:

    Well it’s a good thing I went back to Moria and Enedwaith for a while. The Grey Company still needs my help anyway. :-D


  9. AdamKickman Says:

    I personally think this is good. To many people were exploiting it and most of them would just set up a macro and alt tab out. Sad that players find and do stuff like this and try to ruin the AH and Currency oof the game


  10. Brainslug Says:

    What value does gold have in lotro anyway?

    Pretty silly that after they managed to fix dressage (at least they said it was working now) they’re introducing another way to prevent people from getting the hytbold deed.

    Having a instance with mobs spawns every 5 second and wondering when people start powerfarming?

    The way things are developing: upcoming fail yulefest & 5k TP hobby horse I’m no longer Lotro will be around end 2013.


    • Brainslug Says:

      *no longer sure


    • Avatar of Azakael
      Azakael Says:

      Playing devil’s advocate for a moment, shutting off several public instance quests isn’t going to stop people from getting the Hytbold deed. Even if all four of those instances were supposed to be up on the same day, there are still eight other quests that can be run. Given a limit of five per day, that’s not that bad.


      • Eva Says:

        I think Brainslug is referring to the regional deeds that require you to complete specific quests – those were already hampered by the strange quest rotations and the fact that things like “Terror of the Deep” did not show up at all for ages.


        • Rorgg Says:

          That’s true, and as each deed awards 25 HTs, as does the metadeed, it could be adding as many as 5 days to your grind.


  11. Avatar of Azakael
    Azakael Says:

    Soon as I saw Sapience’s post about the closing of these instances, I knew why.
    The last time I ran Defense of Hartwick, there were no defenders at all, just mobs.

    The way I’d damage the farming, because it’d be very difficult to stop it entirely – At 3 am, the quests kicks everyone out of the instance. This way people can’t get summoned into the instance while it’s not available to take; Prohibit summons into the instances. Now, it won’t stop farming entirely. But people won’t be able to farm all the time on it. Only on days when the quest is available, and it’d still take some work and kajiggering to farm efficiently. Hopefully to make it more trouble than it is worth.

    Now, I’ll admit that I stay in the Kill 16 Warg-Riders instance in Snowbourne until my bags are full, but aside from filling my bags with mostly LIs and task items/ vendor trash, I just love riding through there killing mobs quickly. Especially one-shotting several in a row. I know it’s easy, but meh. I enjoy it!


  12. Ayalinda Says:

    Dammit now I feel all icky for selling a Worn symbol of the Elder King for a killing. I was wondering why everything was selling for so much. I shall have to go back to giving my surplus materials to my friends.


    • Avatar of Eva
      Eva Says:

      If you’d sold it cheaper, someone would probably have bought it to resell higher. There isn’t much you can do against such inflation on your own.


  13. Wesderic Says:

    Kick the players out one minute after they finish their quests, set a 20 minutes timer for the instance (none of the quests should take more than 10 minutes though) and don’t allow captains to summon when they are inside (aswell as that guardian nut thingy). That should do


  14. Goreamir Says:

    All they have to do is make it work like the Brown Lands repeatables whee you are taken out of the instance automatically shortly after achieving the goal.


    • Goreamir Says:

      And as far as affecting the “fragile economies” (that gave me a chuckle) just don’t buy their overpriced stuff. it doesn’t make sense to me anyway why people who farm tons of gold start selling stuff for more, how does that work?
      Where is the correlation?


      • Wyllo Says:

        it doesnt work .. look at the global ecconomy.

        only the rich can buy from the rich .. the middle class is disapearing & the poor require more help because there is no place to improve & th enumbers are growing.

        One would think people (as a whole) would learn from history.


      • Wyllo Says:

        and I agree with NOT participating in the price gouging :)


        • Avatar of Ketani
          Ketani Says:

          On my server, I’ve kept note of the people most obviously farming like this and I’m avoiding their AH posts regardless of if I can afford the items or not. I won’t personally, knowingly be rewarding this behavior with my hard-earned* coin.

          *Yes, I know, we’re referring to a fictional currency in a fictional world, but that doesn’t mean that it takes no time or effort at all to earn said currency.


  15. Wyllo Says:

    Making the instances timed, level caping them & not allowing people to be brought in may be the best all around options.

    At least those are fair to everyone.

    There is no way to stop exploiting & farming completely .. just slowing it down some.

    As far as the AH .. I refuse to use it because of the rediculous pricing of items .. I would rather just hand someone LI’s or mats or what-have-you. I know too many people who buy things there & re-sell them at exhorbanant costs to the purchaser. As long as there are people who do it on both sides of the coin (buy & sell), it will continue.

    I dont condone what is going on, but human nature is human nature. People will justify anything so as they can sleep at night.

    I am glad Turbine is trying to fix it.
    Kodos to them!


  16. Andy Says:

    If people got banned for using an exploit then it was well earned. Would be awesome if wallets were lighter after they come back.

    I’ve given up trying to buy things in game either off the AH or from people in chat as the volumes of currency needed are just beyond what I can gain just by playing the game.

    I’m waiting for the 2nd age symbol’s to hit the skirmish vendor to get them that way, both affordable through legit means and I wont be victim to a boxes horrible loot pool.

    Suprising that they didnt have summons blocked after they knew people would do it with the freepside moors. Maybe they were banking on the fact it’s part of the grind to discourage people from lingering too long.

    Cash drops on their own aren’t usually that good compared to a stack of the task trash. They really need to tweak those numbers sometime.


  17. Pasduil Says:

    Maybe this would help:

    In a fellowship, when there’s a kill…

    - Everyone gets the kill, so everyone advances quests at the same pace
    - Everyone gets any quest item that the mob yields, for the same reason
    - Any other loot and coin gets divided between the players

    There’s really no reason I can see why when 12 people kill a mob it gives out 12 times as much gold in total as when one person kills a mob. That kind of thing is bound to unbalance the economy and leave soloers very poor in comparison to people who run in big groups even without any deliberate abuse.


  18. Amaranth Says:

    Surely the game tracks the flow of money, especially particularly large amounts, so they know who’s actually doing it, yes? Then very publicly delete their characters. Make an example of them for all to see. Post mugshots of toons. If necessary, make their personal info known.


    • susan Says:

      Im a huge advocate of punishing the exploiters, but deleting them is too harsh, after all it was allowed by the devs thru poor coding. I would love to see a rollback of loot/items/cash of their accts prior to using the instance. but ya know that wont happen, too complicated, just think if they sold the item and the money trail from there on.


  19. Avatar of Fredelas
    Fredelas Says:

    This could easily be fixed by making the NPC guards in those instances tougher so they don’t die so easily, or just have them respawn immediately if they die.

    If a guard taps a monster, no one gets loot from it.

    As long as the guards are up and active, the kind of farming that was taking place (standing in one spot and AOEing) is no longer efficient, and players would find something else to do.

    Like many other issues, this was reported months ago (July or August) during beta, and someone even predicted this exact outcome. I’m glad Turbine is finally getting around to doing something about it.


    • Andy Says:

      Once all guards die then the defence has failed and you have to restart from scratch after a CD.

      Or they could rework it to a timed instance backup arrives and all clear after 10-15mins. As a guard dies the number of hostiles attacking would increase and become more concentraed on the remaining ones. After a certain point depending on the group it would become a much harder fight to win.

      Would then become like a survival mode where each group would have to coordinate well or be overcome by weight of numbers.

      Downside of that idea is it would have to be grouped from the start instead of drop in/out to save joining one as it fails and face a CD.


  20. Layanor Says:

    It is not a exploit until turbine says it is. Until then, it is working as intended.

    Most ppl use exploits all over in the game they never considered a exploit anyway!

    Making alts to get a personal kin house.
    Making a creep and killing your creep with your main just to gain points for PvMP.
    Farming a instance that is low level for you just for quick cash or stuff.
    Farming ore over and over a large area so nobody gets ore. That is griefing.
    I myself have always considered alts being a exploit. You make characters to craft anything you want and send it all over to one or two mains. And most of those alts never pass rivendale or even bree! Honestly what kind of cheating exploit is that? lol! And they are not even level 20! But there they are making level 85 stuffs. All of this is a different argument tho.

    If turbine misses to fix something, its not a exploit until turbine says it is and fixes it.

    Anyway we all exploit somewhere. This game is full of them and most are legal. Including just sitting on he hill and manual hitting mobs that run at you, like we did for tasks in dunland.


  21. Goreamir Says:

    I’ve noticed this shut down has had an adverse effect on gameplay. When these quests come up in the rotation, or should I say, the roll, since it’s random, there are just no quests available at all. It’s not set to roll other quests besides the ones that were shut down. So in some towns there have been no instance quests for a few days in a row, which will slow you down considerably when trying to gain rep there. Ah, unintended consequences.


    • Thaeryn Says:

      It’s messing my reputation collecting up completely. I need to get Kindred with Norcrofts for Hytbold armor pieces.

      Not even to mention that I can’t complete the deed to do all the quests for Hytbold… I hope they fix the issue soon.



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