Update 9 Release Notes

December 17, 2012



The release notes for Update 9 have been posted and they are pretty large! I’m still reading through them myself but I wanted to let you all know there were there and provide a PDF copy for those that like that.

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12 Responses to “Update 9 Release Notes”

  1. Michael Says:

    “The item ‘calendar’ was incorrectly set to expire on 12/21/12.”

    Someone at turbine has a funny sense of humor.^^


  2. Adam Says:

    “The Khundolar Set webstore package does not include the Metal Braided Tail, and the Nightwood Set webstore package does not include the Diamond Banded Tail”

    Anyone notice this, I can’t see any mounted appearances in the webstore? Part of a set I don’t have, should it read LOTRO store, or do we think this is a new move, adding stuff to the webstore for actual cash?


  3. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    I’m ticked off that we’re only going to get to play Update 9 for the 4 days before the Mayan Apocalypse.


  4. Adam Says:

    Anybody else notice the winterfell quests are your level and give appropriate XP, totally passed me by, thats a big chunk of XP!


  5. Elrohir Says:

    I have just noticed that, since open-taping mobs appear in the minimap, my tracking skills as a hunter got devaluated.


  6. Limm Says:

    I thought the “Travel to Quest location” thing sounded cool until I saw that it is only usable if you buy Traveller’s Writ’s in the lotro store. Anyone know how much TP these are? I’m thinking this is just another store dependent thing I am not going to buy I guess (like the use your skirm solder thinger). Too bad they didn’t make it use travel rations. I understand the need to make money with the lotro store but all these micro-transactions and only-available-in-the-lotro-store items just seem to take away from the game more and more. :(


  7. Goreamir Says:

    A very loud BOOOO!! accompanied by rotten tomatoes to the crafting XP, let’s defeat more content with crafting shall we? Just saw a post in glff:
    “I just gained 8 levels from crafting!”

    To each their own…


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      Azakael Says:

      To be honest, I think only hardcore crafters will gain a ton of levels this way.
      My Jeweler had some rested XP from when I was VIP, and after around 1000 gemstones she had earned an amazing 2 levels. From sitting there for probably about an hour-ish. I think there are faster ways to level. It likely would have been less if she didn’t have the rested XP.



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