Alternate Warsteed Controls

January 8, 2013


Using your warsteed takes some getting used to. We’ve said this before and it is true. It takes some practice to get used to the controls and switching from walking to galloping and everything in between.

I was looking around in the combat options of the UI and there is just one option listed under Mounted Combat: War-steed auto-slowdown. Curious, I checked it to see what this thingy does.

Warsteed Options

It makes the war-steed behave closer to a travel mount in that if you stop holding the button to move forward, your horse will slow and stop automatically.  I can see how some people may be very excited to hear this. I’ve been playing with it for a while now trying to decide if I like it better.

Auto run still works by taking you (by default) from stop to full gallop and will allow you to continue on this path until you choose to slow down as you would with a normal travel mount.

Warsteed speedsYou still can use the full range of walk > trot > canter > gallop by using the insert key (default key) to switch between them, similar to switching your character from walk to run.

Now the war-steed doesn’t stop on a dime like your travel mount does. If I stop moving forward from a full gallop he will slow and then stop. So if you’re racing across the plains and try to stop to avoid running off a cliff or something, know that you will continue a few paces before you actually stop. Not that I did this… purely hypothetical.

The one place I’ve found this most useful is in towns. I was overshooting the NPCs all over the place with my wild unruly war-steed. I still get some lag and hang ups on my war-steed in town but I don’t feel the need to switch to a travel mount just to be able to get around in an efficient manner.

As for my mounted combat, I honestly haven’t noticed a difference in my effectiveness so far. My first couple battles were a little messy as I kept stopping when I let go of the forward button but I got the hang of it and using autorun already bound to my mouse to keep me moving.

I know before I switch on this option I may have had toggled between my speeds more often (sometimes even on purpose) to make tighter turns and such. I haven’t really with this set up. I would probably have to move the key binding for insert to make it more of an option as right now it’s just not handy being on the right side of the keyboard.

To be perfectly honest, I’m ok with full gallop bum rushing my targets. That may some of you mounted combat masters scream with horror but it would be the truth. I run in screaming like a fool at full tilt and stop when everything is dead. It may not be the elegant multi-speed system Turbine designed but it’s how I’m doing it.

I haven’t decided if I will go back and uncheck this option. I think for now I will leave it as is. If I notice a need for more speed control during my combat sessions, I probably will try binding insert to my mouse before going back.

goldenstar warsteed

Have you tried the controls? Are there limitations or benefits I missed to this set up?

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26 Responses to “Alternate Warsteed Controls”

  1. Sig Says:

    You can also use the forward/back keys to control speed when you are already moving forward on your warsteed. If you are at say a Trot, one quick tap forward [W] will increase your speed to the next higher speed, a quick tap back [S] will go the other way.

    Keeping auto slow down turned off and adjusting speed this way is what has allowed me to make mounted combat pretty easy and enjoyable, once I got used to it!


  2. Knify-Riddermark Says:

    You mean Turbine didnt intend for me to run full speed all the time just swinging at anything that moves? Ooops


  3. Dan Says:

    This is the only way I can handle mounted combat. I started using this alternative in Beta (once they put it in) and I haven’t looked back. I’ve gotten reasonably good, even at full-speed, at turning on a… well, maybe not a dime, but perhaps a nickel.


  4. Elrohir Says:

    Soounds tempting for moving around towns, but I think I will stick to the classic system: it frees the hand to use keyboard shortcuts while fighting. As for moving around towns, I noticed the warsteed moves automatically to NPCs if you right click them. I think this has replaced the “too far away” error since last update, and it is sufficient to me.


    • Limm Says:

      You could still use the keyboard shortcuts if you ride by holding down both mouse buttons and maneuver that way, just an fyi :)


    • Joshua Says:

      I agree, I find the original method much more elegant for handling the war-steed in combat. It’s not that much harder in towns, either, once you get used to it.

      The only problem I have with war-steed handling now is that the speed controls are too sensitive. If I want to bump my speed one “notch” from 8.6 to 10.2, I have to tap as lightly as possible and hope I don’t shoot up to 12 or 14 or whatever else. Kind of irritating.


    • DancesInTrees Says:

      Towns is easy!

      Reach town.
      Mount normal steed.
      Hey presto!

      OK sometimes I stay on my WS but I usually regret it; the move-to-clicked-thing has made it a bit simpler though.


  5. Limm Says:

    Glad you discovered this! A friend showed it to me a while back and I’ve been using it ever since, I find it much easier to control than with it unchecked. Like you said, you just have to remember to let go a few seconds before the spot you want to stop, haha :)


  6. hungoth Says:

    I tried different control means including one mentioned in article, but I found it easy to just use w/s for speed and mouse for steering. Still there’s too much lag and hang ups, when I end up being tossed 50-100m away and suddenly I aggroed 20 mob wagon.


  7. Adam Says:

    IF you use the default method and are overshooting npc’s or clickable items, or or nodes, either in towns, or anywhere else for that matter, you can also just right click on them whilst riding and new U9 mechanism with drive you there and park you automatically… its saved me a lot of overshooting and crashing without having to switch to the ‘release to slow down’ method whicgI’m not so keen on.


  8. Merrydew Says:

    I found this auto stop to be frustrating and don’t use it. I don’t use the keyboard since I use a mouse and Nostromo speed pad. I just programmed one of my speed pad buttons for ‘S’ and use the mouse to control everything else.


  9. Nur Says:

    I use this method, but most times double tap S. I mostly use the former in the towns and the latter in the field.


  10. Avatar of Gliredhel
    Gliredhel Says:

    It’s good to know that they’re implementing options so that people with different preferences can find a closer situation to feel comfortable with their War-steed navigation.

    That being said, yeah, I still prefer the *click to gallop* *click to skid to a stop* method. It’s what multi-button mouseses are for!


  11. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    During beta I started using a g13 keypad for mounted combat and it worked wonders for controlling the horse. Also has enough buttons so I can include things like remount or play dead for the inevitable moments of lag hell.

    Tried the auto slow thing out but found that every spike in play and the horse has stopped leading to death.

    And death of my characters by dodgy game stuff is a big annoyance, if my characters die it best be by my doing.

    Currently use the thumbstick for throttle control of speed up and down and the mouse to turn. With the gearbox speeds and jump tied into those thumb buttons.

    I do still hope that they let us more fully utilise those speed toggles going both up and down rather as an alternative to the vague tapping thats needed for the mid level speeds. Ideally we’d have the option to bind those interim speeds rather than having to toggle through the list.

    Going into towns I have to drop to half speed at the most, if I dont just dismount and walk, to get from a to b without bouncing there via the rest of the alphabet.


    • Legolyn (Firefoot) Says:

      I use the G13 as well. I use the joystick for all movement. W, S, E amd Q. I know, E and Q are different than D and A. But strafe is more useful to me. It doesn’t work so well on the War-steed. The wars-teed doesn’t grab the E and Q as well as regular travel mounts. I’ve used the G13 for 4 years now and wouldn’t want to play without it.


      • Avatar of andyb
        andyb Says:

        Thanks to an accident while chopping kindling where I put an axe into my thumb and deadned nerves

        As a result I dont have the feeling in it to use thumbsticks all that well which is why I have to limit things to just speed, jump and gearbox.

        One of the other reasons for the g13 was that you couldn’t rebind keys for mounted without affecting on foot combat.


  12. Triski Says:

    I use the auto-slow option and love it! I use the mouse to control forward movement and the cursor keys to control direction.

    (I’m left-handed and use the mouse on the left side, so the WASD keys aren’t a workable setup for me.)

    A long time ago I remapped the walk/run toggle to the v key (It made sense at the time, I swear) and I use that to toggle the war-steed through walk, trot, canter, and gallop.

    I usually use ‘trot’ in towns, and try to remember to always set it to ‘gallop’ before starting any mounted combat Hytbolt dailies. (All except the one in Cliving where you target the four flags, I find that ‘canter’ works best for me on that one).

    I haven’t been using the cursor keys to change the speed, but maybe I’ll try playing around with it in an open area and see how it feels to me.


  13. Goreamir Says:

    That’s the way I’ve been using it pretty much all along. Since mounted combat is pretty much faceroll, it doesn’t matter that you can’t fine-tune your speed, etc. I always hated trying to stop at an NPC and overshooting it on the warsteed. The new auto move to NPC when you click it solved that problem though.


  14. Goreamir Says:

    I also found that using the X key feature is a great help in mounted combat, almost essential actually. You know, that crazy target view thing that you always get peopel asking “why is my view all messed up? It keeps shifing to my target…” “hit X”, “Oh cool, thanks :)”


    • Taeniel Says:

      Oh my gosh! How have I never thought of this before? Those little goblins and their wargs better watch out, now I’ll actually be able to follow them when they gallop off in terror. :D Thanks for the great tip!


  15. bluntforce Says:

    all i keep thinking in my mind is Goldenstar screaming and yelling at the mob and they die in fright of seeing a small blonde hobbit come barreling at them at full force.

    i mean honestly, they have a choice … either die or she will sic baby hobbit on them for decorating ideas, after a weeks time of orcs running around in bright pink with fluffy bunny ears, they WILL get in line.


  16. mmicnova Says:

    i’ll post this here as i thought everyone already knew but looks like that’s not the case. so here’s how i use my war steed:

    auto-slowdown option is on.
    have you noticed that when you hold down the right mouse button and then press down the left one, you move forward? in other words, controlling your char with the mouse. it works great for the war steed. so what i do basically is hold down rmb, then press lmb when i want to accelerate and stop pressing when i want to stop. this means i have the right hand that controls my mount speed and what way i turn, so i have the left hand free to press 1,2,3,4,5, any skill i want to use. so basically right hand for mount, left hand for combat. mounted combat :D

    but wait, it gets better. if you’re one of the people that has a mouse with a side button (an extra mouse button placed usually where the thumb rests) you can use it really nice like so:

    1. mount your war steed
    2. clear up the skill you have on keypad 1 (move it to a free spot – you’ll move it back later don’t worry)
    3. type “/shortcut 1 /follow” – this will bind the “follow” command to 1
    4. move the “follow” command from skill 1 to some free space (mine is on ctrl+0)
    5. move the skill from step 2 back
    6. go to options, the tab about the quickslots, and assign the spot of the new “follow” command to your extra mouse button (thumb)

    now you can ride with your mouse only and when you target an enemy you can press thumb and you will follow him. that means you’ll be riding sideways spamming your skills (extremely useful for melee people) and it will also mean that if your target slows down then you will too, and if he speeds up – you guessed it. and if you want to stop following, all you have to do is start moving on your own.

    so basically mounted combat is as easy as you want to make it.
    hope this helps, cheers!


  17. Aa Says:

    I’ve used this exclusively and it seems quite nice. The biggest problem I have in mounted combat is the “jo-jo-ing” that seems to occur everywhere… the UI shows me at having a steady speed, but it feels like I am slowing down and speeding up all the time — which is probably a server-side issue.



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