Crickhollow: The ABC’s Rally [Player Event]

January 19, 2013



The kinship Second Breakfast on Crickhollow is hosting a puzzle race called “The ABC’S Rally” on February 2nd at 1pm /servertime.

Rally Riders will find themselves chasing after Clues through the Town of Bree and its suburbs. Cluegivers are stationed all over the Map, waiting to whisper the next Clue to those Riders clever enough to locate them! Each Rider must deal with 12 Clues to reach the final Cluegiver and get the Clue to the location of the Finish Line.

This is Second Breakfast’s third run of this type of event and they really know how to run it like clockwork. Even if you aren’t from Crickhollow, it could be worth the time to pop over for a visit and give it a try.

This is for standard speed mounts (62%) only and the event is recommended for level 15 and higher; some low-level foes will be encountered.

What: The ABC’S Rally

When: Saturday, February 2nd at 1pm /servertime

Where: Hunting Lodge in Archet

For more details on this event and full list of rules, see this forum post.

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4 Responses to “Crickhollow: The ABC’s Rally [Player Event]”

  1. susan Says:

    ooooo, sounds so fun. wish i had a char there to play.


  2. Avatar of Harperella
    Harperella Says:

    The Rally is coming up in two days! Roll your visiting alt now!




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