Episode 179: Well Actually, Butthead

January 6, 2013

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tantrumThis week it was pretty quiet in terms of Turbine News. We have a few developer bites, and store news. This week is packed full of listener email and even a voicemail!

Goldenstar missed Dum time this week due to family holiday parties. She’s eager to get back to her burglar.  Goldenstar finished the festival. Did end up getting a spiral yeti cloak so she’s not as annoyed by the miserly hobbit and has hit level 83. She is now back in Rohan and has completely forgotten how the war-steed works.

Merric is going through Cliving arresting citizens and watching farmers die.

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Voicemail from Kazren

Thraorin of Imladris

Hello Goldenstar, Baby-Hobbit and Merric :)

I am not sure if you are aware of this, yet: boxed copies of the Riders of Rohan expansion are now available in Germany, which is a bit surprising, as boxed copies weren’t originally planned.

According to the description, this edition includes:

* RoR expansion content

* 1000 TP

* exclusive warsteed appearance (and probably the Steed of the Eastemnet as well – the description on the box mentions two steeds, Amazon.de only lists the warsteed appearance)

* Rohan Elite Guard statted cloak

* Rohirrim Soldier on landscape appearance

* title “Friend of the Mark”

* game discs, manual, keyboard reference


Happy new year and keep up the great show. :)

Thraorin of Imladris, The Night Watch

Rabbitses of Windfola:

Hey guys! Rabbitses of Windfola here! A few months ago, shortly after RoR was delayed, i sent in a link to a high end having pc i was thinking of buying and asked if you guys knew if it would play rohan in hd ultra high graphics. The response i received went way beyond what i was expecting. I got a very helpful email telling me all the cool things i could do to improve my computer, and tips on what i should put in it. Just a few days ago, i finally got my new alienware aurora in the mail! i want to thank you guys for the great information you gave me. i am very pleased with the result. I went from playing on ultra low graphics with 12-18 fps on a Lenovo laptop, to 80-280 fps on ultra high hd. The main reason i bought this computer was to play Lotro, and i am so so so happy with the result. Thank you again for the great advice and also for all you do for the community!

Rabbitses Starkfoot the Bold

Faramirs Army Kinship

Windfola Server


Hey guys this is  EiledonTruevoice from MME.  I downloaded the app to my android and encountered and issue, when my screen goes dark the audio stops working. Not sure if it’s and issue with the app or my settings. Thing is, when I listen to other audio on my phone in my car it doesn’t do that. I like to run my phone through my stereo in my car so I was looking forward to listening on the way home tonight, real bummer as I was loving hearing you guys on the way home. BTW Goldnestar’s comment about the Miser of a Little Hobbit had me laughing my head off. Thanks, Hope this gets to and hope you have a suggestion .

All the Best, and Happy New Year


Glondhorin of Vilya:

Hi Goldenstar and Merric,

Happy new year!

First of all thanks a lot for the effort and dedication that you put into the podcast and the website, is the best LOTRO podcast i hear and i like you so much that i listen also to the official CSTM fan podcast! LOL

My new year goal for LOTRO this year is to level cap my level 23 minstrel.

I have a lvl 78 guardian and i know i’ll be 85 in february (i play a lot of games).

I never played healers but in another MMO I try it and i love it so I create my minstrel on Landroval and I love it. I want to be a good healer so i downloaded your minstrel roundtable but i think is a little outdated so i want you to recommend me some good guides for a healer minstrel.

Thanks a lot for your help,


Dwarf Guardian from Evenstar Guild on Vilya server

Herge / Cendwig:

Hi again,

This is Herge/Cendwig. I have a follow up question from my last email and a new question as well; what chicken quest did you mention last podcast? As for the new question here’s a little background. I liked the game so much I went ahead and picked up the three expansion pack while it was still 50% off. I know this will give me ‘full’ content from level 50 up to the start of Rohan. I also did some homework and found that the free content dries up somewhere in the low to mid 30′s. My question is if I don’t subscribe what quest packs/zones would you recommend to fill in the gap? Also is there any I should avoid? Keep in mind I’ve been playing my Rune-keeper Miresgalon and plan on getting him into the high end content first.

Thanks again,


Aelrik of Meneldor:

Hi Goldenstar and Merric,

I’m an enthusiastic fan of your blog and podcast, and I frequently recommend CstM to anyone in-game who is seeking advice on the game. Thank you both for all your work.

I’m not sure if this has been covered before, or if you’ve a good resource on this topic, but I would like to see coverage of optimizing UI. My level 77 Guardian is a mess, and any best practices or tips would be extremely helpful to me and I’m sure many of the newer players in your audience.

Thank you for any help, and for all you do!

Aelrik, Champion of Meneldor



I’d really appreciate a moment of your time, I have a quick question for you! I’ve spent far too long trawling the internet for this, and have gotten nowhere. You seem to know your stuff so I hope you can help.

I have noticed that a few people in the game have different icons/circle around their characters faces when I select them. I asked someone about it and they told me to check out http://www.lotrointerface.com/, which I found nothing on. I’ve attached a picture, showing 2 that I have seen. I would be really grateful if you could tell me how you get these?  I only recently started playing lotro after not playing for over a year, and I don’t ever recall seeing them back them.

Also, the website is great and I’ve enjoyed many of the articles that I have read. So, thank you. :)


Dear Goldenstar and Merric,

Awhile ago I wrote you saying that the iPhone app was not working and wasn’t updating.  Thanks for the reply Goldenstar saying that it was not being developed any longer.  I found out a way to get it back in case you deleted the app. If you synced the app to ITunes and is stored on your PC then you can re-download it.  And to my surprise its still updating to this day.  Just wanted to let you know in case any other people accidentally deleted it.

Hail Friends,



Greetings and Happy New Year.

I haven’t been playing for very long so I thought that I would ask you guys something that has been bugging me. Every so often I see people riding horses but the horse isn’t there. Is this a graphics issue or is there an invisible mount that i’m not aware of? I love the show and just wanted to say thanks for everything you do.


Brora from the UK

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Recorded January 5, 2013

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11 Responses to “Episode 179: Well Actually, Butthead”

  1. Hadhreleb Says:

    You should get the Razer Blade, if you’re going to get a gaming laptop.


  2. Kryswen Says:

    I think it was the guys over at lotro reporter that named themselves the official cstm fan podcast.


  3. Kharrah Says:

    As for the Cliving murder-mystery quest, it’s very likely that whomever you arrest, you succeed. When my co-adventurer and I couldn’t decide who was the guilty party, he went with arresting one NPC and I arrested another. Turns out, both were right, so I imagine any one of the 4 options will work.


    • Avatar of andyb
      andyb Says:

      That could have been a very good investigation style quest chain but instead the writer ran out of ideas very very quickly and puts us in the position of blindly accusing someone.

      I’m at the accusation stage but not going to take the questline any further. It’s almost as though the guilty party is the constable guy and they want an outsider to play the role of finger pointer to misdirect attention away from themselves.

      One of the better examples of a bad end to a questline. Almost as bad as the “and then I woke up” end to a childs story.


      • Avatar of Azakael
        Azakael Says:

        I’m just going to say that it is not a case of the writer running out of ideas very, very quickly.

        Nor is it the ends of the questline. It just takes a while to get to the end of it.

        I appreciated the fact that they didn’t give us an immediate resolution to this quest line.


        • Avatar of andyb
          andyb Says:

          Not wanting to spoiler it makes it tricky to find out information about how or where the chain continues.

          My disappointment in the speed at which you start pointing fingers might lie in the wonderful investigations that TSW has. I still think they should have had a few more stages of nosing about looking for a reasonable burden of proof.

          As it stands they all have a flimsy alibi, just as much motive and the constable guy seems more interested in getting his backlog cleared by a total stranger that might have been the one who instgated the entire nefarious plot.


  4. davidt Says:

    lotroreporter declared itself the official CSTM fan podcast a while back.


  5. farmer100 Says:

    I couldn’t decide who was the guilty party, he went with arresting one NPC and I arrested another.It just takes a while to get to the end of it.


  6. Avatar of dtchris
    dtchris Says:

    hehe I love that you guys used my player achievement on this podcast … and don’t worry Merric I often ignore my deeds so if I complete it it’s always like ‘Oh I didn’t know I had that’ :D



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