Episode 181: I’m Going To Call Him “Muffin Cup”

January 20, 2013

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Pet FoxesThis week we have a small bit of LOTRO news, store sales and some discussion on articles posted on CSTM this week.

Goldenstar did a lot this week. Like we didn’t think she was ever gonna shaddup. She’s gotten three pieces of Hytbold armor, discusses some of the quests, talks about Dum Time success in Sammath Gul blah blah blah.

Merric has reached level 82 on his champion and hoping to reach 85 by next week. He’s also been working quite a bit on his crafters reaching Eastermnet Master on weaponsmith and woodworker this week.

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heeey goldenstar and merric

i have a question about the burgler

there is not really a good guide out there to help me with it

people are telling me to make her like a hunter  but is that true?

what is the best way to play the burg

how to trait for fellow or solo  in what stance.

most of the time im in silent knife stance

but also like to go in mischief but dont know how to trait for that?

im almost lv 62 now

can you help me ?

greetz eleen scholten


Hi, Goldenstar,

I have recently started several alts on Landroval.  I logged in to one this morning only to discover she has mysteriously been added to kinship whichI had never heard of or even dealt with before.  How can this happen?  I didn’t join them, speak to them, or have anything to do with them.

I immediatley quit the kinship, but this is disturbing.  I had no idea a character could basically be hijacked into a kinship.  I also had an email I at first didn’t understand, but after my discovery, it made sense: Someone in that kinship had written about visiting the kin house.

I reported this to Turbine via the website, but how can this happen?



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Recorded January 19, 2013

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5 Responses to “Episode 181: I’m Going To Call Him “Muffin Cup””

  1. Avatar of Ranni
    Ranni Says:

    I wanna be an Eastermnet Mater now.

    Was great to be able to live listen again last night. Doesn’t happen often anymore (too many interruptions and noise in my house). Great show. :)


  2. Scooty Says:

    For that daily with the arrows its easier to get on the rope before you pick up to avoid falling or wasting time as the bucket is badly placed so close to the end.

    Turning on the red dots for mobs thing on the compass helps you see the birds as well.

    After that just line up and go


  3. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    One of the first things I do when I make an alt is to disable all the irritations I can such as spar requests or kin invites.

    Not becuase I’m an antisocial git but because I just think it’s plain bad manners to spot a random person and throw spar challenges at them, especially from an 85 vs a 5.

    And for a kinvite my impression is that it might not be all that good if they just scoop up every unkinned person they see without even taking the time to say hello.

    True you might find it’s an awesome kin with lots of friendly people but a simple “hello” would be polite and for the eu focussed servers not everyone wants to be in a kin that doesnt speak their native tongue.


  4. Cam Says:

    So I listened to the show last night and not two hours later I had a ninja attack on a second age item during a grand stairs run. So why would a warden need a hunter’s bow? Going to get my character trained in Kung fu so I can beat back the closet ninjas. – Camgilnel (Cam) on Silverlode (best server in the game)


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