Landroval: Twelfth Night Ball [Player Event]

January 4, 2013


The Lonely Mountain Band Kinship is throwing a Twelfth Night Ball in the Hall of Fire this January 5th at 2pm /servertime on Landroval.

They have 5 bands booked for 3 hours of music, social dancing, pipeweed smoking, and cake!  There will be cake, no lie.  This cake will be very like the cake in the Smith of Wootten Major, so chew carefully…

A Lord and Lady of the ball will be chosen, and their proclamations must be followed by all attendees, save one.  The Jack of the ball will be free of any compulsion to follow the royal proclamations. Instead, he must follow the orders of every guest in the hall!

A Fashion Play will replace the traditional Passion Play, where the latest winter outfits will be on display in glittery glamor!  Its a night of magic, a night of fun, a night of mischief, and enchanting memories.

What: The twelfth Night Ball

When: January, Saturday 5th, starting at 2pm /servertime

Where: Rivendell, Elronds house (The Last Homely House), Hall of Fire

For more details on this event and a full schedule, see this forum post.

And because I almost always get grief for posting a Landroval event and “no one else’s”, let me take this time to inform you that these folks emailed me and requested I announce their event. That is all it takes!

I do share to our twitter and facebook events that are posted to the In-Game Player Events forums on the LOTRO site but otherwise, I’m probably not aware of your event.

So! If you want your event to be proclaimed on CSTM’s blog or mentioned in the podcast, all you need to do is let us know about it. There’s a contact link up on the top of the blog to email us.

I play on Landroval, I love playing on Landroval but the postings about Landroval events are simply because they are the only ones people bring to my attention. It is not some sort of conspiracy to exclude every other server. Thank you.

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19 Responses to “Landroval: Twelfth Night Ball [Player Event]”

  1. Avatar of Azakael
    Azakael Says:

    Bah. Go figure. Sounds interesting so of course it’s when I work. And I get to miss the bazaar the following week as I’ll be in Lansing for a historical gaming con. Blah.


  2. Floradine Says:

    Uh oh…

    *Brings a pie to Goldenstar and gives her a big Hobbit hug*

    Now I feel a bit bad for provoking this little ehrm… “rant”.

    But people, in all seriousness, she is not lying to you. I indeed sent her a mail just some hours ago, had the text ready and also the above image for the article. I tried to make it as easy for her as possible and asked kindly. And lovely Goldenstar even made more from it than I ever expected. Goldenstar deserves a golden star for her services to the community, that’s for sure.

    Floradine of the LMB


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      No need to apologize. The explanation was not a rant but just forestalling the inevitable “favortism” comments I get and it is also an invitation to those wanting me to share their events on CSTM! I will do it and happily!


      • Floradine Says:

        Not really apologizing. You know as well as I how well we worked together when we made crazy short-timed ads for the Weatherstock concert series. You are a total pro in what you do and I bow before you and your husband. I really mean that.

        And you already do that for 3 years now. That is very impressing. Not a lot blogs and podcasts can compare to that or even live that long.


  3. Pasduil Says:

    I don’t play on Landroval, but as far as I can tell Landroval basically just has a heck of a lot more events and people who like taking part in events than other servers.

    I could only make it for a short time, otherwise I might have rolled a character to come and sample this.


    • Avatar of Ranna Dylin
      Ranna Dylin Says:

      It’s true, Landroval is big on events. Also, folks from other servers are always welcome to make an alt on Landroval just to visit events! For Twelfth Night we plan to have escorts to help folks get to Rivendell if they can’t get there alone. Visiting alts might be interested in the Visitors From Another Server kin too! And for Twelfth Night, no worries if you don’t have any fancy outfits on Landroval; we’ll have fashion consultants in the Last Homely House for the hour before the Ball begins to offer cosmetics that you can copy to your wardrobe to make your own custom Twelfth Night outfit.


    • Holtho Says:

      I’d noticed many of the big player-run events were on Landroval, and since I’ve only started playing recently … I bit the bullet and started a new main on Landroval (a hobbit minstrel). Hope to catch next year’s Twelth Night, and I’m also hoping to make it to Rivendell in time for next year’s Fellowship Walk!



  4. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    If an event isnt on your regular server then roll an alt, more fun than moaning about the lack of stuff happening on other ones or the fact not all organisers choose to contact cstm for a plug.

    Makes a lot of sense to have one lurking on landroval anyway as it is one of the servers for advertised events. Weatherstock being the most obvious cross server one.


  5. Pasduil Says:

    To be fair, you need to be 20 before you can even be ported to Rivendell, so rolling an alt to go to events might take a fair bit more time than people want to put in.

    Even trying to ride there is problematic because mobs aggro from a very long range when you are under 20, and they one-shot you before you can do anything much about getting away.


    • Avatar of Azakael
      Azakael Says:

      To be fair, it’s not that hard to level to 20 quickly anymore.

      And I didn’t think there were level restrictions on Cappie summons or Hunter group ports. Which I know the folks that run events on Landy are more than willing to help out with.

      That said, if people don’t like the overabundance of Landroval events and dirth of other events, they could always… you know… let Goldenstar and Merric know about events on their server. And if their server doesn’t have cool events, try to convince their kin to run a cool event.


  6. Floradine Says:

    No worries! We will provide porting- and escort services. Just listen to our announcements in the regional channel in Bree to get all the information about time and meeting-point. I think the south gate in Bree makes most sense for this but out security team has the last word on this, so please listen to their announcements.


  7. Floradine Says:

    The ball is today folks!

    Ev´ryone, all, big and small
    Join in the fun for short and tall
    Dance with us in fancy line
    And drink with us and have a dine

    Old Winyards and BBB
    GHMS and MVT
    And we have not least nor last
    From Crickhollow: Second Breakfast

    We have all the famous bands
    of musically high demands
    Melodies they´ll play for you
    To put you on your dancing shoe

    Celebrate with merry laugh
    Bring along your better half
    Bring along your best-est friends
    In clothes of newest-est trends

    And if you think the way´s too far
    Too dangerous for little char
    Fear not ´cause we´ll be there for you
    Our escorts, they will bring you through

    Be a king or be a queen
    Be a jack or be a dean
    Or just be us a merry guest
    With you, my friend, the ball is blessed


  8. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:

    An excellent evening which I cannot praise highly enough.
    My level 15 hobbit Emylot was ported by a very nice hunter into Rivendell.
    I had fun when I was able to join in, and when I didn’t know the dances I cheered on the dance formations as vocally as I possibly could.

    Learning the correct time to begin the dance I feel was probably a highlight of the evening. As was the crowning of the King, Queen and Jack!
    Emylot came runner-up in a fashion parade in her best dress, and treated to a gorgeous display of elven/manly/dwarven finery! Well done all, I would recommend this type of event to all players! Such Fun!
    Can’t wait for the next time! /Cheer.


  9. susan Says:

    It was a good evening, I had to buy a port to Rivendale because I arrived late and didnt think it was still going on. To my pleasant surprise it was and I enjoyed the music


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