Poll: Did you or someone you know return to playing LOTRO after watching the Hobbit?

January 12, 2013

Weekly Poll

There have been two members that have come back to play in my kinship after watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Did you or someone you know return to playing Lord of the Rings Online because they saw the movie?

Did you or someone you know return to playing Lord of the Rings Online because they saw the movie?

  • No (65%, 457 Votes)
  • Yes (35%, 248 Votes)

Total Voters: 705

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I feel in love with Tolkien's legendarium when I saw the 1977 film The Hobbit. I first read the Lord of the Rings the summer before starting high school. It has been a regular summer time activity for me every year since then. I have been enjoying playing Lord of the Rings Online ever since I first joined in July 2007. I have over two dozen characters created and played, but I mainly play on the Landroval server as a lore-master and also a spider.

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21 Responses to “Poll: Did you or someone you know return to playing LOTRO after watching the Hobbit?”

  1. Jag Says:

    I had a friend that went so mental, he resubbed for an entire year after The Hobbit trailer release last year. He played for a total of one hour.


  2. Cutedge Says:

    Our guild has gotten a lot of traction from The Hobbit. It’s good to see.


  3. pitrelli Says:

    Have patched it up, deleted my old toons and created a new one….not played bar the starting instance though. Need to get my finger out and make some targets to get me going.


  4. velomir Says:

    I returned after the hobbit as well I didnt play a lot back in the day but ive been having fun exploreing lotro with my hobbit as well hah


  5. Joshua Says:

    Yeah, I think we had a kinmate or two come back after the movie.


  6. RoyalBob of DD Says:

    No, but I’ve noticed a lot more people around the server lately.


    • RoyalBob of DD Says:

      After recruiting several players to the kin, I can confirm that a lot of them are coming back to the game after watching The Hobbit. Quite a few of them are from when the level cap was 50


  7. Eppy Says:

    I did…but I only stopped playing lotro to go see the Hobbit at the theater. Does a 3hr timeout count? :D


  8. Rulin Says:

    Not yet


  9. susan Says:

    I wonder how many new hobbit toons were made after the movie


  10. Avatar of dreamingfifi
    dreamingfifi Says:

    I don’t know directly, but because usage of my website, which provides translations for roleplayers, has more than doubled since the movie came out.


  11. Welby Says:

    It sure did hype me back up, with the combo of Rohan.
    I am a dwarf anyways, and the movie was a dwarf-lover’s dream :p

    Of course I made even more dwarf alts!


  12. EinHobbit Says:

    I think in Germany people startet playing WoW after watching the Hobbit, because everyone I talked to said there was a large Pandaria Advertisement before the film began…


  13. Rorgg Says:

    I can’t say definitively that’s why, but “post hoc ergo propter hoc” reasoning seems sufficient for a weekly poll.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      It seems pretty straight forward. Either you know because your friend or kinnie said that the movie hyped them so much they loaded up LOTRO (click yes) or you don’t (click no). The question was not “Is reason you saw a spike in players due to the movie?” It was do you know if someone returned due to the movie.

      If you don’t like the polls here you’re welcome to submit and idea of your own.


      • Rorgg Says:

        This wasn’t a dig at you or the poll, rather my own laziness. I had a old, old kinnie return to the game a few weeks ago, and didn’t inquire why. The timing just backed my assumption, which was lazily based on “post hoc” reasoning. I then doubled down on laziness by not asking to confirm, but just clicking yes, because hey, weekly poll! That’s about the level of effort I’m willing to expend.


    • Avatar of Pinkfae
      Pinkfae Says:

      Speaking as someone who does qualitative research for a living and who also uses the quantitative research of others in writing reports, I would like to mention there isn’t a research question being addressed by this poll. It is a very unscientific poll meant to be fun, entertaining and based on personal observation. Think of this as a Redbook quiz and not research gathering for a PhD dissertation.


  14. Avatar of Moranae
    Moranae Says:

    Unfortunatly no, i left for good, i desinstalled the game and unsubbed my 3 accounts in December and the movie just show me how bad Turbine did on the parts i loved.

    This feeling is only mine and engage me only. I love Middle-Earth from Tolkien books and from the movie, but it was hard on me to lost horses, to face bug classes at each new patch, and to feel as i was more on a gadget store planet.

    I regret the community, truly, but it was too late for me to try again. I was one of those who had to face the closure of AC2 from Turbine and with the last changes they made on Lotro, it was too much for me.



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