UI Guide, Part 1

January 15, 2013

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In episode 179 we received listener email requesting some guides on LOTRO’s UI. Luckily for us Hadhreleb, who actually offered UI assistance with the 2012 Fellowship Walk Auctions, stepped up and offered to write us a series of posts addressing this very topic! What follows is Hadhreleb’s part 1.


Before I get into the actual guide itself, I need to let everyone know about a few things. First of all, how effective certain layouts, plugins, etc. are for you will vary based on how you play. For example, if you craft and RP but don’t skirmish or raid, you might want to hold off of a few changes or plugins that may only be useful for combat-oriented gameplay, and vice-versa with those who do nothing but raid.That said, this guide may still prove helpful, so encourage you to read it anyways.

Basic Principles

There are several key elements to your UI. They include:

  1. Toolbar (above the XP bar at the bottom of the screen). Can be resized.
  2. Character vitals. Can be moved, resized and hidden.
  3. Target vitals. Can be moved, resized and hidden.
  4. Fellowship/Raid vitals. Can be moved, resized and hidden.
  5. Various other vitals. Can be moved, resized and hidden individually.
  6. Quickslot bars. Can be moved, resized and hidden. (Docked toolbars cannot be moved, and are resized with the toolbar.)
  7. Minimap. Can be moved and resized.
  8. Quest tracker. Can be moved, resized and hidden.
  9. Chat Box. Can be moved and resized.
  10. Panels (crafting panel, character panel, etc. not shown below) Can be moved, resized and hidden.


You can move these elements by pressing <Ctrl + \>.

To resize them, go into Options > UI settings, and at the bottom there are sliders for the different elements (for panels and the chatbox, just drag at the top to move it and drag any edge or corner to resize it). The higher the number, the bigger it is on your UI and the more space it takes up. The smaller the number, the less space it takes, but the harder it is to see or click on. They are all defaulted to 1.00, and can go between 0.40 and 3.00. Adjust these until you feel comfortable with where they are and how big or small they are. Note: you may want to leave some space for plugins and such, if you plan on using any.

Future Parts

Parts 2 and 3 should come within the next week, barring any unforeseen events or issues. Part 2 will cover plugins, cleaning up the UI and quickslots. Part 3 will cover hardware and how it can affect the UI.

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22 Responses to “UI Guide, Part 1”

  1. Lucanthanas Says:

    Hi there,

    Nice simple start on a guide useful to answer many recurring questions. :)
    There is one thing that I think could be added to the part schedule:
    - Chat panel customization (filters, new tabs, undocking chat tabs from the main chat Box to see several tabs at once…)



  2. susan Says:

    One tends to forget how mind boggling complicated looking the UI was when first starting to play. This will help those just starting out a ton, or those who were put off by it and just learned to ‘live’ with the UI as is. thanks !


  3. Belwynne Says:

    And adding to what Lucanthanas said…mini map filters and resizing

    Big help with vocabulary.

    I’d love your suggestions on placement within the UI in full raid: 12 players, target assist and conjunction wheel, target morale, targets target etc.


  4. Pasduil Says:

    One thing that is worth knowing, and pretty hard to discover… the key combo for repositioning UI elements is CONTROL-# on some keyboards, e.g. some international ones.


  5. Knify-Riddermark Says:

    Just a few other tips for people who plan on changing your UI:
    1. Try to keep commonly used skills on the bottom row of keys (1-= keys) or the quickslot row above.
    2. If you find your self clicking skills with your mouse or always looking at skills its better to have your vitals and target vitals near the bottom of the screen (above your quickslots) so that you arent always looking up and down too much. Keep skills that arent used as much such as your ports or dread removal out of the way on seperate quickslot bars.
    3. I like to key bind commonly used things like next target and nearest target to keys near WASD for easy use.
    4. When you first change your UI it may appear odd but that is just because it is different than you are use to.
    5. After you change it spend a day or two learning all the key bindings/skill locations cause no one liles a mini that is scrambling around trying to find the group heal while everyone is taking damage.


  6. edwar368 Says:

    With this intro to resizing, it might be worth adding that by default your size settings are saved “server side”. If you have more than one PC you play Lotro on, and they are different resolutions, this can be a real pain (I got a laptop from xmas and the resolution is lower than my desktop one)
    You can solve this by following all of the above steps on each pc you play on and setting the size to suit the individual PC’s resolution. Once happy if you type /ui layout save (without any filename) the layout will be saved with a default name of the resolution you are playing at, and henceforth, that layout will load by default when you start lotro again on that PC


    • Evarden Says:

      That’s awesome! Someone get this person a Pie-Cake!


      Evarden (Darrowedelf)


    • Adam Says:

      It actually just ‘remembers where stuff is’ client side, but is still saved server side. So If I load my setting on my PC and go downstairs to the Mrs’s PC open it up, then things will be in the wrong place, and when I go back up stairs they will have moved again.

      What you need to do is exactly as edwar568 says and then type /ui layout load *filename* then it will quickly rejig the UI and text filter and colour settings from the earlier saved file. This is how I have to deal with our two PCS, I made a UI for my machine and one for Emmas (both with the same name: AdamUI, then when I jump on its just a quick type of AdamUI and I’m ready to go!


      • Adam Says:

        that should say quick type of: /ui layout load AdamUI

        and I’m good to go! :)


        • edwar368 Says:

          Hi Adam, yes that does work, though with my method of not providing a file name, it means I never have to type /ui layout load again, it just does it


          • edwar368 Says:

            Just to add, that Adams method of providing a file name is something you should do if you have different configurations for different characters or multiple accounts that you want different settings on. Adding a file name to the save command allows you the ultimate flexibility of different configurations. But if like me, your configuration is standard across your chars, leave off the file name and you will not need to run the /ui load command

          • Adam Says:

            Yes, I should have pointed that we have two people in the household playing the game on multiple accounts and sharing the two machines, and between us multiple characters, (from wardens with 2 bars to mintrels struggling to fit them on 4)… in those circumstances its practically impossible to standardise our UI across 2 people and 20+ characters, so we have to use a filename.

  7. Byrcha of Landroval Says:

    Here’s something you might mention. I’ve been playing almost daily for over a year, and only discovered this by accident in kinchat recently — there is a toggle in the toolbar which reveals a second set of quickslots. So, you can have one set for questing/raiding and a second set for RP/music/crafting/whatever.


    • Strunto Says:

      The extra sets (including one for mounted combat) were aadded with Riders of Rohan, I believe, so you’re not as unobservant as you thought!

      That extra set of skillbars has been really awesome on my Hunter. I’ve moved all my Guide to… skills to the secondary set. I probably shouldn’t have had them all on my quickslot bars to begin with, but my, oh, my it’s nice to have them all still readily available and still have a (much) less cluttered skillbars for questing and such.


      • Brigo of Crickhollow Says:

        Please, what toggle do you click to show the extra “Rohan” quickslots? I’ve only noticed some new ones when actually mounted on my warsteed. There’s a way to access them unmounted? That’d be so so cool.


        • Byrcha of Landroval Says:

          There is an arrow/pointer just to the right of the bottom row of 12 keystroke icons on the toolbar. I don’t have a warsteed and am able to see these, so I thought it was older than that expansion.


  8. Andy Says:

    I tend to stack bits of the standard UI that overlap function. Saves having to look about more than one place for what is essentially the same thing.

    For example the UI buttons for mount, warsteed and taxi can only be used one at a time so if they’re stacked they occupy the same space on screen without any overlap due to the way you use/see then.

    If anyone has found where the UI scaling control is for the warsteed xp bar I’d love to know as it really is miniscule.


  9. Smugglin Says:

    Very nice guide. I think back to my first days with LOTRO and remember the overwhelming feeling the UI gave me. Years later I still find new thing now and then. If I could chip in my two cents, a few things I found helpful -
    You can go to some of the LOTRO Plugin/interface sites and get some UI skins that will change the appearance of your UI . The one I use is a simple black that makes everything feel streamlined and compact. Helps eliminate the clutter. I like to pull my target vitals down to the right of my character. I feel like the stock UI has you looking everywhere. I like to pull things towards the center, where my character is. I look forward to the next part of this guide, keep up the good work.


  10. Stephan Says:

    Any plans to explain the options of the chat log filter?
    Would be great!


  11. Digger Goodsong Says:

    Regarding resizing the parts of the UI, we need to be careful of an annoying bug. If one resizes their portrait, then it will grow larger and outside its frame until it obscures the display. It grows each time one zones. If it was made smaller, it will shrink. If made larger, it expands. The bug is covered well on lotrointerface.com.




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