Update 10 Mithril Coins

January 29, 2013


A developer diary released today detailing a new in-game currency being added with update 10 called Mithril Coins. These coins are purchased in the LOTRO store. Now before you flip out let me explain that these are replacing various different tomes and writs already in the game so we’ll have a single currency to utilize these services.

Examples given in the dev diary are replacing Stablemaster Writs, Revive Tomes, Quest Resets and there’s a picture of the Traveller’s Writ that’s used for the new Travel to Quest.


Your current writs and tomes will be converted into the new currency and will be bound to account in your barter wallet making them available for any character on the server [source]. There are no plans for VIPs to be granted any with their subscription and there currently is no way to earn these items in game.

There has not been a mention of cost of these but we do know they will be available in stacks from 5 Mithril Coins to 250 Mithril Coins [source]. This will be something to check out on bullroarer (which should be available to play on tomorrow).

I for one am perfectly ok with this change. It’s not really a store addition as it is a consolidation and replacement of items you currently have to buy individually. This allows you to buy Mithril Coins to use for a variety of services with a single currency. I’m all for simplification of these types of things.

Read the full Dev Diary yourself and you can leave feedback for Turbine here.

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27 Responses to “Update 10 Mithril Coins”

  1. Strunto Says:

    I don’t really have an issue with this, either. These are the types of items that I never buy in store, as I’m a cheapskate. I am rather curious, though, how much the price ranges on the items that are being replaced. I know the Traveler’s Writ is currently 20TP. Is that pretty much the standard? Or are previously different priced items suddenly going to be standardized?


    • Strunto Says:

      Well, duh. I guess I didn’t think about the service costing more than one mithril coin. Where’s all this mithril coming from, anyway? I thought that stuff was rare.


  2. Signe (@simbelsim) Says:

    I don’t mind this change, although I do hope that they don’t make the coins much more expensive than Traveller’s Writs which I’ve been using a bit lately. I did, however, burst out laughing when I scrolled all the way down on that Dev Diary and saw the ‘Revive now for 15 mithril coins!’ Yeah, right.


    • Avatar of Pineleaf
      Pineleaf Says:

      Actually, if the price for the new writs is the same as that for the current Traveler’s Writs, then 15 coins for a revival is about right. The current price for a Revival Tome is 150 TP. To purchase 3 stacks of 5 writs (for a total of 15) will also cost 150 TP. So, if Turbine doesn’t want some nasty backlash, the cost of the coins should be the same as the current writs.


    • AdamKickman Says:

      that would put it on par though a travlers writ is 10 tp and a revive tome is 15 so if the coins are 10tp each (or 1 travelers writ per coin through the barter) than a revive would be 150 Mithril coins.

      Now if those prices are changed and the cost of writs (coins) goes up than shame again on turbine.

      Also the mention of buying in stacks of 5, so now I cant drop the 10tp for a fast travel when needed, im forced to spend the 50 or more. That I find ridiculous


  3. Hobbitmeister Says:

    I will be withholding any approval of this until I see it live on the live servers. As we all should be aware of by now with Turbine, words hold no water until it’s live. Also, what happens on BR does not always happen in final live version. Turbine has done the “changing of currensies” slight-of-hand before and iirc, it wasn’t in the players favor.


  4. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    I can see why they are doing this, as in the consolidation but would prefer they applied if it aint broke dont poke it til it does philosophy to the store.

    If all the tomes are currently in existence and are clearly labled for what they do is it really needed to change them about. Some are very new additions to the game which begs the question why add those at all if they were planning to coin them out.

    I’m hedging my bets on this being actually good or not but at the moment it’s a mix of cynicism and skepticism. In the back of my mind I cant help but think it’s a way to encourage spending from player that otherwise wouldnt do so.


  5. hungoth Says:

    We have TPs already, why wouldn’t they simply use them instead of new currency?

    I bet it’s just disguise so people are not said directly they’re actually spending TPs. Silly really.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      The only thing that is changing is our writs are called mithril coins. We already used our TP to buy a writ which was used as a credit to travel and a tome that was used as a credit to dread removal, etc. They are making it so we can buy these credits for the same services but use them interchangeably.


  6. Mave Says:

    I prefer this to storing tomes in my inventory, that’s for sure. I think this is a good idea and as long as prices stay the same for the various services, it’s an improvement.


  7. Scooty Says:

    The store is kind of slow at the moment so they’d better fix that before they pile on another layer of coinage and break it entirely.

    Unless the plan is to have a new intrusive coin emblem dotted about the place.


  8. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    A kinmate of mine pointed this out on our forums this morning and I thought I’d pass it along.

    While many of us see ANYTHING that transpires regarding the LOTRO store as automatically being nefarious and designed to squeeze every last dollar out of LOTRO players, this could be about server lag and bandwidth (two things Turbine has a vested interest in keeping down) more than being a device to make money.

    Consider this:

    Many of the writs and revivals people buy are basically impulse purchases. You get whacked some place that’s out of the way and you don’t want to run from the rez circle through all the mobs you just fought to get back to where you are, or you are on one side of the North Downs and want a quick port back to Othrikar to turn in your quest.

    So you open up the store and buy whatever it is that you need. This creates a browser window, secure transaction and blah blah techie-speak blah that goes on to conduct a store transaction. This has an impact both on the game server and Turbine’s web server. While the effect of a single transaction at a time may be very low, if enough people are conducting these transactions at the same time, that creates a lot of extra server load.

    By making a stack of coins a single purchase in the store and the act of activating one of these coins an in-game event, several layers are removed from the transaction, so the primary intent may be to reduce some lag and backside server problems from the game.

    Of course, then Turbine will find a way to make money at it, but I don’t think this is simply some way to gouge more money out of players.


    • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

      Your post in the bullroarer forum about the anniversary festival and changes fits in very nicely with this system. As a result they can’t ‘give away’ festival quest resets anymore. You have to do them every time, on the cooldown. No stocking up to enjoy it. I hate to see what this does to the treasure hunt.


  9. Scott Says:

    If you are at end game I would suggest that you will probably never use any of the things that Mithril coins buy. If it helps with server lag, I say go for it Turbine!


  10. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    I think I am going to wait till this goes live before I make a final opinion (warsteed costs burned me) but if it is equally priced, this could be a good thing


  11. susan Says:

    anything that will take out stuff from inventory is most welcome. I have alot of these thru winnings in lotto and forget to use them so they just sit there in alt accts . oops, i better transfer em to main acct before they get changed….


  12. jacki Says:

    if to revive will cost 15Mc.. means that my 5 revival tomes will be converted in (15×5) 75Mc? I dont know if to stop searching an answer or swift to read “Hustler”.. cof cof!


  13. Tim Says:

    Actually, I have a problem with this. It looks like they have also removed the ability to spend regular coin for swift travel at the stables. Now you have no choice but to spend these new Mithril coins, which cost actual money to obtain.



    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      That is not true. When you select the swift travel there are two options to pay, in-game coins or a mithril coin. Double clicking on the swift travel options default to using in-game coins as well. I just logged in to double check. You scared me.


  14. Counsel Says:

    Why not spend turbine points to get more ‘home’ locations and the 30-min cooldown rather than continuously spend any coin (silver, turbine, or mithril) on travel?

    Just curious…



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