Update 9.1 Release Notes

January 23, 2013


Release 9.1 is being updated on the servers and the official release notes have been published for us to peruse these changes while waiting for the servers to be back online.

The bulk of the update notes deal with fixes to instances, primarily dealing with loot that has been adjusted to drop more or less often.

We have a brand new “Find Items” dialog which sounds to be useful. My bags can tend to get messy and I end up losing some item until a month later when taking time to organize my bags and then find the thing that would have been so very useful two-weeks ago.

Space combat has been removed. RockX will be shattered, I’m sure. We also should stop seeing invisible horses everywhere. Their horseshoes of power must have been taken away.

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22 Responses to “Update 9.1 Release Notes”

  1. Avatar of Ethelros
    Ethelros Says:

    I believe the ‘find items’ thing works for vendors too, which should help those intrepid crafters quite a bit.


  2. Ageran Says:

    I have not been very lucky in the 2 dozen or so box runs, so I have only picked up one TSoC. I did not know that Durchest t1 would no longer drop them, but there were about six or so for sale on the AH recently.

    I did not log on quickly enough today, and all of the TSoCs on the AH were gone. It will be interesting to see the price after this recent change.


  3. Goreamir Says:

    Looks like the Durchest farming for symbols is over. Too bad I never took advantage of that while it was possible. Guess I’ll be happy with my 3rd ages until the 2nd age symbols are in the skirmish camps.


  4. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    I’m frankly surprised they allowed the Durchest farm runs to go kn as long as the did. I thought they’d put the raid locks back on BG instead of changing the loot tables, though.


    • Mericc Of Nimrodel Says:

      Locks would have made more sense I think. I do not know how it is on other servers but the fair chance(Though I’ve never seen one) of a TSoC drop from Durchest t1 fueled the only reason anyone was running any of the new content. I hope this change doesn’t kill what small amount of instance action there is nowadays.


      • Peter Says:

        Too late on Brandywine. Within 1/2 hour of logging on people were joking and laughing (albeit bitterly/sarcastically) when anyone who hadn’t read the release notes tried to start a BG Durchest farm run. There is so little new endgame content (and let’s face it, DG scaling isn’t really new content) that people are sitting around asking “what should we do??”

        To which the universal reply seems to be “let’s farm Dungeons of Dol Guldur, that hasn’t been nerfed yet”. Oh well, better than paying 160 gold for a symbol…


      • Avatar of Vræden
        Vræden Says:

        Isn’t the second half of the instance cluster supposed to drop soon?


        • Cedrowald of Vilya Says:

          Durchest and the Twins (per the notes) no longer drops TSoC but the Lieutenant does. That’s on T1 and T2, on T2CM the challenge chest still has a chance to drop a TSoC. So you could (theoretically) farm Durchest T2CM but you’d have to do it…T2CM which probably wouldn’t be farming per se.


  5. smugllin Says:

    I was putting off buying a symbol until they really dropped below 90g, because I’m cheap. This is gonna stink now. I bet the prices spiked. I will check and report back. No PVMP changes ? 25k Defilers with near constant SI is getting old.


    • Eppy Says:

      Yes they did. Back to 400g on my server :(. They’ll come down again at some point or just collect marks/medallions for when they’re added there eventually.


      • smugglin Says:

        Yeah, I checked on my server too. There are about 5 of them up . All of them are around 400-500g. I’ve been spending most of my time since hitting cap in the moors. So maybe I will go for the Moors rank 10 LI. If these prices stay in this range and they release FA legendaries with the next update I can’t wait to see what price they want for those, 2000-3000g ? :)


  6. Strunto Says:

    Aww, man! No more space combat, and no more flying around on invisible horses! Turbine hates fun!


  7. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Seeing the reports from other servers of the price hike in symbols I’m even more pleased that bugud finally gave me one a couple of days ago.

    They were 60g or so on withy before the patch, hate to think what the price is now.

    They still need to look at the crest drop rate though as I’ve yet to get any of those on any character/profession. There’s stuff I’d like to make but not paying 20g+ for a single crest.


  8. Brainslug Says:

    Update 9.1. – The Nerf strikes back

    Actually I was locking forward to the patch notes, hoping for a lot of new fixes. When the notes were released I was like … What ?!

    Sure, we all knew that BG 1st Boss farming would come to and end, but removing symbol drops from both Durchest AND the twins? Seriously?
    I mean, why scale the instance if you force people to fight through two bosses first and get ‘zero’ loot in return?

    So back to farming the other instances which … Oh wait, nerf bat on the droprates here as well. Prices on the auction house for symbols are now three times as high as yesterday. Great move, thanks so much …

    To add insult to injury we got some new jewellery dropping from riddermark scrollcases. Carrot on a stick anyone? Now that the hytbold instances are loot-free all you can do is either pay 400G for a recipe (trolololol) or farm 10k mobs.

    Great update … Makes ‘taking a break from Lotro’ really really easy.


  9. buckyball Says:

    Are there really that many people who only played the game for the joy of farming symbols in an instance?


  10. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    They could find they’ve shot themselves in the foot slightly as a result of these changes before the rest of the IC comes out.

    Once someone has hit 85 they need to have stuff to do to keep them playing and given the apprent frequency of the farming runs they’ll have done the current batch of instances to death. The change to symbols means there’s less incentive to run them.

    Warbands are a daily affair and unless you’re a vip the moors is off limits for the free peoples side. The change now means that people will log on do their hytbold grind, bugud kill and then log off to play something else.

    Hytbolds an at risk one as well as until things are brought back those deeds cannot be completed.

    More people that log on only to do the daily grind bits and leave the emptier servers will start to feel, for the lower pop ones at least, and this will have a knockon effect to those just coming into that level cap range.

    Adjustments to drop rate seems to have been slightly illconcieved regarding the impact to a servers economy. The were always going to be a desirable item and now due to the changes they’ll become pretty exclusive unless there’s been an undocumented adjustment to bugud’s loot to remove some of the rubbish he give out in the reward box.

    I can see why they did these changes but doing so is like trying to balance scales while wearing boxing gloves. It’ll swing one way then the other and never really get close to that equilibrium.


    • susan Says:

      its already been happening on my server, population heavily end gamers who are basically done with hybolt.

      pity those that are just coming into rohan and trying to take on some of those wb by themselves. regions are player sparse there.

      even bugud you can now wait awhile till maybe one other person comes up to fight. unheard of past few weeks, where bug was killed usually within mins of spawning. at least i got in the last bubble of players to get in alot of easy bug kills and get a tarnished off him for it.

      frankly what did they expect?


  11. susan Says:

    someone put out on the forum how the farming generated a ton of pugs, easy fellowships and great interaction with the community and that it brought new life to the game.

    i didnt realize it till they said that, it was so true. I myself was asked to join many groups from hard core raiders, it was so friendly and inclusive. fun. for a bloody change.

    they somehow need to translate that mechanic back into the game and not from an exploit farming but rather good and easy raiding… like in Rift.


  12. Shaidde Says:

    Now that we have travel horses again, I no longer have to listen to my husband’s song about I travel around on ‘Queefs and Farts’ whenever we use the stablemaster. This is a good thing.

    Less loot, not so good. As a jeweler I feel the lack of materials badly. A few more crests would be nice. Some people say they’ve gotten a bunch, but I’m all about the nodes and have only found 2 crests since Rohan’s release.


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