Weekly Store Sale Starting February 1, 2013

January 31, 2013


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The following items are on sale from February 1-7. Below you will find the sale listings as well as our recommendation on purchasing.

Free Sample of the Week

These are a 90-min boost to morale and power. The amount you will receive will scale based on your level so everyone can use these to give your morale and power pools a little temporary boost.

Get one free this week with coupon code: MAXMP2

Weekly Store Sale

Stat Tomes

Trolls pounding you into submission? Friends defeated because you can’t heal them fast enough? Then it may be time to upgrade your character’s Agility, Fate, Might, Vitality, or Will stats. Don’t worry, there are many easy ways to upgrade these stats! Level up your character. Get better gear by completing quests, crafting, and using the auction-house. Or use permanent stat boosting tomes that are dropped by enemies or purchased through the LOTRO Store. Food and drinks acquired in-game can also provide temporary boosts to your stats. Check out the details on each stat tome type!
Tome Of Will
Will increases your maximum power pool, your Out-of-Combat Power Regeneration, and how much you resist Fear effects, including cowering from Dread. It also contributes to increases in your Outgoing Healing Rating and Tactical Offence Rating.
Tome Of Agility
Agility increases your ability to evade and parry incoming blows, adds to the amount of ranged damage you deal, and increases your chance to critically hit a foe (ranged or melee). It also improved your Hit Chance.
Tome Of Fate
Fate increases your In-Combat Power Regeneration and In-Combat Morale Regeneration. Fate also increases the chance and magnitude of Criticals on Tactical skills (healing and damage spells).
Tome Of Might
Might increases your ability to block incoming attacks with a shield, parry incoming blows, or cause greater damage with a weapon. It also reduces incoming common damage.
Tome Of Vitality
Vitality increases your maximum morale, your Out-of-Combat Morale Regeneration, resistances to Wound, Disease and Poison effects. It also reduces incoming damage from non-weapon sources like Fire, Frost, Lightning, Acid and Shadow.

Store Location: Character → Stats
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: Stat tomes are always popular items especially when on sale. These tomes can drop in game but they seem to be a bit on the rare-ish side. But it is an in-game option if you want to check the Auction House first. Note that you cannot apply a tier 2 stat tome until you’ve applied a tier 1, etc.

Dusky Nimblefoot Goat

Allows you to summon a trusty Goat to ride throughout Middle-earth!
*Can be used in Moria.
*Travel 62% faster!

Store Locations: Travel & Housing → Mounts → Standard
Levels: 5+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: I own one of these from the Mirkwood expansion pack and it was nice so all my characters has something to ride in Moria but my personal opinion is this is no way worth even the sale price tag. It’s got really really low health and if a goblin so much as sneers menacingly at you, you will be off the goat and walking. You will get a free slower speed goat when you enter Moria so you won’t be without any ride when you start out. There are reputation goats you can earn in game before reaching Moria such as the Thorin’s Hall reputation goat or the Ale Association Goat that is available during festivals.

100% XP Boost

Use this item and receive a 100% bonus to experience earned from killing monsters and completing quests.

Store Location: Buffs & Boosts → Advancement → XP
Levels: 5+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: This is just a “Meh” type item as there’s no real reason to rush through content. If you are feeling like you are in an area that you are sort of struggling to get through and just want to by-pass it a bit faster, these can come in handy.

War-steed XP Boost

Use this tome to get a 25% boost to all War-steed XP gained! Lasts 90 minutes.

Store Location: War-steeds → Buffs & Boosts → XP Accelerators
Levels: 75+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: This gets a “meh” from me simply because I have not focused on my war-steed’s experience bar at all. They are pretty powerful out of the gate and the trait points seem to me to come pretty easy just through normal game play. If you are more into customizing and utilize your war-steed with more interest, this may be something to look at but probably isn’t an item for everyone.

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13 Responses to “Weekly Store Sale Starting February 1, 2013”

  1. Nakiami Says:

    Great time for Wardens to buy Agility and everyone to buy Fate



  2. Avatar of Azakael
    Azakael Says:

    I’d give the war-steed XP boost a thumbs down myself. You’ll already have a max-level war-steed by the time you reach Hytbold. Heck I think I maxed it by the end of the Entwash Vale. If not sooner.


    • Avatar of andyb
      andyb Says:

      Once the steed hits level 25 and over you’re mostly just spending points to flesh out the tree’s as well so you can take those slower. Tasktrash stuff is enough to compensate for xp lost by the rare times you’re fighting on foot.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I would never buy them myself but some people love to uses these types of boosters to finish things off. I for one was not on a max-level war-steed at 85 so you did a lot more than me obviously but even so, it’s not an item I would buy, but someone might see a benefit.


  3. Jennifer Says:

    Question: With the chances they are doing with Fate and Will is it better for my Minstrel to get Will or Fate Tomes to prepare for the change?


  4. Smugglin Says:

    I would disagree with the luke warm response to the sale on xp tomes. For someone who is a long time player who has experienced the content many times over these items are a godsend. Anyone who has played a while knows there are some really slow spots in questing in between the good questing zones. These tomes are very powerful and will get you through them very quickly. “There’s no real reason to rush through content”, actually theirs several. The a fore mentioned, if you have experienced this content many many times and would like to preserve your sanity. If you want to PVMP there is no other way than to grind it out to cap as it is 85 only. The best gear and items is all at 85. If this is your first character that your taking to cap and you are a person that like to play Endgame content you probably want to get to 85 as soon as possible to start the Hytbold dailies which is going to take you such a long time. Warsteeds and mounted combat is gated behind this expansions level increase. There are also new skills that are only available at higher levels that essentially complete the missing pieces of a class and playstyle, sometimes you just want to push through to reach them. I’m sure I could think of a hundred more reasons but in the end these Tomes are extremely effective at what they do and the price drop for the 5 pack is incredible. I would stock up.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      See andyb’s response about forgetting about them below. That is why they get a “meh”.

      Not because they are junk. Because it’s not an item that is generally seen by most as a must have.

      They are limited-time consumable, single character and in my opinion completely un-neccessary. However I have use them myself for certain situations and found them beneficial. They are certainly not a thumbs down but not quite qualifying for a thumbs up. Thus the “meh” which means your mileage may vary.


    • Scooty Says:

      If you want to pvmp and are levelling then you have to be a vip and will get the rested xp buff. Creeps dont need to level up, just be unlocked. For speeding up hytbold gear rep boosters would be a better choice over xp ones. You can get the warsteed as early as 70 but not sure if it gets xp for stuff outside rohan.


  5. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    I tend to forget the xp boosting items although I did use them in my captains blitz through the stunland epic over a couple of nights allowing me to hit GR area at a reasonable 72/3. Detour down to sort the warsteed gave the xp a much better bump than the tomes did though.

    Recently gave away some of those tomes that I had lurking from lottery wins and the joker dumped them onto the AH at 10g a pop so assuming they actually sell at that price there must be a demand for them somewhere.


  6. Dargorin Says:

    Hi, the coupon its wrong. The right code its MAXMP2.



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