Weekly Store Sale Starting January 11, 2013

January 10, 2013



You are reading that banner correctly. This week Turbine did not list what is on sale. Instead they are encouraging you to get in game to figure out what is on sale. Feel free to join me in giving your comments on your thoughts about this new system on the LOTRO forums.

I have done my best (with Ketani’s diligent help) to try to find all the sale items for you, separate them from last week and cross our fingers we having missed something due to not being the right level, class or we’ve already bought it or because I am VIP. If you find something on sale not listed here, please feel free to email it to me and attach a screenshot if possible!

The following items are on sale from January 11-17. Below you will find the sale listings as well as our recommendation on purchasing.

Free Sample of the Week

These are the new items added to the store used for the “Travel to Quest” system. These are bound to account so need to worry about which character uses the code to get them. They will appear in your barter wallet.

Get your stack of 5 for free this week with coupon code: TLLW75 

Weekly Store Sale

Clothing, Cloaks & Accessories

Choose a fresh look from the huge selection of LOTRO Store Clothing, Cloaks & Accessories! Cosmetic Bundles not included in sale.

Store Location: Cosmetics → Clothing ; Cosmetics → Cloaks ; Cosmetics → Accessories
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: Yay for a clothing sale! However I cannot give this a thumbs up because these are simply frilly fun items and there may be more useful things you could purchase (like what I dunno… clothes are important!). One thing I will caution you on is that some of these items are available to obtain in game either with skirmish marks, reputation or from an in-game festival (if you can bare to wait).

Be an informed purchaser and visit Darzil’s LOTRO Crafting Guide first. If it can be earned or purchased in game. Darzil’s got your info! Nothing wrong with buying what you wish in the LOTRO Store, I just rather you know that the the item you are buying is a store exclusive or not rather than be annoyed to find out later!

Note: warsteeds cosmetics are not included in this sale. This is for character clothing only. It does include bundles like the “Complete Ceremonial Ajokoira Outfit”.

Shared Wardrobe

Hoard away, share, and stay organized! Get up to 140 additional slots of storage for cosmetic items within the wardrobe and share amongst characters on your account! Fill your wardrobe with a plethora of cosmetic clothing and accessories available in the LOTRO Store!

Store Location: Account → Account Storage → Shared Wardrobe Space
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: This is the sale for the folks like me who believe there is no such thing as enough wardrobe space. However, I do understand there are folks how could care less about cosmetics so their Turbine Points are better saved for another day. It gets a “meh” rating only because it really depends on the player for this one. Nevermind that, Goldenstar thinks you are completely insane for not wanting to buy this.

Cosmetic Outfit Slots

Slot your character’s new cosmetics without having to store them in your individual inventory bags. Save additional cosmetic-ensembles and quickly change outfits on the fly! Unlock up to seven total cosmetic outfit slots for all characters on your account!

Store Location: Account → Cosmetic Outfit Slots
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These ONLY get a meh because having them or not will in no way enhance your characters ability to fight, level, etc. It will however enhance your ability to look fabulous while doing all those things! More outfit slots means more opportunities to show up to that event and be able to switch into the perfect attire.

You can learn more about these items plus much more about cosmetics in general in our cosmetics roundtable!

Mounted Combat Trait Trees (Light & Heavy)

This offer will unlock the ability to use the Light/Heavy War-steed Trait Tree on all of your characters. Light War-steeds give greater speed at the expense of endurance and armour. Heavy War-steeds give greater armour and power, at the expense of speed.

Store Location: War-steeds > Upgrades > Trait Specs
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These are account wide unlocks to allow all of your war-steed riding characters available to use the light or heavy war-steeds (medium are free for all). It gets a thumbs up as it is account wide access to more options.

I’m not certain why it’s listed as for all levels (my level 1 free account toon could see it). This will only be useful for those currently using or about to use war-steeds in Rohan.

Mounted Combat Trait Spec

Unlock an additional mounted combat trait spec for all characters on your account.

Store Location: War-steeds > Upgrades > Trait Specs
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION:  This is getting a meh simply because it may depend on your love of the war-steed to need more than the two provided trait specs. Up to seven are available for purchase. You can respec one of your existing trait slots in-game for in-game gold as an alternative but if you really see a benefit in playing around with multiple specs might as well get it on sale I say!

War-steed Cosmetic Outfit Slots

Unlock an additional war-steed cosmetic outfit slot for all characters on your account.

Store Location: War-steeds > Upgrades > Cosmetic Outfit Slots
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: Outfitting your war-steed is not going to be of interest to everyone but for those who are interested, this will be some happy news! There are a total of seven cosmetic slots available. I am not certain if all are included in this sale as I haven’t bought them myself, yet. If you have feel free to let us know in the comments!

Store Exclusive Horses

This is not part of the sale but Turbine has stopped listing which horses are available in the LOTRO Store on their page and simply list all the store exclusive horses (available or not). I thought I’d add a list here of what’s available in-game right now. These are only the store exclusives that tend to pop in and out of the store from time to time. Let me know if you find this useful!

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29 Responses to “Weekly Store Sale Starting January 11, 2013”

  1. Avatar of
    knowfere Says:

    Don’t like this format at all because even IF I did want to purchase something, I log in the game to PLAY. Why the heck would I want to log in to spend all my time spending money buying crap I’d never use because I’m not PLAYING?? What a stupid marketing decision! But, maybe THIS will finally cause people to leave and force Turbine to slack off on their greed….wait what? what am I thinking. hahahahaha


    • Hobbitmeister Says:

      My guess would be that not enough people were actually going into the store. This way kind of forces people to go in and look around for sales and hence there is the optimal chance that they might impulse-buy something else they see.

      If it works for them then get ready as this will probably be the way going forward. The only caveat is that being the case that the Store’s UI is so terrible and slooooooooooooooowwww to use, this could actually back fire on them.


  2. Eppy Says:

    Thank you for doing this! I wasn’t going to look but now I may actually get a mount trait spec so I can have one of each horse.

    I really hope turbine goes back to the way they did it before. So inconvenient.


  3. Kadi Says:

    Thanks for doing this! I hate the in-game only sales page, and went ahead and left a post on the forums about it, too. Hopefully they’ll choose not to keep it this way.

    One thing I’d like to mention is that you link Darzil’s awesome site – unfortunately, they’re not updating it anymore, which means it’s slowly becoming out of date. Just wanted to warn you if you hadn’t seen that!


  4. Moraiwë Says:

    Regarding the store version of the Lossoth Steed: Has it been discovered yet whether purchasing this horse gives a corresponding war-steed appearance?


  5. velomir Says:

    O.o geez we just had a discussion last night. Goldenstar about me buying cosmetics and now they go on sale just my luck lol


  6. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    My current view of the store is that since RoR it has been filled with overpriced per character fluff and existing stuff has been bumped in price. As a result I tend to avoid it more now than I did before.

    There are long periods of time where I dont look at the store and only visit it if I see a particular thing is on sale, am reminded I want it or coaxed into buying it.

    Without the sale listing on a website like this I wont be bothered enough to search the store for whats down to the pre ror price via sales in any given week.

    The store listing was one of the limited sources of information each week from turbine and closing it off will lose sales from those that would be reminded or coaxed into a purchase.

    If people dont visit the store you advertise and promote it rather than hiding it under a TP emblazoned rock.

    Any walk in shop, regardless of size, still puts the stuff they want to sell at the end of an aisle or by the checkout. They dont leave it on a pallet near the back of the shop. WHY? Because they know people will see stuff and buy it whether they walked in with that intent or not.

    The impact might not be felt right away as CSTM has done the ground work for us but maybe GS and Ketani should stop or save it for podcast only for a few weeks to show those figures more accurately. OK we’d miss the info but the numbers might convince turbine of the stupidity of not promoting the store.


  7. Avatar of Artemis
    Artemis Says:

    Wardrobe! woot! Maxed out again – I was hoping for a yule sale – alas there wasn’t one so this did nicely.

    Now to get them to see we need at least 200 slots!


  8. Osdor Says:

    If the store worked efficiently, it might be a nice idea, but it’s currently so slow to load and change pages that it’s become a pain to use! Searching for anything is hit & miss, and when you do find what you want, the checkout process can take so long to complete it’s awful.


    • Celondur Says:

      Hear, hear!

      From what I can tell, the store is just a web app. There’s no excuse whatsoever for it to be that sluggish.

      CSTM’s sale notices are the only way I have to decide whether it’s worth trying to load the store.


  9. Nerves Says:

    I’ll buy more content when they release it. That’s about all I’ll be spending my cash on from now on, I’m afraid.


  10. Camstrike Says:

    I would imagine it could give a more accurate reflection on the traffic to the store. Whatever the reason, I don’t expect it to stay this way.


  11. Isaiah Rosethorn Says:

    Thanks for going to the trouble of putting this listing together. There are actually a couple of items on here that I’ve been waiting for a sale on, and would probably have missed them otherwise!


  12. Strunto Says:

    Definitely going to be picking up some wardrobe space! Thanks for the extra work, guys.


  13. susan Says:

    What drives me nuts is how the store limits what each character can see instead of just graying out the item with a tooltip saying that char is not high enough lvl to use the item. many sales were missed because the one time i scanned the shop the char was too low to even see it. idiotic.

    and yes, the store interface bites. many times i had a wad of tokens just begging to be squandered and i gave up after having to trundle thru retarded back functions and lost place in the many pages of crap to sort thru.


  14. Thaillin Says:

    Thought I would just add that when I checked last night they also had the crafting guild unlock for all of the guilds on sale – I beleive that they were 30% off. I don’t know if this was a temporary sale or a weekly item (hence the problem with this format for weekly sales).


  15. Avatar of Thuindir
    Thuindir Says:

    I really like that the Mount Trait Trees can be viewed by any level of character. Even if you can’t use it for 70+ levels, you can still buy it on sale. That is good store mechanics in my opinion, let me buy the stuff when I want to buy it (even if I can’t use it yet). I really hate how somethings are locked up only because I am on a lower level. Let me decide if I want to work up my toon for that item/skill/etc instead of simply blocking it. Of course it would be helpful to have a warning when I click purchase that pops up right before saying something about not being able to use the item. (That is probably wishful thinking though).


  16. Avatar of Azakael
    Azakael Says:

    New format for announcing sale stinks. Thanks for posting on it on the forums, GS.
    That said, WHEE! Now I can get the cosmetics I need on my alt servers!


  17. TG Says:

    I think I’ll start bookmarking my favorite items and just check that list to see if there are any sales.


  18. Thurinphir Says:

    thanks Goldenstar and Ketani :D
    hope this week leads to a store-performance fix/rework or a return to the old way, possibly with an apology


  19. Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

    Thanks for listing whats on offer. I really don’t see the point in not telling folks whats on sale!
    Maybe they would get more turbine traffic if they changed their mode of selling high end, crazy pants high priced items….to lower end more reasonably priced items.
    I trolled through 47 pages of clothing sale items, only liked one item.
    Even with 20% sale, the things I would be tempted to buy I feel are overpriced. (Wardrobe space and cosmetic slots!).
    I feel this is just another example in the trend we have been seeing of really bad communication from Turbine to their target market. Sad really, as I think it could be very successful and profitable.


  20. Silindor Says:

    Yes thanks for this, Glad nice added feature



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