Bullroarer: Update 10 Release Notes 2

February 5, 2013


Turbine has released a patch to the Bullroarer Public Beta server with an updated release notes. It’s important to remember that these are only currently applied to the test server and won’t be found on the live servers just yet.

Some highlights from these notes:

  • Any quest can now be advanced in a raid.
  • Many and various class power cost adjustments
  • Scaling instances have had reward chests added for defeating bosses on tier 2, as well as an additional chest for completing the challenge objective on tier 2 at level cap.
  • The Hytbold and level 85 Ettenmoors sets have seen their stats change to reflect the Fate alterations.
  • The new Erebor armor sets are available at the Skirmish camp of your choice.
  • Armor sets which give players skill modifying set bonuses have been altered. They will no longer give players stat boosts in addition to skill modifying bonuses.

Read the entire release notes:

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15 Responses to “Bullroarer: Update 10 Release Notes 2”

  1. frostzuki Says:

    No more skill modifications on armor sets huh? intresting.


    • Avatar of Pineleaf
      Pineleaf Says:

      There are still going to be skill modifications (with 2 and 4 pieces of the set). What is being dropped from the set bonuses are the stat modifications.


    • Joshua Says:

      No, no! It’s the other way around. :)

      Armour sets now ONLY have skill modifications, and they only come at 2 and 4 pieces. It’s the STAT bonuses that got removed from armour set bonuses.


      • tony Says:

        I read it as- There will be a stat boost or a skill modification, not both.


        • Joshua Says:

          Based on the gear screenshots, that is not the case. All stat boosts are gone. Skill modifications remain.


          • tule Says:

            That’s kind of scary The stats on the armor are what I consider important, the skill tweaks are just a nice bonus.

            If this is just the extra bonus for having a certain number of pieces, then that’s fine. But if I have to get all my stats from jewelry only that will be a massive change as getting good jewelry is harder than getting good armor I feel.

          • Ayalinda Says:

            Tule, its just the old 2 and 4 set bonuses. We are actually only loosing 1 “bonus” as you can now equip 4/2 or 2/2/2 for 3 bonuses.

            Its helpful that the new bonuses look awesome as well, +10% healing crit chance, chance for BC to apply AoE-HoT and +5% Inspire fellows Healing are all better than a small stat boost.

          • frostzuki Says:

            Thank you for correcting me, i misread. :)

  2. Liesmith Says:

    It won’t let me reply to tule but just to clarify – that’s not the case. Say my armor set for my RK gives me some reduced skill cooldown at 2 pieces, +37 will at 3 pieces, and +10% healing at 4 pieces – now the 3 piece stat boost is gone. That’s all. The skill-related perks remain.


  3. Manuel Says:

    Reducing armor set state bonus hmmmmm at least a new erebor armor set is getting out :D


  4. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Not sure about them allowing quests to be done while in a raid.

    Only benefit would be you could continue to quest while a raid forms but something tells me it could be as open to abuse as the farming of instances that kills the game if you go near that area.

    Unless they are going to adjust the drops so that raid members get a partial share of loot rather than everything that drops.


    • Pineleaf Says:

      I believe this is to address some abuses where players formed raids to prevent a quest from advancing so they could farm valuable items (the anniversary event was notorious for that). This can actually be a means to reduce instance farming since Turbine can now take measures to force you out of a public instance once you complete the quest objectives (such steps would fail if forming a raid would prevent quest advancement).


      • Avatar of andyb
        andyb Says:

        A welcome addition if it reduces the raid farming of hytbold instances that cripple the game if you are unlucky enough to have one zerg past you at 0.1 fps.

        The addition of more 85 mobs would never have done anything to reduce the problem thanks to the spawn rates.


  5. Kryhavoc Says:

    I wish they would allow Deeds to be completed in a raid. Give me something to do while waiting for a raid to finish filling up.



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