Bullroarer: Update 10 Release Notes 4

February 21, 2013


Turbine has released a patch to the Bullroarer Public Beta server with an updated release notes. It’s important to remember that these are only currently applied to the test server and won’t be found on the live servers just yet. As always these notes are subject to change before reaching the live servers.

Some highlights from these notes:

  • More tweaking of power costs and regens for the various classes including monster classes
  • Reduction of crit contribution for some legacies
  • Loot should now be available in the appropriate instances.
  • Quests from the Orthanc cluster now award Medallions, instead of Seals.
  • Tower of Orthanc and Draigoch’s Lair no longer give Seals.
  • Erebor armor sets now require the level 85 In Defence of Erebor deeds for purchase.

Read the entire release notes:

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2 Responses to “Bullroarer: Update 10 Release Notes 4”

  1. Avatar of Rinon
    Rinon Says:

    Well, looks like they finally figured out that champs with two-handers simply can not run out of power as long as they keep Second Wind active all the time. Now to get the same power restore, we’ll have to trait it.
    *waves goodbye to the good old days of laughing at power drain debuffs*



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