Dev Diary – Critical Defence in Update 10

February 28, 2013


Please note that this was an article re-published by accident.  For the actual Update 10 diary on Critical Defence, please click here.u7_skirmish_3897-11.jpg

A Developer Diary was released today by Jared “Kelsan” Pruett concerning Critical Defence changes coming in Update 10. So what’s changing?  Well instead of Critical Defence reducing the chances of you taking a Critical Hit, it will now reduce the damage done by a Critical Hit.  As I understand it (and feel free to correct me) that this means that players no longer have a way of completely negating a Critical Hit outside of the standard block, parry, and evade.

So why make the change?  Well as Kelsan explains:

Critical Defence was performing its role too well. While providing protection against Critical Hits, it was also functionally disabling a fun mechanic and limiting the potential for designing reliable mechanics that utilize Critical Hits and Effects.

Which means that players were boosting Critical Defence to the point that they were (almost) never taking Critical Hits.

So how will it work now?  When a Critical or Devastating Critical Hit are performed “…a multiplier is applied to the attack giving it the bonus damage”  After Update 10 Critical Defence will lower this multiplier to a lower number, but never below a multiplier of 1. He also ensures that players who build for Critical Hits should find that their critical damage isn’t completely negated.


I’ve got some mixed feelings on this change.  While this may help players who get skill responses off of Critical Hits, it will be interesting to see how this affects people who specialize in Critical Hits.  On the one hand those players will most likely see an increase in the amount of Critical Hits that they perform, but on the other hand they may find that their overall damage output may go down.  Of course I could be completely wrong so leave a comment and post your thoughts on the change!

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15 Responses to “Dev Diary – Critical Defence in Update 10”

  1. Joshua Says:

    This is exactly how Crit Def has been working since Update 9.

    In fact! Today’s Dev Diary is word-for-word identical to the section on Critical Defense from the Update 9 dev diary on combat changes.


  2. William S Says:

    How will this affect Deeds that require landing Critical Hits?


  3. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    Merric has been an article machine this week…I guess he is making up for lost time?


  4. Harperella Says:

    This is probably a good thing for wardens, and I think they are the primary target of this change. Because of their lower damage mitigations (in relation to guards) they currently take huge spikes of damage on a crit. With the existing mechanics, you either take the partially mitigated damage and maybe get one-shotted, or you avoid the crit and live to fight another day. In fact wardens have a weird passive to protect them from getting two-shotted–they get a grace period of crit immunity after the first crit.

    I think this change allows wardens to lower spike damage more than the spike frequency. IMO, this is a good thing, since a healer at least has a chance against more frequent but non-lethal spikes of damage. The warden may take the same damage overall, but at least they won’t get a one-shot.


  5. Avatar of Fredelas
    Fredelas Says:

    As others have mentioned, this dev diary doesn’t explain any of the actual crit and crit defense changes that are coming with Update 10. It’s just a literal copy and paste of the changes that were implemented in Update 9.

    I hope Turbine will revise this dev diary to talk about what’s really changing in Update 10.


  6. Mericc Of Nimrodel Says:

    This change also is a nice little boon to Guards with high crit defense as well since it drops damage from crits so low that it’s almost like not getting critted on at all.


  7. Cyraith Says:

    I gotta say, for the champ at least, this isn’t much of a change. Unless you’re a glory champ, we usually have 0 crit defense anyway! So I’m not necessarily disappointed by this.

    Burgs should love it!

    And Guards and Wardens should be upset over it.


  8. Dan Says:

    This is exactly the kind of mechanic that I don’t understand at all. I read the Diary and it pretty much just whooshes over my head. I just want to know what I can stab and how I can keep from getting stabbed.


  9. Ravanel Griffon Says:

    This change might make crit defence (to a certain extend) useful for every class in raids, and not longer a thing only be bothered with for tanks. After all, everyone is able to reduce their damage from crits (which some bosses do on all players anyway): where the old crit defence only became good when you stacked a lot of it (and was therefore not useful for other classes than tanks), the new will help everyone a bit, also when having less of it.

    I’m not sure how this will all balance out, but I’m fairly positive to this change, will be interesting to see what happens.


  10. Kazren Says:

    This sounds good for burgs and captains who use those critical hits, but I’m not sure if champions or hunters will appreciate it.


    • Ravanel Griffon Says:

      Not really sure what you mean by this, everyone can get critically hit?


      • Cedrowald of Vilya Says:

        From an offensive point of view it will help Burgs and Captains who use critical responses either in the Burg crit chains or Cappies for unlocking defeat responses. Since Crits will always land at their expected percentages those skills will open up more often.

        Conversely Champs and Hunters don’t need crits to unlock skills but they do build for Crits and rely on them to sustain their DPS. Now it probably won’t hit Champs that hard since there are quite a few ways to add to crit magnitude and with Crit Rating now adding to mag as well we should be fine. For Hunters who have fewer ways to add Crit Magnitude this will probably have more of an impact but hard to say how much.


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