Episode 184: Bacon Apple Pie

February 10, 2013

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Apple Bacon PieThis week we have new bullroarer notes to go through and some maintenance announcements that are coming up for this week and a list of developer bites.

Goldenstar playtime has been busy but not very eventful just working on Hytbold dailies and trying to figure out how to play Star Bright in game. The Dums have completed Stoneheight and are working on finishing the Lost Temple instance. She also had Bacon Apple Pie without Merric which had him quite annoyed.

Merric is now kindred with the Entwash and should be kindred with the Wold in a day. He received two Rohan rings and three pieces of Hytbold armor.

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Dear Goldenstar and Merric,

My captain has recently reached level 30 so i opened my gift box thinking i would get some quests from it. I did not recieve this. I went around online and said  they were still there. Is this true and i simply gliched or is it because im f2p. If you can get any info on this it would be greatly apreciated.



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Stay tuned to the end for a new Stranger Side of LOTRO with Galnetdor!

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4 Responses to “Episode 184: Bacon Apple Pie”

  1. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:

    My Dearest Galnetdor,

    I usually enjoy your tales so very much, but this week you have left me feeling sad!

    How could you cover all those wonderful romances but leave out the most romantic tale of all? I am of course referring to the romance right in the middle of the Shire! Ardo and Inula have a delightful scene right in the middle of Overhill. He even proposes and she accepts him! It’s just too lovely!
    “Ardo is a young Hobbit from Hobbiton who now lives in Overhill. His can no longer contain his emotions for Inula”.

    Dialog with Inula

    Ardo: Inula….
    Inula: Ardo….
    Ardo: Sorry, you go.
    Inula: No, please go ahead.
    Ardo: Well, I know we’ve only known each other since I moved here from Hobbiton….
    Inula: Yes, go on.
    Ardo: In that time I think we’ve gotten to know each other rather well.
    Inula: That’s true.
    Ardo: And I have very much enjoyed our time together.
    Inula: So have I.
    Ardo: Good, because I’d like to spend much more time with you.
    Ardo: Inula, will you marry me?
    Inula: Oh, Ardo! Yes!
    Ardo: Inula, you’ve made me the happiest hobbit in the whole West Farthing, in the whole Shire!
    Ardo: Come, let’s tell your parents!

    And off they run to spread the happy news!


    • Frandoc Says:

      Aaaw that is so sweet. I took one of my low level characters to Overhill and found Ardo and Inula. They start out sitting side by side on a bench on the shore of a pond. Ardo actually gets down on one knee when he proposes to Inula.


  2. davidt Says:

    Funny thing about those auto-granted quests Frostzuki asked about, when my TP farming toon reached level 25 and was auto-granted the quest, “Destination: North Downs,” I completed the quest and was then auto-granted a couple of skills I had passed up training because I didn’t want to spend the coin on training superfluous skills for a toon I’m just going to delete.


    • frostzuki Says:

      Yeah i noticed the same thing when i went to evendim. My guess it’s to make up for the loss of the tp thats granted.


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