Episode 186: Taking It To X1

February 24, 2013

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Sari-Surma instance

This week we talk about the XP and Lootbox drop boosts that are active, bullroarer updates, a new dev diary, twitter dev chat, store sales and more!

This week Goldenstar’s Monday group of Dum’s went to Sari-Surma instance and killed everything in the Glacial Forest. Other than that she was pretty stinking excited about the dressage Hytbold quest.

Merric finished up the Snowbourn quests and worked on Hytbold dailies as well. He’s planning on moving houses as well.

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Previously I had stated that they had removed our Song of Restoration skill. That turns out to be incorrect. We’ll need to go back to our trainers and purchase it again. The skill itself has been changed. Now, instead of removing dread, it removes 1 fear, poison, wound or disease off of a single target. Which, I suppose, is useful if the group doesn’t include the other classes that can remove those…

I’ve also included a screenshot of the various armours I use or keep in my vault. I’m not sure I like the armour bonus changes, but it is what it is. I see a lot of mixing and matching in our future.

Hope this helps out in some fashion.

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Recorded February 22, 2013

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3 Responses to “Episode 186: Taking It To X1”

  1. Chris Says:

    Which instance will I be able to get the Stupid Axe of Stupidness? :P


  2. Kanzid Says:

    Great podcast as always. One issue though, I found the last section from Galnetdor unlistenable with the background whine, especially when there were blasts of high pitched static. Which is a pity as his sections are normally a fun listen.


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