Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 2: Nasty Nippers.

February 22, 2013



Welcome to the second installment of Lilikate’s Creatures. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for the wonderful feedback following the publication of “Wild Animals of The Shire”. I have been busy trying to ensure this episode is as good as it possibly can be.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.

Here we are in the Delving Fields. In this episode we look at less friendly creatures. Use caution when observing these animals as they can give a nasty nip. The carrying of a club or some such weapon is advisable. Let us continue….



Shrews in this general area usually come in three sorts, biters, thieves and foragers. I think they are misunderstood, only attacking when their burrows are being threatened!  I like these little fellas and think they are rather cute! Farmers are less keen!



Tuskers are a bit grumpy, so care is needed when rambling across country, they will attack passers by for no reason at all. If they do charge, a smart rap to the nose is the best remedy.


Bog Toad

Here in Rushock Bog, live Bog toads. With green and black markings they can easily hide among the reeds and other wetland plant life. Bog toads eat gnats and flies which are plentiful in these parts.



Putrid and Reeking Bog-Slugs are found in these wetlands, they can grow to rather enormous sizes. Notice their mouth parts are a salmon pink colour but their backs have a scaled grayish appearance. They are rather smelly too!



Buzzing and Biting Gnats hover in swarms among these pools and streams. They are attracted to warm moving bodies. Their bites are annoying but rarely serious. Gammer Boffin of Overhill is the Hobbit to visit if ointment is needed.



Bogbull is the king of Toads! He is as tall as a hobbit and maybe fatter than the Mayor at Michel Delving!  He shares the same colouring as his smaller cousins, spending most of his time patrolling his boggy territory. Isn’t he wonderful!


Wild Hill-Toad

These Toads are very brightly coloured, I think to keep predators at bay. Be careful if paddling along from Bywater to Budgeford, these Hill Toads can get angry when the frog hops is being picked, they are also poisonous.



Lobelia the Toad has been raised by a local hobbit. Unlike any other creatures we have met so far, she is very bad tempered!  Sometimes she has to be ushered back to her cage by passing adventurers.  She is known to have a very distinctive “ribbit”.

10.Hungry Hobbit

Hungry Hobbit

Now these hungry hobbits love pies so much they will accost passers-by and eat theirs! Please use caution, if possible avoid these hobbits at all costs if helping Holly Hornblower. They are this weeks: Nastiest Nippers!

12.Old Croaker

Old Croaker

Look who I found! Old Croaker can sometimes be spotted among the reeds of the Frogmoors. I was very excited to be able to get a glimpse of this rare toad giant. His eyes are so red! I was a little scared at first, but after a while we became very good chums!

Join me next time as I take a look at; wolf society near Needlehole, visit the bears of Overhill, then continue to Woodhall to see some flying pests!

I would like to add a note of thanks to Derriden Downriver a hobbit from Bywater and Balahk the Dwarf for helping achieve some of the shots in this episode.

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24 Responses to “Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 2: Nasty Nippers.”

  1. Cennwyn Says:

    I love these articles; so enjoyable!


    • Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

      I would like to invite you all to click on each picture as the finer details are visable in the larger version of the shot. Sometimes there is extra joy to be found. Thanks Cennwyn xx


  2. Floradine Says:

    Phew, you are quite a fearless Hobbit lass I must say. I never ever would have gotten *this* close to those evil looking monsters!

    I hope you would not risk your life for this series. Oh dear, my nerves…


  3. Aeronwy Says:

    I was brutally attacked by hungry hobbits in the past. The ones on bridges are especially nasty! Stole the pie I’d carried halfway across the Shire and then pushed me in the river… Thank you for warning other travelers!


  4. Thraorin Says:

    LOL, “Hungry Hobbits” – absolutely priceless! :D


  5. Avatar of Andang
  6. Sonca Says:

    I met with Old Croaker once and have to agree, he was much nicer than those hungry hobbits.


    • Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

      I was scared of him at first, he isn’t as friendly as Bogbull. After a while I managed to edge closer to Old Croaker and he seemed to tolerate my presence. Those red eyes! Very unsettling.


  7. Avatar of Heuer
    Heuer Says:

    You didn’t describe the little dwarf in your opening montage. Is that another kind of nipper, or maybe it’s just Balahk the Dwarf who got into the shot?


    • Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

      Balahk the mighty Dwarf I featured in the shot as he helped me usher Lobelia the Toad into frame, he is in the “Ribbit Ribbit” shot too.


  8. Wyllo Says:

    How much fun!!!

    please keep posting these articles :)


  9. Baranwen Says:

    You are very brave Miss Buggins! How can you stand so calm alongside such fierce animals?
    I had never seen those giants toads. Great discovery!
    And I loved to see the hungry hobbits on the list. The nastiest indeed!
    Congrats for your new chapter!


  10. Avatar of gennyrose
    gennyrose Says:

    Another great installment! Keep ‘em comin’, please!


  11. Starry Mantle Says:

    I think this is such a cute idea for a feature! I love that you took the time to stake out some rares — keep it up! :D


  12. managawal Says:

    Really loved the article. The shots gives a nice touch. I only read the description on the shots and loved it.


    • Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

      Goldenstar and I feel that sometimes the text is worth repeating as a caption. Sometimes the /say bubbles can be a little unclear. But not in fullscreen!


  13. BarrelRider Says:

    Beautiful! And so very educational. :)
    Looking forward to episode 3!


  14. Supergirl of Lorien Says:

    Lilikate, Your two features are some of my favorite lotro stories.

    I can’t help but smile as I read them, and your pictures add so much to the immersion. I can practically smell the earth and bog of the Shire while travelling through your articles. Thank you so much for sharing your wit! :D


  15. Keli Says:

    Great stuff, I feel sure this scholarly research will make it into an official guide soon.


  16. Avatar of JohnGee
    JohnGee Says:

    Nice! I love you sitting with the Shrew (nasty buggers)! Enjoyed this completely.


  17. flosiin Says:

    Would Magepaw be included? Not sure if that’s the right name but he is the elite lvl 65 wolf from the Esteldin quest. He’s located in the swamp are near Needlehole


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