Lilikates Creatures: Wild Animals of The Shire

February 8, 2013


Episode 1. Wild Animals.

Many strangers are seen riding on the roads throughout The Shire  In a terrible hurry to get to this place or that.

I, Lilikate Buggins am a simple hobbit hunter, I invite you to pause for a moment and look about.

The countryside of the Four Farthings has much to offer the calm, still observer. There are wonders in large grand things, old ruins and great statues. However the small and often ignored, can be a source of amazement and delight!

In this series, accompany me while I show you: The Animals of The Shire. Don’t forget the more you look, the more you see!

Hullo! My name is Lilikate Buggins. I have been exploring the Four Farthings in search of creatures. This week I am wandering through the Delving Fields and Tookland. Join me on my travels as I document: The Animals of The Shire.

2. White-Tail Doe
The White-Tail Doe ranges across the land of the Delving Fields, Tookland and Green Hill Country for the most part of the year.

With soft brown fur and long alert ears the Coney spends his time nibbling on fresh green shoots. This perky little chap will scamper at the slightest hint of a predator.

4. Red Fox.
The Red Fox is a cheeky character with his russet coat, big bushy tail, perky ears and amusing smile! I wonder what he is thinking?

5. Squirrel.
Look, a Red Squirrel!

6.White-Tail Buck.
Proud and majestic stands the White-Tail Buck. His antlers display his maturity. He roams alone in the Delving Fields and Green Hill Country.

7. Green Speckled Trout.
The rivers of The Shire are home to the Green Speckled Trout. Sometimes they leap out of the water! A splendid sight!

8. Pond Frog.
This tiny green Pond Frog can be found here in the Frogmoors. He gobbles flies and enjoys life among these beautiful lily pads.

9. Ribbon Snake.
Here in the undergrowth we find the elusive Ribbon Snake. A harmless creature often found in long grass. They have thin brown stripes down the length of their bodies.

10. Next Time.
Join me, Lilikate Buggins next time,  as I venture further into the Delving Fields searching for Shrews and over to Rushock bog to reveal the wonders of the wetlands.

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Lilikate Buggns lives in Nobottom in The Shire and has a love of nature, she often rambles about the countyside exploring nooks and hidden corners,

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32 Responses to “Lilikates Creatures: Wild Animals of The Shire”

  1. Cennwyn Says:

    I love this! What a neat concept and an interesting series!


  2. Pesky Dwarf Says:

    Yeah I love the great variety of articles that all the Cstm contributors provide. Another big thumbs up


  3. Zyngor Says:

    Hehe, love it! You must have the magic touch – these wild critters always seem to scamper away at my sight. It’s not like I was planning a coney stew that night or anything…I promise!

    Look forward to the next installment – hope to catch you on Middle Earth Animal Planet soon enough!


  4. Belwynne Says:

    So sweet. Loved this. Couldn’t find the frog, though, but the fish shot is a classic. Looking forward to the next installment!


  5. Lucanthanas Says:

    I always liked nature shows!
    Hurray for the new Middle Earth Geographic!

    Well done!


  6. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    So cuuuttte!! Absolutely love this!
    Reminds me of Ketani’s travels through Middle-earth. Miss that series!


  7. susan Says:

    so cute, great article. one of my fav things in game is to have the fox scamper with me for a bit whenever i come across them.


  8. Vonrothbart of Landroval Says:

    Great series! I hope she does all of ME throughout the coming months!


    • Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

      Going to ramble in The Shire for several more episodes then I will see where my wandering feet take me.


  9. Frederik Says:

    I love that!

    I will be able to say to my wife:
    Look honey! This is a game for our 4 years old kid. He can learn to reconize animals.

    //Joking about our kid playing on LOTRO. He’s too young. Though I genuiningly like this series.


  10. Pasduil Says:



  11. Wulfgrim Says:

    Love it!

    Hobbit at heart here… albeit of the 6’3″ tall variety. :)


  12. Tinki Says:

    Dont forget them lovable slugs in Rushock! Big enough to hug and slimy enough to not be able to hug.


    • Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

      The Slugs will be a feature in the next Episode Tinki!
      I shan’t try and hug them as they don’t like it. And they are quite slippery. I did hear that Dwarves eat them, but I cannot confirm if this is true.


  13. Avatar of Ranna Dylin
    Ranna Dylin Says:

    So cute! You have a good eye for the wildlife, Lilikate.


  14. ralgel Says:

    Great article! I never took notice to the fish…


  15. Avatar of gennyrose
    gennyrose Says:

    Such a cute article! I hope there will be more of them!


  16. Rufusstan Says:

    Nice article, its just great to get reminders of all the little details tucked away in the game.

    That said, as a Loremaster, is it wrong that my first reaction to the article is:

    got it, got it, need it, got it…..


    • Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

      I really liked this response, I didn’t think my little picture blog would be a LM’s shopping list!


  17. Baranwen Says:

    A hobbit naturalist, how lovely! Great idea for a series!


  18. Floradine Says:

    What a wonderful article! There is so much to learn about the Hobbits and their land. People say that they could learn all about the Shire in a month. I say: Then you are not looking close enough! For example: Who did know that the snake is not harmful for us? Not me, and I live in the Shire for many years! Now I know that I don’t have to take a large detour around this animal!

    Please continue to share your great knowledge with us – it is so awesome to learn all this stuff!


    • Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

      Floradine, I would advise not poking the Ribbon Snakes. They can still give rather a nasty bite if they feel scared.


  19. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    Awesome job! Can’t wait to see what you will do next…


  20. Frandoc Says:

    Very nicely done, Lilikate. What is that lovely outfit you are wearing?


  21. BarrelRider Says:

    This is adorable, and such fun! (And hey, educational!)
    I hope we’ll see much more in this series!


  22. J Roach Says:

    This is so cute


  23. Talbot Banyan Says:

    My wife, Florbela Banyan, is going to love this!


  24. Giftel Says:

    Lovely! As an elf hunter I really appreciate your love of animals, Lilikates. I always suspected I was not the only one who cringed if someone ‘accidentally’ killed one of the level 1 critters in Middle Earth. Perhaps my kin will not laugh so loudly next time I randomly wave at a bunny as we ride by. Okay, they’ll still laugh, but I won’t mind. Cheers!


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