Live Show at 9:30 PM Tonight

February 1, 2013


The live recording of Casual Stroll to Mordor episode 183 will be tonight (Friday, February 1st) at 9:30pm Eastern rather than Saturday. Same time just a day earlier.

Merric and I will not be home tomorrow night. Ok. We admit it. Our friend who’s a super good cook invited us to dinner and we are totally shifting the podcast so we can eat all her delicious food. I guess it just proves we are Hobbits. Anyway, we don’t want to skip the show entirely so you can join us tonight! The downloaded version will be available Sunday evening same as always!

Join us live at to join in chat and stream the show.

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5 Responses to “Live Show at 9:30 PM Tonight”

  1. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    Do you guys not do in game shows anymore?


    • Goldenstar Says:

      It had very low participation and we felt like neglectful hosts cuz we weren’t playing. We haven’t done one in months.


  2. Belwynne Says:

    Is anyone else depressed about the response to this week’s poll? Pull the servers before the end of the epic? Pull the servers before the end of Warner Brothers Hobbit movies? I’m in despair thinking the game won’t be here in a couple short years. Need pie. Does your friend bake pies?


    • LilyRose Says:

      Did someone say, “pie”?

      Hands Belwynne a delicious bilberry tart…

      No pessismist can fight the power of PIE!!!


  3. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    I didn’t think you were still doing them, i just don’t recall hearing anything ha. I was also displeased with the poll. Some real negative Nancys and downer Debbies.


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