LOTRO Downtime Compensation

February 15, 2013


We are all very much aware of the extensive maintenance that Turbine is still working on correcting. We currently still do not have an ETA for the server’s return and Turbine has warned that things may remain down through this evening.

Turbine does know that players are very disappointed and Sapience has come to the forums today to let us know of compensation they are planning for premium and VIP players to the game.

As a thank you for your understanding and patience during this downtime, all Premium and VIP players who have logged into their account in the past 30 Days (as of 6:00AM Eastern time on 2/14/2013) will receive 250 Turbine points. In addition, all VIP players who have logged in during the same period will have their accounts credited 1 day of VIP time for each day of downtime, plus 1 additional day. All points and additional time will be granted automatically as soon as our regular service is restored and stable.

Note that those with lifetime accounts are considered VIP and will receive the same benefits. [source]

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for news when LOTRO is available again!

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42 Responses to “LOTRO Downtime Compensation”

  1. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    This is an awful lot of trouble just to fix Lalia in the Barrow-Downs.


  2. Kathwren Says:

    wow – they must be really frustrated – glad I can play other games :D


  3. Kyle Says:

    Maybe 250 TPs for 25 days off


  4. William S Says:

    It is very important to note that in a separate posting it was announced that while the “make up” rewards are “automatically” applied, it DOES NOT mean “instantly.”

    Some players may get them on different days.


  5. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Something was obviously not quite going to plan when their %’s went from 45 down to 12.

    Maybe their website has become self aware and taken control of the systems at turbine. Keeps locking doors at random so half the staff are stuck in toilet cubicles or something.


  6. Tule Says:

    This is great. I’ll now be Lifetime plus Two Days!


  7. Gliredhel Says:


    Back in the OLD DAYS, they only gave us scented candles!


  8. Anthony Says:

    As someone that works in IT, it’s things like this which make me very glad I don’t work in a real time IT environment, like Banks, Amazon, online games, etc.

    At the rate things are going, some people at Turbine right now are looking at 48 hours of work, with likely next to zero sleep.

    So while some players jump up and down and whine about not being able to play their game, think how you would feel if your boss turned around and said, ‘Nope, your not going home tonight and there’s a good chance your not going to make it home by tomorrow night either.”


    • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

      They’ve got workers running 12hr shifts til it’s sorted. No one’s pulling a 24hr shift…


      • Anthony Says:

        Ahh, well that helps, though I’d bet there would be at least a few key people that really can’t go on and off. While they may not be working a straight 48 hours, some are getting very little sleep.


    • Anorous Says:

      As an out-of-work programmer, i tell you most assuredly that ‘work’ is not defined as extended time due to incompetence. Performance and migration issues are quite easy to do… *if* you know what you are doing to start. Don’t confuse any cronyism that has resulted in a world-wide brain drain into anything more than what it is – promotion to the highest level of incompetence of the ‘yes men’.


  9. Carl Says:

    It’s been well mentioned in the lotro forums that the IT staff is working in shifts so that they are as effective as they can be and do get rest while the next shift walks into the war.

    The extended downtime stinks, granted, but the purpose is very relevant as it is to provide customer service new and improved tools to deal with the rest of us :) This will be the first, and hopefully most awkward, step towards Turbine responding to player base requests in the new fashion that they promised.

    Hats off to Turbine and wish them the best, they have my patience and understanding!


  10. Strunto Says:

    Seconded, Anthony. That’s always my first thought when something like this happens. Glad I’m not in their shoes right now.


  11. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    If you like the “Hitler hates . . .” YouTube memes, this is really funny



  12. Wilderi Says:

    They are still down huh?


  13. Avatar of Tyler Michael Jonsson
    Tyler Michael Jonsson Says:

    Dang, I definitely haven’t been logged in during the last 30 days, despite my year long VIP package. Oh well =\


  14. susan Says:

    im enjoying the down time, its freedom from the grind and allowing me to contemplate just letting it go for real. the tp’s are a nice gesture for what is basically a fiasco. Im happy either way


  15. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    My guess is that Turbine knew all along it would take 48 hrs to do whatever it is they are doing, but to say that upfront would have elicited too much of a negative response. It’s much better to go with 24 hrs and then “extend it”.
    Personally I don’t feel negatively affected by the downtime at all, there are plenty of other things to do for my entertainment, so the 250 are a nice little extra.


  16. Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

    People are going a little crazy on FB! They must miss their GLFF!

    I am starting to feel the lack of my favourite and only game, but Hobbit Child (as she now calls herself) and I went to the park for a go on the swings. Then to the bar for delicious coffee drinkies! Nice day to be in ITA.

    There must be Shrews in the works.


  17. Jess Says:

    This is such a mess, but I’ll be grateful to get back in-game whenever it does happen. Not happy about it all, but I’ll wait. Spring Training report to watch, writing to work on, cleaning to do:)


  18. Galanthien Says:

    Dang, still down! Now I have no more excuses for putting off the mass of dishes that teeter precariously above my sink. :P


  19. Hawkwind Says:

    Not too happy about it either .. Only time i really can play is week end, and the servers are down… And what gets the most on my nerves is – once again – the poor communication about it ..


  20. Amdacfas Says:

    Looks like servers are now UP


  21. buckyball Says:

    Just checked LOTRO Herald app on my phone and it shows the server status as available for all servers. See you in Game!


  22. Katiepie Says:

    I wish to thank Turbine for my compo TPS. A nice gesture.



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