LOTRO Servers Are Up!

February 16, 2013


Just a very quick post to let you know that the game servers are up and available to play!

From Sapience on the forums:

The LOTRO Game servers are now available.
Please note that the LOTRO Store and Myaccount services are unavailable at this time.

Quick reminder that this was not a game update. This was an updated to Turbine’s back end systems. There are no patch notes or game updates to download.

Please be aware that those who have the downtime compensation owed to them may not see the 250 TP right away.

A quick reminder that the 250 turbine points and extended VIP time will not be added until we are confident all issues are resolved and the service is stable. We’ll let you know when it happens, but we ask for your patience in this matter. We expect CS to be under heavy load for a little while until things settle down. [source]

So let us rejoice that we can once again play. What are you waiting for? GO! GO! GO!

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11 Responses to “LOTRO Servers Are Up!”

  1. Tinker Says:

    Thanks Goldenstar!
    So are they still working on ‘back end systems’ while letting us play? And if so, why couldn’t they have done this from the beginning? Just wondering.


    • Aerindis Says:

      From what I read in the LOTRO twitter stream, it sounds like they couldn’t simply bring the servers back up after whatever went wrong. So they first had to work to get the game servers up and are now able to focus on solving the backend problems.

      Aerindis or Asterose will be on Vilya later tonight smoking a celebratory pouch of pipeweed. Anyone else planning a Yay Happy Gametime moment for today?


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      If they’re working on the whole billing/account system (which is what it sounded like, at least) there would be issues letting people log in during that time. Your account info needs to be accessed so the game knows what expansions you have or have not purchased, your account type, what instance content you have access to… all sorts of things.


  2. Rinvan Says:

    Yeah GLFF is full of people asking what the patch fixed. Guess they missed the info that the downtime was for billing & account services only.


  3. Thurinphir Says:

    250TP, eh?…someone’s going to get Misty Mountains sooner than expected :)
    and thank you, CSTM for the info


  4. Smugglin Says:

    I am very aware that certain specifics can not be told to your player base but, it would have gone a long long way to disclose some specifics on what was getting improved with this maintenance. I don’t need to know things that could weaken the games security but saying billing issues and then taking 48 hrs to bring the game back can leave people shaking there heads. I also don’t consider popping on to twitter every hour and copy/pasting an “update” something of substance . But anyways they figured it out and fixed whatever they needed to and thats good. —-For a laugh, go check out the forums or better yet go to the dev tracker and find some of the posts that Sapience responded to . I found one, while I was looking for update info, and he was responding to someone who said that this was going to stretch to 30 hours and Sapience responded with how that wasn’t the case and in fact it was illogical. I was reading that post at the 31 hour mark.


  5. Gerawynd of Meneldor Says:

    Glad the servers are back, but things are not back to normal. Not receiving rewards of items or silver for kills. I am receiving experience, but killed 16 orcs on Rohan daily quest and didn’t receive a single item or silver…
    Servers are back, but not back to normal.


    • Stinghen Says:

      They removed looting from public instances, so maybe that’s why. Try killing regular orcs, outside the instances


  6. Brainslug Says:

    Weekly sales up already?



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