LOTRO Store Available and Weekly Sale

February 18, 2013


I missed the announcement but as of around 9:30pm Eastern yesterday, the LOTRO store (and all other Turbine services) are restored. [source]

The store page on the LOTRO site is not yet updated but I thought I’d get the store sales I was able to see in the LOTRO Store. This list may not be exclusive as I may not have logged in the right class or level to see some extra sale so if you find something I missed, please let me know in the comments.

It does appear that at least at the time of this posting, last week’s sales are still active so you can check out those items as well.

Because I have no official post, I can only guess that these sale items are good until Thursday, February 21st. I will update if we get different information due to the downtime.

The official listing has been posted and these sales are good until February 21, 2013.

Free Sample

This is one of the new items that released to the store with update 7.2. Using this item will reduce the induction time of crafting from 7 seconds to .5 seconds for 1 minute allowing you to hyper craft items one after another for a short period. This item will burn through material resources and may quickly fill up your inventory if the crafted items don’t stack but it will also help you increase your crafting skill pretty quickly as well.

This can be stacked with a craft accelerator so you can craft quickly and get double experience while doing it.

Get one for free this week with coupon code: RAPID

Weekly Sale


A Skirmish is a randomized re-playable instance that earns your character Skirmish Marks, which can be bartered for hundreds of items including crafting items, legendary items, armour, weapons, cosmetics, upgrades for your soldier, and more!
In addition to the free Skirmishes you can play, try adventuring into these premium Skirmishes:

  • Attack At Dawn
    Confront an attacking force and protect Esteldin! (Level 30+)
  • Stand at Amon Sul
    Help defend Weathertop! (Level 25+)
  • Thievery and Mischief
    Drive brigands from snowy Bree! (Level 30+)
  • Defence of the Prancing Pony
    Prevent brigands from burning down the Inn! (Level 35+)
  • Ford of Bruinen
    Repel waves of Sauron’s forces in the Trollshaws! (Level 40+)
  • Survival: Barrow-downs
    Fight the Barrow-wights, Barrow-crawlers, Barghest & more! (Level 45+)
  • Icy Crevasse
    Defend Forochel from the enemies of Angmar! (Level 40+)
    Skirmishes also contain Deeds, allowing you to earn new titles, free Turbine Points, or other rewards.
  • Storm on the Methedras (Level 20+)
    Ascend the treacherous slopes of Methedras at the southern end of the Misty Mountains to confront a foe seeking to bring supernatural forces to bear against Rohan. Take up arms alongside the Rangers to battle Gwyllion, a vile sorceress and ally of Saruman.

Store Location: Account → Quests & Content → Skirmishes
Levels: Varies (see above)

CSTM RECOMMENDATION by Pineleaf: Obviously my general response for skirmishes is Thumbs up, but you could guess that I am a bit biased in favor of skirmishes. Note that the skirmish bundles are not included in this sale.

For more information about skirmishes, be sure to check out Pineleaf’s amazing Skirmish Primers!

Skirmish Trait Max Rank

Raise the rank cap on your skirmish soldier and skirmish traits, allowing you to further train your soldier and increase its effectiveness in skirmishes.

Store Location: Account → Quests & Content → Skirmishes
Levels: Varies (see above)

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: This allows you to build your skirmish soldier up further which is a very desirable thing if you love skirmishing. I noticed this sale on my free account so I only saw the first rank (15) but I assume that all other ranks are also included in this sale. Let me know if there are any exclusions.

+25% Mark Acquisition Boosts (90 Minutes)

Earn +25% Skirmish Marks for 90 minutes! Skirmish Marks have many in-game uses!
• Can be redeemed for a very wide variety of items including armor, jewelry, weapons, crafting shards, single-use recipes, reputation items, cosmetic items, decorations, relics, and both minor and major class quest items
• Can also be spent on improving your character and personal skirmish soldier while in skirmishes

Store Location: Buffs & Boosts → Advancement → Skirmishes
Levels: 20+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION by Pineleaf: When you consider how many skirmishes I have completed, I’m not in the front of the line to get mark boosts. One of the members of my regular Wednesday group does use these consistently, so I know that some players find them useful. It all comes down to: are you willing to spend points to earn more marks? Remember that these only affect the marks earned within the skirmish (capturing control points, fending off counterattacks, saving defenders, and completing encounters). They do not help with other sources (barter, quest rewards, and deed rewards). These can also be purchased for destiny points if you are a VIP member.

  • Halls Of Night
    Step into a dream state and be whisked into the Halls Of Night! The Hillmen of Angmar have discovered an ancient barrow hidden away for centuries. The leaders of Aughaire have called for adventurers willing to brave the tomb rumored to be filled with wealth and riches. The markings surrounding its entrance bear an ominous warning. Be prepared to face twisted creatures and slumbering warriors at the foot of a powerful sorcerer.
  • Inn Of The Forsaken
    The Forsaken Inn is the last inn on the road to Eriador which runs into the distant Misty Mountains, and was possibly visited by Bilbo and his companions on their journey to Rivendell. It is in total disrepair, yet is considered a welcome sight in these lawless lands. Almost nothing is known about the Inn- if you can brave the wails and cries coming from the basement, you’re sure to uncover the dark secrets of this Lone-lands settlement.
  • Instance Cluster: Isengard
    Gather your companions and battle in five dangerous areas deep within Isengard! The Isengard Instance Cluster includes Fangorn’s Edge (3-man), Pits of Isengard (3-man), Dargnakh Unleashed (3-man), The Foundry (6-man) and The Tower of Orthanc (12-man).

Store Location: Account → Quests & Content → Raids & Instances
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These are fun instances and if you think you may have a chance to hop into a group or even a raid now and then, these are not bad choices!

Note the Rohan Instance Cluster and the Draigoch Raid are not included in this sale.

Halls of Night and Inn of the Forsaken are free instances to VIP players so if you are VIP, you will not see those appear in the listing for you.

Legendary Level Cap Increase

Unlock an additional 10 item levels on a Legendary Item via this universal Scroll of Delving. Only one scroll can be used per Legendary Item. 1 use.

Store Location: Goods & Services → Legendary Items → Scrolls
Levels: 50+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These items are useful as they increase the levels on your Legendary Items by 10. They are available to earn in game through melding at a Relic-master, through some quests, and at the LI Skirmish Vendor.

Legendary Item Stat Upgrade

Use this upgrade and gain a Star-lit Crystal to your inventory which increases your Legendary item’s stats. Please note that a Legendary item’s stats can only be increased a total of three times. Single and 3-stacks available.

Store Location: Goods & Services → Legendary Items → Scrolls
Levels: 50+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These are the Star-lit Crystals introduced with Update 7. Up to three Star-lit crystals can be used on every upgradeable Legendary Item These get a meh just because they can be earned in game if desired. Star-lit Crystals can drop from the final encounter in any instance or Skirmish above level 50. In addition, each boss in a raid has a chance to drop crystals.

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13 Responses to “LOTRO Store Available and Weekly Sale”

  1. Cedrowald of Vilya Says:

    Might want to clarify, Durchest and the Twins on T1 do NOT have a chance to drop crystals. So it should be “most” bosses in a raid.


  2. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    Hmm. It tells me invalid code each time I try for the free sample. Was thinking it could be because I already got one as a previous free sample.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      It does work, I was able to get mine. Make sure you have the right item and the single stack. Should be 100 TP.


      • Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

        I had the 3 stack chosen. OOOOOOPS. Thanks :D


        • Carmen Says:

          Personally I’m glad about this. I’m a founder and plaeyd lotro constantly since launch, but RoR was the breaking point for me. I tried it in beta and truly hate MC. It’s a pure gimmick. It’s clunky, laggy and totally pointless. The only reason I can see for it was to introduce more grind items, the horse and the LI bridle. Now it seems that they are going to slap the people who actually went to the bother of grinding up their mount and bridles by not expanding on the system. For me that’s a good thing, just let it die and get on with making better end game content. A few daily quests are NOT end game content, nor are a few 3-man instances that have nothing to do with the region we’re in. They would have made a lot more people happy if they;d just dropped the MC idea and spent the valuable dev time on creating new and varied end game instances. That is what keeps people playing the game after they hit level cap. The number of people that I personally know who have stopped playing lotro at all (people like myself who have plaeyd for years) is scary. MC is another indication that the devs have no idea about where they want to take the game or how to nurture the interest of the people who play it. They would be far better off revamping the kinship system. That would help hold kins together better through the slack times between expansions. The fact that they penalised people for grouping and encourage ad-hoc grouping through open tapping makes me a very sad person. It’s an MMO, you’re not supposed to solo it all.


  3. Erbrand Says:

    I’m definitely looking to pick a skirmish (or several) with this sale. What do you all recommend? Favorites and least favorite skirms, gogogo


    • Damper Says:

      Favorites for me: Storm on Methedras, Defence of the Prancing Pony. I like Ford of Bruinen as well although it takes a long time and Elronds boys always aggro the wrong peoples.

      I dislike Icy Crevasse, simply because I was never able to finish it when I was VIP. Loot is presumably good.

      Don’t forget the Halls of Night btw, excellent atmosphere!


    • Strunto Says:

      Damper makes excellent suggestions. Thievery and Mischief is actually a favorite of mine. Solo, it’s actually pretty easy (which is probably why I like it,) but in a raid or fellowship the difficulty of the end boss ramps up quite a bit steeply with the addition of extra bosses.

      Hmm, now that I think about it, if you’re looking to hop into raid-sized skirmishes, I definitely have experienced that Defence of the Prancing Pony gets chosen before any of the others on this list. (Along with all of the Mirkwood ones.)


  4. Giftel Says:

    Good info!
    BTW, any idea why we have not seen lotteries in so long? Just wondering.


  5. Tolarthor Says:

    Quick question please – have TP almost saved for full Isen expansion – do I still need to get the skirmish 15 rank separately or does the 35 rank in the expansion superceed it?
    Appreciate help thanks


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