LOTROShots: Durin’s Bane

February 17, 2013


Durin's Bane

By GrooWanderer

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6 Responses to “LOTROShots: Durin’s Bane”

  1. Avatar of mastersamak
    mastersamak Says:

    Woah! Nice shot. Is that Gandalf there too? It looks like his staff. How is that possible? Does the revised Mines of Moria expansion have some instance of this? Or Enedwaith? Or is it just players who did a great job replicating this?


  2. Avatar of Groo
    Groo Says:

    Thanks for referencing the picture!

    I wish it was lighter, but that’s how it goes in Moria =)

    Yes, that is Gandalf on the bridge (You can see his sword mostly). This is a quest that is a dream sequence. I believe the quest line started just as you enter the Nud-Melek area from the 21st hall area (South out of the 21st hall then head East).

    I was visiting the area on my main (literally months if not a year since I’ve been there) and noticed a dwarf standing at the top of the stairs that either I never saw before or is there new after the last Moria update. Anyways, he had a quest ring it carried me through all of Nud melek and out of Moria to the elf/dwarf camp just outside. Part of that quest line included the dream sequence of Gandalf and the Balrog.



  3. Braag of Vilya Says:

    This sounds new to the revamp, don’t remember ever seeing it before. Will have to go investigate! Thanks!


  4. Avatar of JohnGee
    JohnGee Says:

    Excellent Screeny! I have to go back and find the dwarf!!

    “You Shall Not Pass!!”"


  5. Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

    Love the shot!


  6. susan Says:

    epic shot and btw.. I love your forum name. (old zork game lover here)


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