Poll: Completing Hytbold Dailies

February 2, 2013

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll comes from Belwynne. She writes:

I am curious about how much time it takes other people to do their Hytbold dailies, from the moment one picks up the Aid the Easternment quest to finished turning in the last 5 Hytbold tokens.

I have kin that say they do it in under 20 minutes.  I think they are crazy.  On the other hand, it isn’t unusual for me to find it has taken almost an hour and a half (particularly if I am looking for clothes)!  I think I am crazy.  I wonder what most people are finding.

We realize not everyone is working on Hytbold dailies so there is an option for that available for you to chose. Feel free to expand upon your dailies timing in the comments below!

How long does it typically take you to complete your Hytbold dailies?

  • 21 - 40 minutes (45%, 407 Votes)
  • I am not doing Hytbold dailies (23%, 203 Votes)
  • < 20 minutes (15%, 132 Votes)
  • 41 - 60 minutes (13%, 114 Votes)
  • 61 - 90 minutes (2%, 17 Votes)
  • Other (leave a comment) (1%, 13 Votes)
  • 91+ minutes (1%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 895

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42 Responses to “Poll: Completing Hytbold Dailies”

  1. Eppy Says:

    Usually takes me under an hour. But once I was on for 2 hrs and all I did was hytbold. I still don’t know how I spent so much time doing it.


    • southi Says:

      It normally takes me around 41-60 minutes…sometimes a bit longer BUT I am including travel time in there that I also am looking for warbands and gathering resources as I pass. I seldom if ever take the stables in rohan.


  2. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    I only rebuilt Hytbold on one toon; I refuse to get drawn into grinding daily quests on all of my max-level toons for (what I consider to be) negligible returns.

    Usually, I can knock out the five Aiding the Eastement quests in less than 20 minutes. If I know a quest is going to turn into a time-sink (Dressage, the Eaworth Beacon, the dress-up doll) I go to one of the other locations and do an easier/faster quest.


    • Khorgrim Says:

      I put 20-40, but it can be less.

      Milestone into Hytbold, grab quest, campfire port to harwick. Pick easy quests, stable to cliving, pick easy quests, Eaworth, pick easy quest. Done. I can do it faster, depending on the quests that are available.


  3. Rob Says:

    Usually takes me under 30 minutes. I’ll grab the quest, swift travel to Harwik, do the double instance and hide-and-seek, hobby horse, or the MC quest. Then swift travel to snowbourn, do the double quest instance and ride back to hybolt killing bugud and kramp along the way. Whole process takes about 30 minutes give ir take.


    • Rob Says:

      Sometimes I’ll kill bugud/kramp first if I notice they are up when I grab the hybolt quest. Then run into snowbourn, swift travel to harwik, then back to hybolt


  4. LilyRose Says:

    I like the variety of quests, and feeling like if I’m not in the mood for one, I can just move to the next town for a new quest.

    Usually takes me 40ish minutes, and unlike some other endgame daily grinds (looking at you, SWTOR) I do actually enjoy these* and don’t just rush through.

    *Except for the occasional one shotting by Carghuls or cranky Ents.


  5. Rob Says:

    Sometimes I’ll kill bugud/kramp first if I notice they are up when I grab the hybolt quest. Then run into snowbourn, swift travel to harwik, then back to hybolt


  6. Sigela Says:

    I had to choose “other.”

    I started doing the Hytbold dailies but so many of them were messed up or pointed out ways where this particular toon is messed up so I lost interest. I went off and joined my kin’s on-level content group and started playing the game over again from the beginning.

    Other just seemed the only response that covered “Wanted to do them but the quests themselves pushed me away.”


  7. Haggis Says:

    I’m doing dailies with 9 toons (all classes). With diversions like a trip to vault or deconning/reforging LIs, I’m usually about 25 min. per character and I either do Bugud/Kramp and ride to Hytbold or check auction house and craft until milestone to Hytbold is ready. I’m not happy at all with Turbine’s decision to change warden’s stat to agility – I’m supposed to grind 5-6 days to get an agility set of armor because my current armor is might heavy?


  8. Haggis Says:

    You can do hobby-horse quest on warsteed, just don’t dismount before picking up the toy. It’s much faster, but you don’t look as cool doing it – LOL.


  9. Ayaella Says:

    Usually around 20 minutes and less than thirty if Kramp and Bugud is up and on the way too. It can go even faster if the fast quests are up. Yay for carrying arrows and black powder barrels :D


  10. Eoladan Says:

    <20minutes. Snowbourn swift to Hytbold, pick up quest, swift to Eaworth. Do 3 quests there (leave out the beacon one). Swift to Snowbourn and do the last 2 there. Do this everyday and you will be able to do them really fast :)


  11. Corelin Says:

    WITH killing Krump and Bugud it rarely runs more than 30-40 minutes. The grind is killer though. Still over 30 days left.


  12. Twitcheetwitch Says:

    20-30 minutes for me, and only on the one character. At this point, having done them all, I know which ones go quickly and I stick with those.


  13. Shaidde Says:

    When we were looking for the uniques we hadn’t done in order to finish the deeds, we would take 45-60 minutes. As we finished up towns and started repeating things became faster. We finished the meta deeds for the dailies on Monday, and now it’s usually under 30 minutes. My husband and I always play together, so doing it as a pair is prolly a lil’ faster.

    I don’t choose the easiest though, I’m trying to focus on getting kindred with one town at a time. Fishing is my favourite of the tasks. The Eaworth ones were fun, but tightropes and beacons only feel like a big accomplishment the first time.


  14. Shaidde Says:

    Can I just say, in defense of the dailies, that I really kind of love them? Sure I want new skirmishes and always more story, but this is the first time I’ve had something new to do endgame besides shore up virtues or work on reputation. I really don’t do raids or 6 man instances often–I play as a duo most of the time and never could get endgame armour before. Now I can, and I’m perfectly happy to put in the time to do it since I can actually do it my way.


  15. Ithoran Says:

    As a burglar it’s super easy, usually takes around 20-25 minutes at most. I pick the quests for instances where you can do things like gather frogs or clear rocks because I’m able to sneak past all the mobs. Then I complete the rest of my five quests by doing the mounted combat ones for each town.


    • Peter Says:

      Also, burgs are great at the crafting instances if you just want to fly through to get the end boss (for the tomes/relics only in other words). just run past everyone, do a quick hide to drop all aggro, kill the boss, exit instance. you can finish all 3 hytbold crafting quests in less than 10 minutes AND then if you want you can get a stack of crafting barter stuff so you don’t feel like you missed out on too much loot…


  16. Mickey Says:

    Usually, if I bother to do the dailies, which isn’t always even though I haven’t finished rebuilding, it takes me about 20 mins or less if I don’t stop for Bugud and am concentrating on dailies and don’t get distracted by shiny distractions. :P I have all swift travels unlocked, so I don’t have to spend time getting around either. Usually I do the kill x number of mounted enemies in Snow, Eaworth and Harwick, climb the beacon or carry arrows (cause they’re easy for me) and something else, depending what’s available. An especially easy one is the one in Eaworth where you have to carry a barrel of explosives to a pit. Granted, sometimes I take longer, if there aren’t good quests or if I get into a skraid/3man/etc.
    Sorry for possible typos, writing this from my phone.


  17. Mickey Says:

    Also, forgot to say that the “don’t stop for Bugud” only really counts for the times there isn’t other people looking to kill him. Whilst I could solo him, and nearly have except for the hunter who decided to show up at 300k morale, it would take my poor rk about an hour or more to beat that orc down. Really not something to do when rushing dailies. :P


  18. Seija Says:

    Well I definitely hate the grind involved. The quests are fun only that many times. Would love it if they made Hytbold an account- and serverwide grind, so for each server you’d have to rebuild Hytbold only once and all your toons could help. Just to avoid situations where your toons sit around a campfire, the Cappy tells a story about how she got some people interested in rebuilding the Sutcrofts Tower in Hytbold and all the others sit there and tell her that’s not true, because it’s still burned to the ground and she should check again.
    So I usually pick up the quests when I feel like it (on any one of my level 84/85 toons) and it takes me from 20 mins to 9 days to complete them. Depends on how much I’m in for the grind and for the lags.^^


  19. Jim Says:

    Finally finished yesterday…wow what a grind! I always started in Eaworth then Harwick…20-30 minutes every day for almost 2 months. I must be crazy.


  20. Andy Says:

    Took longer to start with but I’m 3/4 of the quest deed with four missing from entwash so I can head there first and check the missing ones before moving on.

    There’s a fairly long list of ones that I consider to be low qualtiy quests so avoid those. Beacon is one as the final jump is almost a physical impossibility for the hobbit race, arrows one highlight the lack of defensive tactics on the part of the village so maybe they need to be encouraged into a rethink.

    Some of the defence ones are in the same boat thanks to the volume of kill stealing guards, dressage, up are boring and the races are prone to the games issues so it’s mostly on foot instances and fishing as choices now.

    Mounted instances being farmed means if I know in advance it’s being done I can avoid them.

    20-30 minutes depending on the on foot pairs ones I get, longer if its the forest one with an ent camping the entrance!


  21. susan Says:

    once you get your gear set up you can blow thru them like water. I tend to skip the annoying dailies like in cliving the races, idiotic lasso or the defend #insert town ones which are worthless once you get your deed as there are no exp , silver or drops anymore. if im going to grind i want some silver, treats and exp at least

    some dailies are harder with tougher mobs, so avoid those as just being time sinks.

    to finish rep i concentrated on the easy fast repeatables like arrow supply, mounted combat or the frog/spider ones.

    once rep is done its mounted combat to farm,and whatever non defend town quests are up in the region.

    tower climb is fun to do once or twice for giggles but skip it for annoyances and time sink later.


  22. Rufusstan Says:

    For the most part it took around 30 minutes. Early on the priority is getting rep for armour, which dictates the choice of quest. That means you can end up doing longer quests, but probably less traveling around.

    For me at least, the next step was completing deeds, which meant more time traveling to find ones you have not done yet, and the quests themselves more Russian Roulette (you could easily burn the whole 30 minutes just climbing the tower).

    The final run finishing building Hytbold can be done pretty quickly as you’ve done most of the quests a few times by now. I found a few minutes checking all 4 towns was worth it if time was an issue as by that point you knew which quests you could get through quickly.

    Its worth mentioning that I never found Hytbold much of a grind. From day 1 you knew how long it would take, there were plenty of little achievements on the way to keep you happy, and the pool of quests was big enough that you could: pick the ones you could do fast, grab a favourite (did the hobby horse every time it came up), or just get something you had not done for a while.

    To compare I do see doing Bugud/Kramp for symbols as a grind purely because it is identical every day and totally open-ended.


  23. Avatar of Azakael
    Azakael Says:

    When I was running them daily:
    1.) Check Entwash Vale for all four dailies. (I do the tower because I got to the point where it was easy.)
    2.) Head to Hartwick if I don’t run all four Entwash dailies for a fourth daily.
    3.) Head to Snowbourne for the final daily. Farming the Goblins at the Sutcrofts Farms. That one I’ll typically run until my bags are full (and some overage too…) Then I’ll turn it in and call it my five.
    Usually takes a while because of the last one.


  24. Lythiea Says:

    I got my armour sets and then stopped. I honestly just don’t care enough… Heck, I’ve got two alts malingering at lvl 82 because I just don’t want to go through the hassle of gearing them (and the dailies I’d need to complete on my main to do so.)


  25. Knify-Riddermark Says:

    Usualy under 20 min I just go to the locations and cherry pick the easy ones like the one you gotta take the explosive keg to the center of the goblins (I kick up the keg and just run to the center and run out again in under 1 min), beacon (only if a cappy kin mate is offering free summons), and the mounted fighting ones (I can more or less one shot every other or every third mob)


  26. Deac Says:

    Every game has an end game grind, be it dailies, rep, deed, instance farming or crafting. What I really appreciate is Turbine’s effort to bring diversity to the game. A choice of 16 daily quests with dozens ultimately available. There are kill, carry, puzzle, agility and simply quirky quests all in the rotation. It provides another avenue for getting lvl 85 teals, but certainly not the only method – crafting, raiding, skraids and PvP. Hytbold is an example of what I love about lotro, there is something for everyone and you can choose to skip the parts you don’t like without being totally under-geared.


  27. Frederik Says:

    I am not there yet as my main alt is only 63.

    but I am pretty sure my answer would be: I don’t do dailies.


  28. realistik Says:

    I tend to run right about 45min a day, but that’s including taking down the three Sutcrofts warbands beforehand. Still no 85 SA for me, but Bugud is happily dropping me more and more Red Agates, so if I ever decide to level up another 3 jewellers I should be set!


  29. Chicky Says:

    It takes me about an hour to do them, but that’s because I’m dual-boxing with two characters. It is tough for me to dual-box the warsteed quests, but it is do-able. Some quests are better off being soloed.
    I usually roll dice to determine which area to start in. Now that they are close to completing the deeds, I check for the quests that they need first.
    The beacon tower quest took several hours.


  30. Ereg Says:

    Funny thing – I started doing Hytbold exactly on the day this poll was up. So – at the moment they take me a lot of time since I am still trying to get them all (for deeds) and still don’t know which ones are time-traps (Beacon).


  31. Deac Says:

    Every game has its endgame grind, be it dailies, deed, rep, instance farming, or crafting. That said, I really appreciate Turbine’s effort to bring diversity to the game. A choice of 16 quests each day with dozens ultimately available. There are kill, carry, puzzle, agility and quirky quests are in the rotation.

    Hytbold simply provides another avenue for getting level 85 teals, but certainly not the only method. If you don’t like Hytbold, skip it and do something else (crafting, raiding, skraids and PVP) to get your teals. Hytbold is an example of why I love LOTRO – there is something for everyone and you can skip the parts you don’t like without being totally under-geared.


  32. Tuiliel Says:

    Been lvl 85 for a while now but I just can’t get motivated to go there to start these–from what I’ve read and heard from other players, they sound like loads of repetition of things that don’t sound very fun. Mostly running new toons through old areas instead.


  33. Avatar of JohnGee
    JohnGee Says:

    I just have one question, is it like Oatbarton??? Only more repetitive?


    • Avatar of andyb
      andyb Says:

      The dailies themselves are spread across the main areas of rohan, 5 a day with a pool of 16 to choose from. The dailies themselves are mostly things you’ll have done if you quested up to 85 and are a mix of mounted and on foot stuff. 1200 rep per quest for that faction which is a pratty decent amount for a daily.

      The hytbold part is a bit more interesting as when you first find it the place is in ruins following an attack, hence the rebuild theme. The town stands as a sort of capital for this part of rohan with each faction having its own district around the mead hall and each of those factions have a pair of quest givers. The quests are to barter tokens to repair or improve various things around that area or the mead hall and will take either 5 or 10 tokens depending on the rep level needed to get the quest.

      Different classes might want to focus of different rep and quests to buy their set of choice, each trait tree has one and the requirements vary for each of those sets. Once the entire place is built you can then spend tokens to buy off class armour.

      Regardless of the path as you grind your way through the tokens and rebuild you’ll start to see changes like the walls go from a dry stone dyke look into a worked stone. Tents and towers will appear and so on.

      The rebuild itself isnt as repetitious as the dailies as the games rng seems to get stuck in a rut of always giving the same set for days on end. A guarantee of seeing each quest at least once in the space of a week would be a very welcome alteration. 10 days of dressage before the wild horse one came around as a fairly typical example.


  34. susan Says:

    the funny thing is that i have been done with hybolt for weeks but still do the dailies in order to get the housing stuff and to get different armor sets. I figure if im in the area and grinding for a scroll or a symbol i may as well do the dailies. lol


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