Poll: Your Wish for the Housing Revamp

February 9, 2013

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll is from Malhirviel who gives us a question regarding the housing revamp that Turbine has a focus on in 2013. It’s a pretty big poll but I think all of Malhirviel’s responses were good ones. If you had to pick just one as what you would like to see most, what would it be? Feel free to expand upon your choice in the comments below.

What change would you most like to see as part of the upcoming housing revamp?

  • A change to/elimination of the "hook" system, allowing more flexibility in the placement and orientation of housing items (33%, 370 Votes)
  • Have housing provide more in-game benefits - more vault space, crafting/questing buffs, etc. (18%, 202 Votes)
  • Have housing details reflect your toon - your horses standing in the stable, your cosmetics hanging in the closet, etc. (12%, 131 Votes)
  • A fix for "dead neighborhoods" (8%, 96 Votes)
  • Greater interior/exterior customization options - ability to design your own floor plan, paint individual walls, shingle/thatch your roof, etc. (7%, 77 Votes)
  • Eliminate the need for houses to be in set neighborhoods at all, and allow players to build houses anywhere that's settled (i.e. - not in the slime pools of Angmar, but anywhere sufficiently tamed by (7%, 75 Votes)
  • Expanding the locations with housing neighborhoods (e.g. - Enedwaith, Forochel, Great River, etc.) (6%, 70 Votes)
  • Other (Leave a comment) (4%, 46 Votes)
  • More types of houses (bungalows, mud huts, mansions, caves, etc.) (3%, 37 Votes)
  • Make it easier to travel to/from/around housing neighborhoods (2%, 24 Votes)
  • A greater variety of items to put into the houses (more yard items, paintings, dead animals, etc.) (0%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,138

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75 Responses to “Poll: Your Wish for the Housing Revamp”

  1. Tolarthor Says:

    Number 1 gripe is hooks! What about cellars and/or underground trophy rooms (incentives to fill in the trophy blanks?)

    Seasonal configs would be nice – 1 click and here’s my Yule, party, summer look I preconfigured back in place ?


  2. Avatar of Ferdinand
    Ferdinand Says:

    All of the above.
    We REALLY need a lot of new stuff on housing system, it’s a fact.
    *I would love to have an house in the middle of Drownholt, or Ashenlades, in Mirkwood, and also, around certain locations in The Shire and Forochel.


  3. Duinathel Says:

    Tough to answer this question as posed. The absolute minimum required is more hooks. But if they’re going to do that, they need to think bigger.

    I want CRAFTING in my house. Stables, yes, location changes, yes, bank and wardrobe, yes.

    And if you’re going to do that, then fix the neighbourhoods.


  4. Eppy Says:

    I voted other. My greatest wish is that the revamp not be a premium item that requires VIP or TP to use.


  5. Freato Says:

    I voted ‘Other’ because I couldn’t find an ‘All of the Above’. My one concern is how they would implement a no-hook system for decorations… I can’t think of another way that it would work


  6. Olivad Says:

    Definitely don’t want to see crafting done in the personal houses, that would make the current Crafting locations dead zones except for people without houses instead of a hub of activity.

    I want to see a lot done to revamp the houses, but crafting can take a long time to do and letting people toil away in the privacy of their houses while doing it does not seem good for the game.


    • Avatar of beriahim
      beriahim Says:

      I’d love to see crafting facilities in house. I don’t think it would affect the crafting hubs that much as you still need the suppliers and you couldn’t have a retailer inside your house.


  7. Anghara Says:

    This might be a dumb thing, but my biggest gripe is character-bound housing items not being able to be placed in the housing chests (if that toon isn’t the ‘house owner’)…why is that, or why are housing items character (not account) bound? This makes no sense, given that you’re only allowed one house per account that your toons must share. Thus, I have a bunch of bank slots being taken up by housing stuff – or I have to trash it.

    Related, I’d like to see more storage in the house, even if it was limited to housing items, even if I had to pay TP for it.


    • beriahim Says:

      So funny – we were just talking about this in kin chat. It’s not a dumb thing and perfectly sensical for all the reasons you listed.


  8. Avatar of Thuindir
    Thuindir Says:

    I went for “probably” the most unrealistic vote for “expand to other areas” as the whole reason we have the current specific housing instances are that they can be traveled to by any low-level character. I would love to see one in … (name your big city here, but especially when we get to Minas Tirith) however unless they think of a way to logically support low-level characters moving to and from those instances I don’t think it would be realistic.

    To make this wish more realistic, I would think of having a stable that brings you inside the neighborhood (or just outside of the main one) and have the gate prevent you from entering the landscape if you are so many levels under the actual content (kinda like we saw in Lothlorien). This would prevent “cheap swift travels” when too low a level.

    Then you would need a housing broker in all major cities that I can purchase the house as I wouldn’t be able to travel to that location as a low level toon.

    K still rambling, it would also be cool (in my opinion) to have housing unlock in stages- I can’t get the best house until I am kindred with the group. This would make having a Duplex home in say Lothlorien a goal or something to work towards.

    Also I wish I could own more than 1 personal house per server. I wouldn’t need it necessarily for all my toons, but having a limit of say 3 – 5 would be nice (I would probably spend TP for a 2nd or 3rd house even).


  9. khorgrim Says:


    Pretty much all those options.

    Absolute minimum would be a removal of the hook system. Horrible placement.

    The one thing I do NOT want is crafting in the houses. I’ve seen it kill the community in games before. Keep crafting where it is.

    I’d like to see something like DAOC had. Freeform placement. Exterior grid system. Buy a lot, choose the house you wanted (more cost /rent for bigger houses) and place it on the lot. You lose the house and lot if you didn’t keep up on rent. ( prepay up to 2 months at a time, plus a grace period before repo of the lot) You could also place copies of your weapons on the walls.

    The actually like the smaller neighborhoods we have. Helps to cut down on lag when going into the house zones. That always has to be under consideration when doing housing. Also, the current “bound to character” housing items are just a pain. Can’t store them anywhere but in my own vault, or trash them. I’ve held onto many of htem in the hope of one day getting a better housing. If this doesn’t work, I’ll likely trash them. I can’t afford the vault spaces any more.


  10. Faustino Says:

    I would vote all of the above, except for the free place of building a house…
    that can only get messy..

    all the other options are most welcome :)


  11. Coolhandlukeboy Says:

    1. Get rid of the hooks completely, or at least allow users to “create” as many hooks as they want (housing items are already setup for this anyhow).

    2. Allow storage of all housing items in either the wallet (TP unlock) or revamped decorate mode which “collects” all housing items when received.

    3. New housing areas close to the city. This would increase traffic to the cities. Honestly I rarely use my house because it’s off the beaten path. Keep original housing areas for cheaper rates and make city housing more expensive, good way to get rid of gold. No craft tables in houses, though Turbine already mentioned how they hated it in one of their previous games, so doubt they’d do that.

    4. New housing areas. This is a role playing game, let me live in Stangard, lothlorien etc. even if they are race specific.

    5. Unique houses in neighborhood. Never the same setup for each neighborhood. Then let people auction them or sell them themselves. Have a couple floor plans for each type of house. And rename them, for Pete’s loving sake: cabin, cottage, homestead, range, townhouse etc.



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