Rohan Women Hair-dos I’m Jealous Of

February 20, 2013


I am finding myself very jealous of the Rohan women (and now the Bree ladies after update 9) and their very polished hairstyles. I ran around for a bit last night to give you a sample of the looks I’m talking about.

Rohan-Hair01 Rohan-Hair02

Rohan-Hair03 Rohan-Hair04

Now some of these we have similar styles. I know my elf is wearing a braid to the side kind of  like the first one but the Rohan one seems more polished to me. And there is a Hobbit style that is kind of poofy like the last but again, that little girl’s hair looks more managed. I do hope that some day these types of styles are available for my characters to use!

Now I did try to be fair and perhaps you fellas can tell me of Rohan men styles you wish you had but I typically found myself giggling at some of them. Like this guy who appears to be standing around just waiting to be cast for a ‘70s cop show or the little boy that looks to be sporting a mullet.

Rohan-Hair05 Rohan-Hair06

Not saying there’s not decent Rohan male haircuts to be found but it does seem to me that the girls got all the best upgrades here.

See some of the haircuts you can get in game with our Barber Shop Guide!

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14 Responses to “Rohan Women Hair-dos I’m Jealous Of”

  1. susan Says:

    I too am jealous of the thick, flaxen braids of the Rohan women. me wants!


  2. Inge Says:

    It’s not only the hair, I’d love to have some of the dresses as a cosmetic. I would even buy them from the LOTRO store!


  3. Eoleof Says:

    Personally, my characters are jealous of the fact that the new facial hair on the NPCs doesn’t look like someone went nuts with a Wooly Willy.


  4. Mirmo Says:

    Looks to be sporting a mullet…you say that like it’s a bad thing.

    Business in the front, party in the back.


  5. Avatar of Ranna Dylin
    Ranna Dylin Says:

    Yeah, when I found the barber in – I think it was Cliving – I was quite disappointed to see that she wouldn’t do the hairstyles for my elf that she does so well for all the locals!

    Gotta have a talk about the Rohirrim tailors about extending their trade of pretty Rohirric dresses beyond their borders, too. Such pretty dresses!


  6. Bloodspill Says:

    My elf would love some of the Rohan dresses definatly and the hair styles too. Would be great if they could be added to the cosmetic options at the barber.


  7. Katiepie (Lilikate) Says:

    I would love to see more variations in player character options, I love the two long braids and so would all my hobbitlasses. More do’s and more dresses please Turbine!


  8. Pesky Dwarf Says:

    My wife set up a new hobbit the other day that looks astonishingly like Ex Dr Who David Tenant. I wonder how many lookalikees there are across the lotro servers?


  9. susan Says:

    love all the funny comments here. lol

    the men in rohan are rather nicely done too, even if they are so depressed and obnoxious to outsiders.

    as for the character creation in lotr, the first time I saw the hair components section years ago, I thought to myself….’you have to be kidding’ and almost didnt finish thinking the rest of the game couldnt be much better. Most styles were a pixelated mess, gloops of weird textures one was used to seeing in low graphic games 10yrs earlier.

    and its the same mess today.


  10. DK Says:


    Turbine desperately needs to upgrade player creation with more options. Preferably more regional and race specific attributes. (Rohan’s braided hair etc.)


  11. Baranwen Says:

    I envy some hairstyles (and dresses, for that matter) of the women from the new Bree. They had a delightful everyday medieval look and I want it!


  12. Tony Says:

    The game needs more options there. Some are just outright awful, particularly for female hobbits. There’s a few where the front parts of their heads are apparently shaved… why? Does anyone use these?

    I really wish they’d revamp character creation entirely. A lot of the faces are just plain weird and ugly too. I wind up seeing the same few combinations constantly.


  13. Emma Says:

    This is something that I’ve wanted for ages – I would pay to have extra character creation options as I end up using the same few all the time. NPC’s now have a nice range of hairstyles and beards that I’d love to utilise. Alot of F2P games have gone down the route of paying for additional looks at the character creation point, and for the record I would buy every pack if they were introduced. Many of the existing ones are ridiculous, blobby and for dwarfs at least, completely different colours to the beard. I wrote a post on this last year, before we got the Rohan expansion and the subsequent Bree update, but it still stands


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