Scheduled Maintenance: Thursday, February 14th

February 12, 2013


All Turbine Game Servers and will be offline for global maintenance from 6:00AM Eastern (-5 GMT) Thursday, February 14th until 6:00am Eastern Time (-5 GMT) Friday February 15th.

Important: The forums and wikis will remain up during the maintenance, but will be read-only. To receive the latest news and updates, please check our Facebook and Twitter feeds during the maintenance window. As a reminder, you do not need to join or sign in to those social networks to read the updates.

Customer Service will also be unavailable during the down time, and for a period thereafter.
We will update this page when Support is available again.
Web tickets may be submitted at any time at

Source: LOTRO Forums

Update: This has been moved to Thursday starting at 6am.

Update #2: This is now a 24-hour maintenance.

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17 Responses to “Scheduled Maintenance: Thursday, February 14th”

  1. Kronenbor Says:

    Just logging in now 22:54 GMT on 02/12/2013 and this has chamged to Thursday


  2. Kronenbor Says:

    Just logging in now 22:54 GMT on 02/12/2013 and this has changed to Thursday


  3. Tiran Blade Says:

    Yep it’s been moved back to thursday.


  4. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Thanks for the update!

    Apparently the lotro twitter minion couldnt be bothered and the website has the info buried near the bottom of a sidebar.

    Generally if I know an online game is going to be down I wont bother starting the launcher for it.


  5. sycle Says:

    I think my wife is working with Turbine somehow to have the game down most of the day on Valentines Day. ;-)


  6. RoyalBob of DD Says:

    Looks like it was changed to 24 hours


  7. Frandoc Says:

    So far the forums seem to be working normally. People are posting.


  8. Vonrothbart of Landroval Says:

    Wonder if they will credit all of our VIP accounts for the 1 day downtime.


  9. Jaridis Says:

    You know its a joke that they can’t do their backbone maintenance and keep everything up. I happen to work in the enterprise industry and 24 hours of planned downtime would be entirely unacceptable. Just goes to show me Turbine has the same unprofessional attitude when it comes to maintenance they’ve had since Asheron’s Call


  10. Thundayyr Says:

    Maybe all the wives threatend divorce if their husbands did not stop messing with the game and spend some time with them.


  11. Coroline Says:

    They’ve extended the downtime again and have no current ETA to be completed at, according to the Facebook page.



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