Steed of the Khundolar Available

February 1, 2013


Turbine has released a new store exclusive steed. Starting today until February 28, 2013, you can pick up the new Steed of the Khundolar.


The pictures of the war-steed model in-game but it will give you a good view of what the horse will look like.

d_malnati was nice enough to share a screenshot of the war-steed with the Khundolar items dyed sea blue. As you can see, very little on this horse actually changes colors. Basically anything that appears kind of pinkish/purplish in the above photos are the parts that dye and d_malnati also mentions it dyes a bit darker a color than normal.

Steed of the Khundolar dyed sea blue

Store Location: Travel & Housing -> Mounts -> Store Exclusive
Levels: 5+
1,995 TP

This mount is as fast (+68%) and same morale (250 HP) as the previous store exclusive mounts with the same price tag. This steed is a per character purchase so be sure you spend the Turbine Points on the character you want riding this.

Purchasing this steed will also allow you the use of the appearance items for your War-steed (does not include hide/tail coloring).

If it is just the stats of the horse you are looking for, there are in-game alternatives. The Elf Ambassador and World Renown horses have equal stats but a different look. If it is the look of this steed that has you enamored, this is your only option.

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24 Responses to “Steed of the Khundolar Available”

  1. Soldanella Says:

    Looks a little bit different than store thumbnail. Kinda wish it had underlying blue material that you can see there :(


    • Elu Says:

      Agreed. The store thumbnail caught my eye. The missing blue-ish material is a bit sad. :/ The steed does look better as a travel mount in the live game than the screenshots here or on the official website (to me at least). I hope they fix it to match the blue thumbnail even so.


  2. Aethelbehrt Says:

    But how does it dye? That’s the important question.


    • Scooty Says:

      The lotro equivalent of will it blend?


      • khorgrim Says:

        I actually have a champ named Blentec and my Kin note says just that. “will it blend?”

        Doesn’t mean I’ll get the horse though. Not paying 2k Tp for a steed.


    • d_malnati Says:

      It Dyes strangely. The only parts that dye are a thin broken strip on the neck that is right below the armor plates(it looks to be a blanket under the armor and the armor straps break it up.). The only thing that dye’s on the body of the armor is the blanket right under the saddle, the part under that stays green no mater what dye is used. Also the whole thing Dyes Dark, what ever dye you use will lean towards a darker tone.


  3. Camgilnel Says:

    Can’t swallow that many points for a horse even as a VIP.


  4. Avatar of Adi Zeljkovic
  5. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    I would spend that much on a horse if i really really like the look. I bought the steed of victory; mainly because it went with one of my outfits. I’m still cheap though. I bought it with points gotten


  6. Meneladan Says:

    What about the Sutcroft Heavy they meantion in the ad?


  7. d_malnati Says:

    The Heavy Set of Sutcrofts is a war-steed only so its under War-steeds> Appearances> set bundles. Its not new, or at least it’e been there for a few weeks. Unlike the normal steed/war-steed bundles this one you can “try it on”.

    I am not really sure why its mentioned in the ad, it’s been out for a few weeks, is not on sale and does not seem to be limited time (like the others mentioned in the add.) it does not have the hourglass on its picture in the store.


  8. susan Says:

    I have been waiting for ages for stream lined armor plate tack, without all the weird and idiotic frills, bangles, doo dads, and whatchamacallits. ah, i see they couldnt resist some dangles on the hem. oh well, i can tolerate that.

    at last. armor for my guardian and champ. (sans qaudy backpack) bravo!


    • d_malnati Says:

      By the way the gaudy backpack in the picture I sent in is not from the set (there is no pack in the set) its one I was trying out at the time as a “warden” pack since the actual warden one is kind of underwhelming.


      • susan Says:

        I am most sorry, I did not realize it was your creation. the pack is very pretty but not for what image I had in mind, a bare bones going to war theme. I am most chagrined!


  9. DK Says:

    Definitely a great looking steed, but 2k TP for a steed? no way. I’m VIP and have 6k TP handy but 2k for a steed that is no faster/stronger then in game steeds is way too much.


  10. Jonathan Says:

    It’s a compelling look as are many. Nobody ever faults Turbine for art and art direction and for good reason. Twenty dollars, though, is a bit much even for one that has a matching War Steed cosmetic. That’s just a personal opinion of course.

    The more practical aspect comes once you get your character into Rohan and learn how to manage a War Steed. After that the only time you’ll ride even a +68% mount is when you go to Moria and need a goat. Thus I expected the price of these premium mounts to drop but I very much doubt Turbine is in control of store price points.


  11. susan Says:

    i actually have been using my regular mounts more now that the novelty has worn off the MC. even in hybolt and snowbournd i pop off my ws and use regular as it gets super annoying to have to be sooo bloody careful when trying to navigate in town on a ws when you just want to git ur dun. lol


  12. Danania Says:

    Yay for new steeds!

    Here are a few shots of the steed with various Warsteed cosmetic looks. :)


  13. Tig Says:

    will this steed ever be available again or is it a one shot deal?



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