Dev Diary: Warden Agility in Update 10

February 27, 2013


Today, Erika “DEViled_Egg” Ng (with some interjections about loot by RockX) discusses the change from Warden’s current primary stat Might, over to Agility.

The Basics

warden_screenshots_09DEViled Egg lays out the basics of what Agility and Might will provide for Wardens post-Update 10.

Agility will provide:

  • 10 Physical Mastery Rating
  • 5 Tactical Mastery Rating
  • 2 Parry Rating
  • 4 Evade Rating
  • 1 Crit Rating

Might will provide::

  • 2 Parry Rating
  • 4 Block Rating
  • 2 Physical Mitigation

Other changes include:

  • Evade will now be the Warden’s primary avoidance (replacing Blocking)
  • All self-buffs and shields will retain their Block Ratings.
  • Skillful Blocking will be changed to “Combat Positioning”, which will increase your Evade and trigger its heals off your evades.
  • Physical Mitigation will still be based on Might, but there will be alternative ways for Wardens to increase their Mitigations.

However, if you’re worried about your Warden suddenly not being very good due to having no Agility-based gear on your Warden, RockX interjects to state that there will be will be a “grace-period” during which both Might and Agility will contribute to Physical and Tactical Mastery at the same rate.

This will allow Wardens to swap out their Might-gear for Agility-gear without experiencing a major loss of damage in the meantime.We’re also planning on converting a substantial amount of the Might-based Warden Shields and Medium Armor to use Agility as the primary stat during this time. The Grace Period will last for all of Update 10, possibly longer. Once we feel the class is in a good position gear-wise and Wardens have had ample time to adjust, we will remove the Physical and Tactical Mastery contributions from Might


I haven’t played my Warden in a while, so I can’t really comment on whether or not I think the change is good or bad.  I did play a Death Knight in WoW in World of Warcraft, which was/is an evasion tank and it was a mixed bag.  Yes, I was able to tank in Raids and in Dungeons, but my incoming damage spiked a lot too.  Especially if I was too late in putting on the correct self-buffs or just failed to evade.  Granted, we are talking about two separate games and two different classes, but it will be interesting to see where the Warden lands when the grace-period ends.

I also wonder how this change will affect how Wardens equip themselves in the future when they have to choose between Agility or Might –based items that aren’t class-based; such as non-dungeon set armor, jewelry, and the like.  But enough about my thoughts, tell us what you all think about the changes coming to the Warden.

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19 Responses to “Dev Diary: Warden Agility in Update 10”

  1. the Sphinx Says:

    Well, my main is a Warden, and I love to play with it…

    Makes sence replacing block with evade, and replacing migth with agility.

    I have a very good experience playing the Warden and I guess things will only get better.

    Spike damage will still be the problem, as it always as been.


  2. Nothgyth Says:

    A class whose distinctive profile includes a shield will now be an evasion-focused tank, because Turbine cannot be bothered to do the proper work of creating might-based itemization suitable for the class.

    I hope this isn’t an inflection point marking Turbine’s descent from design integrity.


    • Layanor Says:

      You can do many other things with a shield other than blocking. A tank that buffs themselves with evades and wears leather should have never been might in the first place.


  3. Daerechtel Says:

    I am very happy with these changes. Finally the warden is becoming the avoidance tank it should have been from the start, and what i have been saying all long.

    The change to agility will be a pain to do, since jewellery will have to be found new. Armour is not a problem since the sets we have will be changed.


  4. Luinori Says:

    So…explain to me again, Turbine, why getting rid of the Block rating for Wardens makes sense when they STILL USE SHIELDS? This basic question has not been addressed.


    • Tule Says:

      They aren’t getting rid of block rating. They state that shield will still have it. All it means is that with all that agility the warden will naturally be evading more than blocking.

      Personally, I never understood why MMOs are so keen to aways change things. And they do all do this, it’s not just LotRO. It’s either devs making sure that they’re keeping busy, or else a way to ensure that players who raid are always struggling to catch up. MMOs tend to be very complicated with stats, vastly more than pen and paper or single player RPGs, which may be fun for some top end players chasing the perfect build but it does make some players just give up.


  5. Tule Says:

    My concern is that I haven’t played warden since Enedwaith. There have been a lot of Warden changes since then, so I’d have to relearn those. But when I do start it again the “grace period” will undoubtedly be over and I’ll be stuck with might gear… It might be ok, even a weak warden is pretty good.


  6. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    I guess it’s a good thing that my warden is parked at level 25 and I don’t need to unlearn the way I’ve been playing/gearing her.


  7. Avatar of Longstride
    Longstride Says:

    As a longtime Warden (Since MoM beta, I see these changes and understand them (Though I am a, ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ kind of guy). That said, I am dissapointed that the Devs have decided to change us in mid-stream. These changes could and should have been implemented with an expansion not an update. The “End-game” has been reached and most Wardens are already geared for the upcoming instances. Further, I have yet to see a significant amount of jewelry that gives a large vitality boost as well as agility. Almost all the jewelry still gives vitality and might. If we do not see entirely new loot tables for skraids, DG, and other instances complete with vitality agility gear, I will be most cross. Nonetheless, I turn to my Captain in times of Warden volatility, as I always have. Perhaps there I will find solace. :)


    • Layanor Says:

      Every scalable instance is pumping out gear. This might as well be a new expansion for raiders. I think this change is right on time.


  8. Harperella Says:

    I’m really looking forward to the new agility/evasion based warden. So far, I see no downside. Here’s why:
    1) Wardens regularly cap out block due to high might, but also many block based buffs and the easy availabilty of +block for gear (especially warden shield). All that over-cap block is just going to waste.
    2) There’s going to be a larger variety of agility based armor to choose from.
    3) Warden DPS builds will be more effective with a higher crit chance due to agility.
    4) Evasion is way better than blocking. Evasion works 360, but block is only for enemies ahead of you.

    The biggest downside I see is that physical mitigation is going to go down for many wardens, since agility doesn’t give it. But vitality is usually a wardens highest stat and that gives +2 physical mitigation as well.


    • Argendauss Says:

      All this is rational and true. I wish more folks would think before they type out doomsday scenarios for the warden.

      Though I still say this should’ve been done with the next level cap raise.

      One thing they still oughta address is how Skillful Blocking gave +687ish block to four different self-buffs, but its replacement Combat Positioning gives +687ish evade to only two different types of buffs.


  9. Harperella Says:

    Did I say I saw no downside, then pointed out the downside? Silly me!


  10. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    This is more or less what I was expecting although they could have taken things further and worked around the potential for spike damage by tweaking gambits or traits for the loss of things by the reduction in might.

    As others have said if the warden uses a shield then what make the focus on evasion tanking. Changes the vision from wardens holding the line by locking shields into a a performance of riverdance.

    Other than sets the agility gear is already in game so kind of surprised noone’s already gathering as much as they can to either sell on to wardens or to use as a warden.


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