Update 9.1.1 Release Notes

February 11, 2013



Today’s hotfix is in progress and the release notes have been posted to the lorebook. The notes are pretty short so I will just copy and paste them here for you as we wait for the servers to go back online.


  • Addressed a specific issue related to server performance.


  • Volume 1 – Book 11 – Chapter 4 instance: Remembrance – Drama breaks and prevents completion

Instances, Raids and Skirmishes

  • Adjusted the drops found in certain public instances. Trophies and loot are no longer available in these spaces. Landscape monsters will continue to drop all rare items removed from the instances.
  • Increased the drop rate of legendary crafting recipes from bosses in the Rohan crafting instances.

  • Addressed an issue that was allowing players to receive marks with little or no effort.
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17 Responses to “Update 9.1.1 Release Notes”

  1. Joe Says:

    Ah good, the farmers ruined it for everyone… again.

    Nice to see the crafting instance bosses should have a higher drop rate for the recipes. That’s where I spent most of my feeble attempts at getting one.


    • Nakiami Says:

      There’s an argument that the severe rarity of the gold recipes led to the farming. Will these adjustments prevent farming? I think people will just find a different way to farm, again, in search of the horse-lord recipes.


      • Joe Says:

        Sure, I can’t remember where but there’s a few level 85 landscape mobs, so we’ll probably see groups lingering there.

        Hopefully it’ll ease the lag in the farmed areas for a bit.


      • Avatar of andyb
        andyb Says:

        Gold recipes should be rare. The scroll mechanic doesnt help the scarcity, an npc that will trade one recipe for another might have been a good idea.

        The farming came as a result of the raidable nature of the instances combined with the small area and infinite supply of rapidly spawning and easy to kill mobs.

        An ideal situation for mobs being farmed, but now it’s gone so if the nightmarish lag.


  2. JohnDon Says:

    Hope this kills the 24 man raid on landy instances ruining it for everyone. Even joking in chat our a dev kicked them out on sunday and rolled back all there loot. And than joking how they are going to get banned and starting another raid. I really hope turbine does ban such people. They people know what they are doing. They justify themselves in there own minds…….


  3. Eith Says:

    I fear that the next “best” farming place is Grothum in the Ettenmoors


    • Cadronas Says:

      That would be interesting. HH is used by the creeps already for farming lootboxes to get brands etc.
      If Grothum became a farm area for freeps then you might see some big fights there too as they get called out.


  4. Kiralynn Says:

    “Have housing details reflect your toon – your horses standing in the stable, your cosmetics hanging in the closet, etc.”

    That would have to be a mighty big stable! I have about 50 horses. It would be fun to have several stable items as large yard (1 horse), huge yard (2 horses), enormous yard (3-4 horses) where you could choose any from your list to put in each slot. It would also be great if visitors with permission to Use furniture items could click a slot and add one of their horses, so you could see who was visiting.


    • Frederik Says:

      I like your idea Kiralynn. Maybe they may offer some space and you choose which ones of your horses will be hosted. We may pretend the otherones are cared by a horse caregiver.


  5. Avatar of mastersamak
    mastersamak Says:

    Gosh, people can be so mean and cruel on the comments section of these release notes.


  6. Jim Says:

    Seeing a gold bracelet (the only one I have seen ever) on the ah for 1200g suggests the drop rates were a bit low. Glad to have a reason to return to the crafting instances.


  7. susan Says:

    meh, I ‘farmed’ the instances by myself, killing each mob slowly until i finally got a recipe which didnt crit btw. lol shame they removed the mechanic for soloers who were just killing by themselves and not causing any harm. i think its the raids that blew it for everyone.


  8. Mar Says:

    The farming is of Turbines own making – they made it so its possible to do it so ppl oviously will use it and the extreme rarity of those recipes doesn’t help at all. They shouldn’t have introducd that kind of drops form landscabe mobs in the firstplace – better to add them to instances at least that kind of farming cannot be done with 3rd party programms.


  9. Braag of Vilya Says:

    Hmm, How do you farm a raid with a third party program? I am not surprised that people do such things, just perhaps stunned that they would go to the effort of writing a program to do it. Does it automaticaly trigger macros to attack spawning mobs? or is it more sophisticated than that? Amazine what some people will do.


  10. susan Says:

    I saw macros being used by players that automatically targeted and auto attacked the spawns within range. I did mess them up by joining in and moving the targets farther away by gaining their aggro. seems they didnt have follow in their macros. it was great fun! especially when they logged in and had to actually move their chars to a more secluded spot to continue.


  11. Cadronas Says:

    I didn’t even know these recipies existed. I solo the crafting instances just to get my compendiums. Thats me, always last to know.



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