Applications for the Player Council are Open

March 22, 2013

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enThe Player Council originally announced in the January 2013 Producer’s Letter has opened its doors to applications.  You can nominate not only yourself, but also a fellow player that might be “a positive addition to the council.”  The applications are open from today, March 22st to April 19th.  The term of the council membership will be for the entire calendar year of 2013.

As suspected there are a number of benefits to being on the council including:

  • Providing direct feedback to the LOTRO team.
  • Comment on aspects of elements of the game before they have even reached an Alpha state.
  • Draft reports for the community on their activities.
  • Receive a quarterly stipend of Turbine Points.
  • Guaranteed access to all Beta tests during their term
  • Invitations to player parties or similar events (at their own expense)

There are of course a number of requirements that must be met in order to become a member of the council including signing an NDA,, communicate in English, maintain an “active play style” during their term, etc.  Also, they cannot be “Members of the press or those acting in a journalistic/editorial capacity are not eligible to participate on the council.” (Which means that most of the podcasts and some fansites are ineligible.  Ah well.)

So if you’re interested or know someone who’d do a good job, fire up your email and fill out the application!

Original Announcement
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18 Responses to “Applications for the Player Council are Open”

  1. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    While most of the podcasters/fansites are themselves ineligible, you could nominate someone if you thought they’d be good fit to the team. ; Consider approaching the nominee first to find out if they’re interested or if they’d be disqualified on other grounds before submitting your impassioned nomination!


  2. Avatar of andrew
    andrew Says:

    does that mean if people try to get player council do people get to be VIP for free


    • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

      Not necessarily, but you could ask that question in the official discussion thread =)


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I seriously doubt it. They want feedback from all types of players. It’d be difficult to hear from the free / premium player base if all the council members were VIP.


  3. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    This gives me an idea for a Poll.

    Q: How many players do you know personally that you feel would be a good fit for the council if they had interest?

    F)Council? What’s that.


  4. Pasduil Says:

    I’m not sure if the “active play style” requirement is going to rule out people who are more casual being properly represented in this council. And I’d guess such players are a big slice of the userbase.


    • Cedrowald of Vilya Says:

      The active playstyle seems, empahsis SEEMS, to be mostly related to the idea that you should be logging on more than once every few months kinda thing. They want, and should have, people who play the game regularlry but that doesn’t have to mean daily play just regular play.


  5. roselindea Says:

    I nominate Goldenstar.
    Really? who else do you want representing the community? the anti media thing? sure. anti podcaster/blog thing. BOO.

    Community nomination supporting Goldenstar!!! We could all email / nominate to make it happen!!


  6. Harperella Says:

    I think the nomination/application process is different than what most people perceive it as. It is not a process where popular candidates are endorsed–there is no way to “vote” for someone. It is not a process to make your case why you should be on the council–the app is far too short for that. Then what is it?
    The nomination/application process is there to draw attention to players who the devs might not be aware of otherwise. It defines the pool from which councilors are chosen. How do they choose? However they want to, but presumably a group they feel will meet their own goals best. Those goals are probably the following:
    1) Gather a small focus group for community feedback without the “noise” that trolls and loudmouths on forums normally give. A small player council is much easier to deal with then the many feedback threads.
    2) Get a representative cross section of the LOTRO community rather than the self-selected group that responds to feedback threads or posts to the suggestions forums.
    3) Get the opinions of leaders of the community, since those opinions will likely be shared by the constituents they lead.

    I think its a great move on Turbine’s part–it makes their life a lot easier and will probably result in better community feedback overall. But it isn’t a grass-roots community council by any stretch of the imagination.


  7. Harperella Says:

    Following up on my own response–you don’t need someone like Goldenstar on the community council. Why? Because her opinions are already public knowledge. She doesn’t need to be polled for the devs to know what store items she thinks are dumb–its all right here in CSTM. So putting her on the council would be redundant.



  8. Andy Says:

    In theory the devs should be keeping an ear open to the podcasts anyway.

    The ingame hiccups that have generated the irate posts on the forums can usually be condensed down into a single podcasts and the folks casting usually have a better way of putting things across.

    My thought on the active playtime thing are that it’s a fair call but it could remove a lot of people from opting in as they’ve found there’s not enough playable content to keep them at what turbine might consider being active. I know for myself that I rarely play my main at all since hytbold was thaned out and despite being an altoholic am finding other things to do that arent lotro.

    I think the concept of a player council is good but not convinced that it’s anything more than just a PR stunt to make people think that they’re listening to the playerbase.


  9. Floradine Says:

    But they do listen. Did the roleplayers get an opt-out of forced emotes or not?

    But yes, their reaction-time is longer than you would want it to be. It’s a huge game after all.


    • Andy Says:

      I’m not saying they don’t listen and even as a non RPer the opt out of forced emotes was a very welcome addition.

      I’m just slightly cynical about how they propose it’ll work over a multiserver platform in such a way that they get a good balance of views from across all those servers.

      Are the general players going to know who the council are so we can approach them or are they going to be hidden under the NDA like some secret illuminati/masonic underworld?

      If the NDA is there to block the outflow of info from less official sources then fine but if it also blocks the flow in then whats the point other than PR. Although I could see the potential for someone not wanting to be pestered every time they log on once people know who the council are.


      • Avatar of Fredelas
        Fredelas Says:

        A list of players selected for the council will be published. They’ll be identified by either their forum names or the names of their main characters (their choice).

        It seems like the council will mostly be discussing ideas before they even reach the alpha (Palantir private preview program) stage of implementation. For this reason, you shouldn’t expect to see any major impacts from the council for the first six months or so.



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