Episode 189: Can We Cut That Out?

March 17, 2013

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DescendantThis week we talk about Fashion Week, Bullroarer Took Day, screenshot contests, an upcoming Twitter chat and more!

Goldenstar this week has finally finished the “Discovering the Descendant” quest line and has the war-steed healy skill. Dums did a tier 3 6-man skirmish after being exploded to death by some sort of abysmal wraith thing. Goldenstar’s rune-keeper got a new outfit!

Merric’s captain got played a bit preparing for our captain/rune-keeper duo to play together.

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Riddles in the Dark is a bi-weekly podcast series by Dr. Corey Olsen (The Tolkien Professor), David Kale and Trish Lambert. Discussion will focus on the themes, characters, and events of Middle-earth and lay the groundwork for intelligent speculation about how the book may be translated to film. Each episode will culminate in the hosts making a specific prediction about the upcoming films, to be proven or dis-proven when the films are finally released.

More information on RITD can be found at http://www.mythgard.org/exclusives/riddles-in-the-dark/

RIDDLE 2.04: Under what circumstances will the Dwarves be captured by the Wood Elves?

A.  Elves are sent out to capture the Dwarves and do so after they are freed from the spider web casings. (book answer)
B.  Elves are sent out to capture the Dwarves but they have to rescue them from the spider web casings to do so.
C.  Elves encounter the Dwarves by chance or seek them benevolently after they are freed from the spider webs.
D.  Elves encounter the Dwarves by chance or seek them benevolently and rescue them from the spider web casings.

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Voicemail from JP


hello Goldenstar and Merric,

Odewulf here again, still enjoying podcast every week. Don’t know if you can post this on the site, or maybe mention in the podcast, but here goes.

I noticed the store had a new item called the Warleader starter package with update 10. Details here: http://archive.lotro.com/lotrostoresale/2790-new-store-items-in-update-10 Actually there’s a starter package for each monster class, but since I had a fresh rank 0 Warleader with absolutely no skills I took a look at this package, and the breakdown for each skill and trait. From the site:

Contains three class skills, two class traits, one racial trait, and three corruptions. The skills, traits, and corruptions included are intended to give you a boost to help start your Black-arrow. Also includes the Mordor Whipmaster Appearance, a LOTRO Store Exclusive!

Contains the following skills:

Command Post. This is a Rank 7 skill  for 495 TP in the store. Banner that increases regeneration rates and damage dealt by allies, while reducing damage taken. Like captains banners only cooler

Quitters Never Win. Rank 9 skill for 495 TP: Restores a large portion of health to your allies. A must-have healing skill

Commander’s Stance. Rank 6 skill for 495 TP: This is the Healing stance for Warleader and a must-have

Contains the following traits:

Empowering Rank 0 trait for  195 TP: Increases in-Combat power regeneration and Tactical Mastery. You can get this also for 500 commendations in game, but if you buy this package you can spend those points elsewhere

Harsh Language Rank 2 trait for 295 TP: Improves healing skills. +25% Outgoing Healing. Very neat trait.

Racial Skill: Imposing Presence Rank 5 skill  for 395 TP:  Your presence inspires those around you to greater strength; mostly through fear.+10% Maximum Health,  +10% Maximum Power. This is like a minstrel’s tale, in that it will buff you and your fellowship.

Contains the following corruptions:

Health for Power (Rank 1) 195 TP :  +5% Maximum Health -5% Maximum Power

Physical Mitigation Boost I 195 TP : +608 Physical Mitigation

Critical Protection Boost I 195 TP :+608 Critical Defense

All this comes to a total value of 2945 TP. The entire package is 2995 TP, and it does include a Store exclusive cosmetic for your Warleader, which is 995 TP sold separately. The total value of the package comes to 3954 TP. With the sales going on this week, the traits and skills are 35% off, but not the corruption. You could buy all the skills etc for 2127 TP and including the appearance would set you back 3122 TP so the package is still a slightly better deal for 2995 TP

Now some of these skills and traits are low rank, and can be gotten with Commendation too, but I still think its a very nice deal! If you’re starting out, this package will give you some really nice skills, some ok traits and some starter corruptions (corruptions are similar to virtues for freeps) If you don’t care for the appearance the package is less interesting, but only while the sale is going on. If you love the store exclusive looks than the package is a better deal any day.

I have not yet taken the time to look at the other packages but I’m sure they’ll offer similar value for the TP.



Odewulf Followup:

I’ve taken a quick look at the Warg (stalker) starter package. Its the same value as the Warleader’s, so 2955 TP in skill and traits. or 3950 TP when you factor in the appearance. For this you get 2 must-haves skills, (which are low-rank BTW) and once nice skill. 1 nice low-rank trait, and two very nice higher rank traits. The corruptions are ok, one of the I would never use (Power for Damage) Personally I feel that the warleader gets better stuff, but I’m sure that’s highly depending on play style. All in all I think that all the starter packages will be around that 2955 TP in value, which is not a bad deal. Not super great, but with the cosmetic thrown in for free a good starter deal.



Dear M & G,

I met this guy while doing my Garsfeld Guppy quest.

I shared the secret to finding the guppies only to see him start pulling in LEGENDARY BOWS!!!!

BTW:  He never did share what bait he was using….. :P

Brigo Broadbelt

The Marauders kin

Crickhollow server




Happy anniversary. I started celebrating anniversaries of my birthday after a certain age ending with a 9 ;)

This is just another anniversary of your 29th birthday, doesn’t that sound better?


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Recorded March 16, 2013

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  1. Pasduil Says:

    I checked into the game today to find I have gotten two unexpected lots of 500TP with the description “Bonus – CS VIP Point Adjustment”.

    What is this all about? Is it a mistake, or something we were told about?

    Btw currently, I am no longer VIP, I downgraded a week or two ago.


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    Aegraes Says:

    i tell you how to say my name and you fail also sorry about the very bad grammar next time i will proofread it twice


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