Episode 187: Looning In

March 3, 2013

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DumidumThis week we had several dev diaries to go over for Update 10, a new store exclusive steed, news on Turbine PAX East party, bullroarer notes, store sales and more!

Goldenstar’s Dum group this week struggled saving Golodir from the Rift skirmish and had to read Pineleaf’s guide for tips on how to not kill the little sissy. Goldenstar herself didn’t do much this week. Some Hytbold dailies probably. She also got her jeweler is now an Eastermnet Master Jeweler.

Merric says he did Hytbold stuff.

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I just found a collection of UI skins at:

http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info581-JRRSkinscollection-Atributetomiddleearth.html and I would like you guys to share it because I think it looks amazing and I want more people to know about it! :)
~Oli of the Vilya Server


Hello Merric and Goldenstar

With all this talk of Warden Main Stat changing to Agility, honestly I’m still confused from the original creation of  “Main Stats” for all classes. I’m a Guardian and actually couldn’t tell you if my main stat is Vitality or Might.  Is there a good link to what each stat does for each class and what each classes’ main stat is? Cheers


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Recorded March 2, 2013

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5 Responses to “Episode 187: Looning In”

  1. Sigela Says:

    I feel your pain in Cliving, Goldenstar.

    I can’t hit those banners to save my life. First time I tried to do that daily, I lost all my time trying to move the button bars out from under my quick slots so I could actually use them.

    Now that you’re done ranting, I’ll pick up the baton for my leg of the relay. ;)

    Love you guys! (I haven’t even finished listening to the ‘cast. I got so excited to have a sister in pain that I posted while I listen.)


    • davidt Says:

      Since the faster you are moving the greater your miss chance will be, stop before you throw the spear at the banner.


  2. Avatar of Pineleaf
    Pineleaf Says:

    Concerning group content in the Volume III epic: there are two instance quests in Volume III Book 3 (in Enedwaith) that are designed for full fellowships. Both of these instance provide an inspirational bonus if you are alone, which may explain why you forgot about these. One of these is the instance where you enter a tomb to face some Kergrim, The other is the final instance in the book (Echoes of the Dead) where you face oatbreakers


  3. Tapkoh Says:

    I think a lot of confusion could be avoided if everyone defined “main stat” as the stat from which you gain your mastery rating(s) rather than the one you should stack. As a tank, you’re inclined/encouraged to stack vitality, not might or agility, even though those are now one’s “main stat.”

    Or they renamed it to Mastery Stat or something. Either way it’s very confusing potentially for new players given that Turbine never revamped older gear. All that medium and heavy armor with will and burglar gear with might, for example, can’t be making this any clearer.


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