Episode 188: It’s Goldenstar’s Birthday!

March 10, 2013

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HobbitHoleThis week we talk about Update 10’s release, dev diary, screenshots, known issues, developer bites, store updates and more!

Goldenstar’s Dum group did the Mirkwood instance, Dungeons, this week and pretty much were not huge fans of the mechanics of it. She’s also has apparently given up on Hytbold. Oh also it is her birthday.

Merric did some Hytbold but very little and also feeling the grind of the city. He’s working on a new cosmetic item for his Captain and is thinking of starting a leveling duo with his captain and Goldenstar’s Rune-keeper. He has begun planning a Captain roundtable. *Gasp*

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Braag of Vilya:

Hey Mergoldrickstar,

I had a brainstorm the other day about housing and wanted to know if you had seen this idea offered anywhere when the Devs requested feedback. I don’t remember seeing it on your poll, but this would be my first choice for the #1 feature.


- Braag of Vilya


One feature that I have not heard discussed which I think would be a win-win for Turbine and the Community would be the ability to save multiple decoration options or ‘layouts’ for your house similar to what we have with the cosmetic outfit system or the desired Class trait configuration saves that are supposedly in the works based on the design for Warsteed trait configurations.

This would allow you (after purchasing additonal ‘House Layout Options’ from the Turbine Store for hopefully a REASONABLE price), to switch out your home decor at the push of a button to a pre-set layout of wallpapers, flooring, music and items. I could easily picture seasonal settings that I would prefer or even specific holiday layouts for Halloween, Christmas, etc.. based on the themed Festival Items available.

Think of how vibrant a neighborhood would be if the empty houses were gone and people were constantly swapping out their decorations for the season! The reason people don’t redecorate their homes constantly is that it is too much work and there is not enought storage room to keep all of the items you would need for multiple themes, but if you could either use a wardrobe like system to store housing items (Note: More revenue opportunity Turbine!) or the ability to equip an item cosmetically to a layout and then discard it then the storage issue goes away and the ability to switch to a saved layout dynamically would take all the hard work away.

This would reincent people to make a point of collecting new housing items. If you have been playing the game for years, chances are your house decor is stale and you have more housing items then you could ever display at one time in the current scheme so the motivation to collect new items is very low unless it is something new and special in which case you need to throw out an old treasure.

This design would create a ton of revenue for Turbine (which would hopefully more than offset the additonal DB storage space needed for it) and make a lot of players extremely happy while enriching the Festival, Instance and role–play loving toons. Doesn’t that cover just about everyone!

- Braag of Vilya

Aerindis of Vilya

Dear Merric & Goldenstar,

As a premium player on a budget, knowing when it’s worth spending my hard-earned TP and when to hold out is of particular importance to me. So, I’ve dedicated some of my crafting and travel time to mining the CSTM archives of weekly store sales for data. The result is a spreadsheet with a year’s worth of information to help guide purchases. Since I never would have created this without your website, I felt it only right that I share with you. It could be neater and include more information, but generally fulfills its purpose by being searchable. Thanks for your podcast and website, they are both wonderful.

Aerindis of Vilya

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Recorded March 9, 2013

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8 Responses to “Episode 188: It’s Goldenstar’s Birthday!”

  1. Tinker Says:

    Many Happy Returns of the Day Goldenstar! May your celebration be has lovely and generous as you are. :-)


  2. davidt Says:

    Happy 21st Goldenstar!


  3. Giftel Says:

    Great podcast!

    Regarding housing: I totally agree we need more storage. Also the space in the houses is wasted. If Turbine would ditch their dated hook system we could use more of our housing items and our homes would all be much more unique. Just saying!

    Happy Birthday Goldenstar!


  4. Avatar of eleen scholten
    eleen scholten Says:

    happy birthday gs
    was a great podcast
    all i did fall asleep half way -_- a shamed
    i try to stay awake next time :p


  5. Ralph Says:

    Happy anniversary. I started celebrating anniversaries of my birthday after a certain age ending with a 9 ;)

    BTW, You forgot to mention the most game breaking horrible bug introduced in U10.

    Hobby Horses no longer work in towns. How they managed to break that, I have no idea, but they did. :(

    So, I can now safely ride my hobby horse only out in the empty wilderness by myself. They better work on the animations a LOT more, I need water drinking, and be able to feed them apples, and…



  6. Odewulf Says:

    A (late) happy birthday Goldenstar!

    On the topic of roundtables, while I’m extremely glad to hear these will be back I find it’s a little odd to start with the Captain as it’s the only class that already has 2 round tables devoted to it! Episode 45a (way back)and again episode 129 in 2012.



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