Goldenstar’s Anti-Fashion

March 11, 2013


In the theme of Fashion Week this week, I thought I’d share with you this little nugget. On episode 188, I talked about how I thought my Rune-keeper is still wearing cosmetics granted from Isengard pre-order and I was correct. I was thinking I should probably update her look and opened the character screen and was horrified by what I saw.

This is her armor (non-cosmetic gear):


After having a good laugh and deciding her Isengard cosmetics weren’t so bad. I decided to take a look at my other character’s armor as well. None seemed to be as mismatched as the rune-keeper. Goldenstar looks the best in all matching Hytbold armor.


Still it is good for a giggle. I’m so used to just paying attention to what I wear cosmetically I don’t really look at the armor. Have you taken a look at what your character is actually equipping lately? Thank goodness for the cosmetic system!

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18 Responses to “Goldenstar’s Anti-Fashion”

  1. Avatar of Gene Jones
    Gene Jones Says:

    I’ve enjoyed the cosmetic system almost as long as I’ve been playing, but I hit critical mass a few weeks ago and finally got tired of ‘levelling gear’ completely. Now I have (or am getting) all my characters cosmetically outfitted so I never have to see the horribad-looking gear that I’m usually wearing. I suppose some of the Hytbold sets look really good, but my only 85 is a RK and the RK sets don’t look good (to me, at least) so I have him outfitted with a hat and the Death Shroud, both dyed black. I keep my healing rune-satchel dyed green and my DPS one dyed red so I can quickly see just by looking at him which stone/bag he’s wearing. It’s a very simple look that appeals greatly to me.


  2. susan Says:

    lol, this is a great topic. I scare myself on the rare times when I look at my alts and what they are wearing. Your RK could go for the worst dressed list, followed by your drab LM, but the rest arent too bad. I rather like your burglar gear.

    Most of my alts are still wearing the beginner set of armor, lord.


  3. Cretgren Says:

    I never use cosmetics, so I always see what my character is wearing. The Rohan heavy armor isn’t too bad looking.


  4. Kazren Says:

    The ‘real’ clothes are all pretty ugly, except for the level 80 Rune Keeper’s outfit (female), which is actually very fashionable. I’m so glad we have cosmetics! The Heavy armor has much nicer-looking gear.


  5. LilyRose Says:

    The only armor set I’ve retained cosmetically is the Draigoch pieces-I like the way it makes my wee hobbit look fierce. :D

    Also, I got plenty scorched to get that darn set. I’m kinda attached.


  6. Ravanel Says:

    Hahaha, that equipment indeed looks terrible! ^^

    Luckily the characters I play most are level capped and wear raid gear sets, that usually look alright. This is a good thing, imagine going into EM like you are – no other option than equipment to show! :O


  7. Pointy Says:

    My Lore Master’s armour is all in a lovely shade of pink for some reason. And green. Pink and green. On the SAME item. Which I haven’t dyed. Egads what are the designers on??


  8. Pointy Says:

    What is your dressing room there, btw? It looks like it might be big, and it’s rather nicely backgrounded (it’s a word, I said so just now!). I tried one of the ones I was recommended for being big, but it’s actually rather hard to see as it just puts a big me in front of the regular screen, and then because of that, I can’t click anything once I’ve tried on the same piece. I’m looking for a new one. :)


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      That’s actually the equipment tab in the default cosmetic outfit panel.

      For dressing room mods, I use B.D.R.X. (found at which I think is the one you’re talking about. I had issues with it being too large as well, and had to manually change the size so that it doesn’t take up my whole screen and can be moved about as needed. There are instructions on the download page for how to change the size on the dressing room so it’s not too huge.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Ketani is correct. It is just the regular character panel you see when you push the “C” button. That isn’t the dressing room.


  9. Katiepie Says:

    I rather like the “grunge” look!


  10. Giftel Says:

    Am I the only player who wishes our wardrobes held more than 140 items?

    Speaking of Anti-Fashion: I once saw a hobbit in Bree dressed only in her ‘underoos’ with a beer stein in her hand…while staggering. That was good for all sorts of RP’ing fun. ;-)


    • Siqua of Landroval Says:

      I would fill a wardrobe if it had 500 slots and I certainly don’t put a lot of effort into my characters’ outfits. Usually it’s just to mask the incredabad low-level gear or to put pants on my loremasters.

      I wish there was a way to box up outfits so they only took one slot in wardrobe and could be applied to a character with one drag rather than a half-dozen.


  11. Dan Says:

    Is it just me? — am I really and truly that fashion-impaired? – because all of those outfits look pretty good to me. Can someone highlight what makes these so supposedly awful?


  12. Aohh Says:

    Which wardrobe plug-in is that by the way?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      It’s not a plugin at all. Its just my normal UI character sheet. I do have a skin on. Like BGH something something. But I don’t recall that it does much to that screen view.


  13. Avatar of Andrew
    Andrew Says:

    I personally have over 50 cosmetic items i switch in and out. Problem, I’m about 8 months into playing LOTRO.


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