Steed of Nightwood Now Available

March 1, 2013


Store_NightwoodTurbine has released new store exclusive steed. Starting today until March 31, 2013, you can pick up the brand new Steed of Nightwood.

As a general observation, this is the second steed to be released with a month long duration. Steed of the Khundolar was available all of February. I wonder if we’re getting a steed a month?

Merric was able to get a screenshot of the steed in-game to show us a full body shot. These pictures are with the war-steed model and doesn’t include dying options. If you purchase this horse and are willing to share, we’d love to have screenshots of the travel mount look and dying options as well!

Nightwood01 Nightwood03

This steed has barding made of heavy leather and thick cloth, decorated with an Elvish design.

Dye Screenshots

Special thank you to Cagney of Landroval for sharing screenshots of her warsteed with the Nightwood cosmetics dyed evendim blue to show where the dye is applied on this cosmetic set. I admit, it is not was expected. I had expected the kind of beige area to dye more than the grey area.

Nightwood4 Nightwood5

This mount is as fast (+68%) and same morale (250 HP) as the previous store exclusive mounts with the same price tag. This steed is a per character purchase so be sure you spend the Turbine Points on the character you want riding this.

Purchasing this steed will also allow you the use of the appearance items for your War-steed (does not include hide/tail coloring).

Store Location: Travel & Housing -> Mounts -> Store Exclusive
Levels: 5+
1,995 TP

If it is just the stats of the horse you are looking for, there are in-game alternatives. The Elf Ambassador and World Renown horses have equal stats but a different look. If it is the look or the cosmetics of this steed that has you enamored, this is your only option.

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31 Responses to “Steed of Nightwood Now Available”

  1. Bridget Says:

    I’d love to see them move away from the massive, flapping draperies they seem to put on so many steeds now!


  2. Goreamir Says:

    OK, enough already with all the new steed designs going to the store. Tehre were no rep mounts for Rohan at all, I guess thay have done away with that in favor of the $20 for one-character store mounts.


    • Moraiwë Says:

      But you get free horse clothes for your warsteed as you complete rep quests with each of the factions. Why would you need a second warsteed? By the time you complete the training course in Harwick, you’re going to be on top of that thing pretty much all the way through to Hytbold.


  3. Avatar of Gliredhel
    Gliredhel Says:

    ermagerd it’s ELFY!

    Do want.


  4. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    I also wish they’d get away from the tablecloths they keep putting on horses.

    The cost doesn’t bother me; it doesn’t affect gameplay and they’re optional (at the $20 per character price point, I won’t buy one).

    Like Goreamir above, I’d like to see new rep mounts for the new areas instead of just the store and festival horses.


  5. Mave Says:

    I don’t mind the draperies as much as I mind headpieces that completely cover the entire steed’s head. And why must they ALWAYS make huge regions of the items that are not dyeable? So no matter what color you dye it, you will be stuck with that awful pinkish yellow somewhere on the cosmetic.

    I didn’t really miss the rep mounts because we had our war steeds and doing all the quests in Rohan gives you those cosmetic sets, which I think makes up for a it a bit. I mean, in Rohan the war steed really was the whole point. But it would have been nice to get a nice cosmetic set for completing Hytbold. What an underwhelming event that was. A couple titles I’ll never use. Whoopty doo.


  6. Liesmith Says:

    Ohhh… ohhh I want this horse.


  7. Strunto Says:

    A bit off topic, but while we’re throwing all our wishes into a cap, I wish there were more saddle options in game that didn’t involve buying a complete set of cosmetics.

    I actually really dig the design on this new horse, but I agree that the pattern of the dye is unfortunate. It’s like those Fall Festival cosmetics from a couple of years ago that kept that weird orange, beige, pinkish hue no matter what you dyed it. Blecch.


  8. susan Says:

    blah… another steed. that makes .. what…..80 of em now? I dont use but a fraction of mine.


    • Supergirl of Lorien Says:

      Hehe Susan…

      The Steed of Nightwood is Steed #102. :D

      You can see *All the Steeds* at


      • Elahedor Says:

        I count 103 – including the Bree Founders Steed. The old LOTROSteeds site lists this horse separately from the Bree Starters (which they call Breeland starters). I’ve never seen the founder’s steed.


        • susan Says:

          goodness, I had no idea. anyone else feel guilty when you dont take them out for a ride?


          • Supergirl of Lorien Says:

            Sometimes I do Susan… I have TonicBars setup to see all the steeds slotted. With the Warsteed now, I go look at them even less. /sob :)

            (The Founder’s Horse was free to founders; everyone else got to buy the Bree-starter horse with coin. They are identical with a different name if you were a founder or non-founder. It seems like they were expensive in olden days; now it only costs 200s.) “That still counts as one!” :D

  9. Avatar of Gliredhel
    Gliredhel Says:

    (looks at Dye example)….

    … I’m thinking Black. Yup.


  10. Morphen Says:

    Egads, the curse of steed collecting. Too far in to stop now >.<
    Wish I had stuck with non-store steeds.


  11. Daer Says:

    Here’s another look at the gear of Nightwood in default and dyed rust.


    • susan Says:

      rust looks very striking


    • Kirsche Says:

      I like the rust dye! I wonder what it would look like with burgundy or umber. I’ve never purchased a store exclusive steed because I still haven’t managed to get a char over 44 without rerolling them (and I’ve been playing on and off since beta). I rather like this one, though, and have almost 4000 TPs saved up.


  12. Icro Says:

    Sorry, how do you dye a steed? What are the requirements?


    • Strunto Says:

      You can only dye the warsteed cosmetic options. Once you acquire a warsteed (available at level 75. Not sure if you have to buy the Riders of Rohan expansion or not.) you’ll use the Shift-M command to open up the warsteed options. Here you can modify your warsteed’s traits and appearance settings, including dye color. You’ll have a small number of dye colors to choose from. The rest of them have to be unlocked in the Turbine store.


  13. Scooty Says:

    I saw this at the snowbourn stables and thought it might be better with some dye.

    Now I see how it does dye this is a skippable horse


  14. Avatar of Mzrts12
    Mzrts12 Says:

    more metal armored war steeds would be nice ;)


  15. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Khundolar is maybe the closest we’ve seen to a proper metal barding on a horse although the main barding was more of a mini skirt than armour by the length.

    I’m also still trying to figure out the logic behind that one as those guys were the enemy of choice in the GR region.

    Given the wealth of historical information on horses in swords and arrows wartime settings I’m quite surprised how badly thought out a lot of the designs actually have been. Only thing that has tended to be close are the shin guards.

    This one has some really strange choices for getting dyed and nothing about the look says to me anything about wood or night-time.


  16. Beryline Says:

    If wishes were horses, we’d have one heck of a herd!

    Here’s my addition to the herd: I would love to see a steed that had delicate Elven scrollwork, something similar to the work you see on the quivers in LOTR. Not these heavy handed things with muffled heads. Think light and airy. When will the elves get such a mount?


  17. Elvellon Says:

    Just a simple caparison/blanket with some subtle elven-fancy design and an ornamental heastall (as described by Tolkien in LOTR) instead of a fully armoured heavy gear would probably provide a decent lore-friendly elvish look.



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