Update 10.0.2 Release Notes

March 20, 2013


fires_of_smaug_01Today’s hot fix release notes have been posted. They aren’t very long so I have copied and pasted them here for you to read.

See the LOTRO Lorebook for the official release notes entry for Update 10.0.2.

Links to the release notes in French / German.

Release Notes: 10.0.2


  • Epic – Volume 1 – Book 10 – Chapter 5: Springing the Trap – This quest will no longer automatically fail.


  • Fixed a bug on the The Greater Armour of the Erebor Skald 4 -set bonuses for Warrior-Skald Minstrels. Altering the set bonus to have a chance to reset Cry of the Chorus rather than unlock the Coda.

Legendary Items

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes your LI Tracking field would get cleared out between sessions.


Northcotton Farm

  • Fixed an issue where Thadur could get stuck if you defeated the cauldron while he was talking

Bells of Dale

  • The final boss fight now resets properly.
  • Rats will now properly continue to spawn for the entire fight.
  • Challenge currency awards are now correct.
  • Challenge quest now will now properly re-bestow.

Great Barrow Cluster

  • The standard final boss chests in the Great Barrow instances will now give the appropriate Legendary quality item for each class.

Erebor Cluster

  • Tier 1 of the Flight to Lonely Mountain, Fires of Smaug and Battle for Erebor instances will now give 2nd age symbols, in place of 1st age symbols. Tier 2 (and the Challenges of these spaces) will continue to give the 1st age symbol.
  • Please note, Flight to the Lonely Mountain remains closed to players at this time.


  • Earth Wing: Proper boss chests should now spawn on both tiers.
  • Fixed a reset issue with the final boss.

Sammath Gul

  • Chests will appropriately appear on T1 and T2
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20 Responses to “Update 10.0.2 Release Notes”

  1. Marolytrien Says:

    “…Flight to the Lonely Mountain remains closed to players at this time. ” as opossed to whom? Bank investors? Army recruiters? Feminist actvists? IRS auditors?


  2. Joshua Says:

    In before everyone who was complaining that there was no reason to run T2 starts complaining that FA symbols don’t drop on T1 any more. ;P


  3. Ayalinda Says:

    I guess the big change in no first agers on tier 1.

    Not that it really effects me, I’ve only been doing T2, and I don’t really care if a more casual player gets a first age item.

    I do feel a little bad for people who didn’t get one before the change was made though, things tend to be easier to get hold of as the game progresses rather than harder.


  4. Thorcar Says:

    The drop rate for FA symbols on T1 was just silly. At this point, I don’t know why they are making the drop change since it seems like most of the level 85 population already has at least one FA. If they really wanted to correct the problem, it should of been done in the first hot fix.


  5. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    can we buy erebor armor without having to finish broken raid now?


    • Avatar of Fredelas
      Fredelas Says:

      No. Unless you finished Flight to the Lonely Mountain in the first 51 hours of its release, you still can’t barter for any of the new armour sets.


  6. Indy Says:

    I’m really glad to see they fixed the LI panel bug… that was annoying.


  7. Layanor Says:

    I do not understand why they give out this stuff on T1 to later retract it. This happened in the BG revamp as well.

    I think Turbine listens to the raid community. Cause it seems someone at Turbine really wants this stuff to be on T1.

    What I do not get is, why don’t they just lower the drop rate. Everyone farms something.

    The casual player option never works Turbine. No Casual player ever got a full set of OD armor. It took way to long.

    Now we are back to the same old rules. T2 players will all *or have already* get their stuff faster then everyone else. Then log off for three months. That makes you no money Turbine! However, casual players grinding out T1 stuff will! They will start buying all your legendary stuff in the store that fuels the game to keep going.

    The tier raid system should be about difficulty and higher chance to get the same loot. Not get better loot then another tier. It kills the lower tiers chance to get played! That means the casual version of it is dead in the water. Why even bother coding this?

    “Grabs Merric!” Lets go pug us a raid for fun! Come on dude, don’t chicken out *nudge nudge*. Ok it took us 45 mins to recruit 10 other players. Not sure why nobody runs this on T1 Merric. This raid looks fun! “Wipe three times” Well it seems all the new players to this raid are having a tough time. Thats ok tho because there is nothing to gain from this. Were in here for no reason, and no loot! Man this is fun! :D *Completes the raid with pug* Yay we did it! Now we just need to win it 200 more times so we can get a new weapon. You play a few times a week right? OK! In theory we will have our weapons after the next expansion! :D You can’t craft dude! Forget those alts! Listen to this song when your at work http://tinyurl.com/6tjrje4 and buy us a few cases of hot pockets. WE CAN CASUALY DO THIS!


  8. Tadpole Says:

    So, Turbine once again pandering to the elitist raid community. Not suprised but disapointed.


  9. Saurio Says:

    Although not mentioned in the release notes, I noticed that my mini was either using a lot more power after the update or that his ICPR had dropped considerably. Anyone else experience this? I realize that it makes combat more balanced, but I will miss being able to spam my group heals.


  10. Scott Says:

    Here is the bottom line…. If you are not a part of a raiding kin, and I mean hardcore have their act together raiding kin, and you already have toons with maxed out 2nd age weapons and class items,( I have 4 toons that this describes) those toons are done until the next expansion. Until they fix and open flight to the lonely mountain you can’t get a First Age symbol or any gear, so you are done.


  11. Tinker Says:

    I’ve noticed since the last hot’fix’ the regular mob drop-rate for ‘trash’ 3rd age LI’s in the fields of Rohan has fallen to almost zero for me. I used to be able to get a bunch to deconstruct for shards/relics just by farming humanoids all over Snowbourn and the Entwash, but now I’m left mostly high and dry. Is there a secret place to find lvl 84-85 LI’s that I’ve not discovered yet? Getting desperate here. :(


    • susan Says:

      really? I hope not, farming li’s was one of the ways I made enough relics to hope the barest hope to meld with, without having to do instances. dang


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