Update 10 Release Notes

March 6, 2013


bells_of_dale_04The release notes for Update 10 have been published and they are pretty extensive.  They contain information about the Warden changes, PvMP changes, changes to Critical Rating, Scaling, new dungeons, and more!  Of course there are some hidden gems in them as well to bring a smile to your face, so check them out and let us know what you’re looking forward to the most!

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23 Responses to “Update 10 Release Notes”

  1. chewienl Says:

    I see both good and bad changes and am ready for it however i didnt had time to log bullroarer during the U10 testing so in stuck with a few questions :

    Which instances/content drop seals?
    If i do all raids t1 first to unlock the 1et ages, will the cost drop in seals if i redo them later on t2 or will the prices stay at the first unlock?


  2. Sigela Says:

    I decided to be a good little hobbit and jotted down stats on my three squishies (to see what the will changes do to them) and my higest level warden (to see if anything really noticeable happens as might gets replaced by agility).

    So far, the most important thing I’ve gotten from Update 10 is a renewed sense of “I really have no idea what I’m doing with my gear.” rofl


  3. Megarelix Says:

    WB/Turbine should hire someone to translate their posts into English. Seriously. Typos aside, the writing is abysmal.

    On the lighter note – a quote from update notes: “Other forums of dead will continue to exist as before.” Ain’t this sweet?


  4. Brainslug Says:

    “Stunland” (Dunland) Brigands, while very stunning, have been told that too much of a good thing is never good. As a result, they’ve agreed to do significantly less stun and much more fun!

    Haha, epic win :)


  5. Greyfell of Crickholllow Says:

    And here is this patch note’s bit of comedy:

    Exciting new words have been added to the patch notes here because, well, they’re exciting!


    love that.


  6. Hugestaff of Windfola Says:

    So very disappointed in the changes to loremasters that were simply glossed over by Turbine. I’ve dropped 2000 power now, over 25% loss, and hits in other stats too, but hey, on the upside, my morale increased 200 points, woohoo? Well at least our main stats are still the same. Thanks Turbine, I’m sure this is going to be a really really great improvement. Really.


    • Groo Says:

      Double check your ICPR. I noticed a similar change on my mini. His power dropped from almost 10k to 7.5k. However due to the fate changes his IPCR over doubled. So hopefully they will balance themselves out.


    • buckyball Says:

      If you lost 25% of your power but you use power at 50% lower rate than before you actually have a net win. Try it out in the ladndscape a bit. You’ll find that you never, EVER run out of power now. I can’t even get my power below 75% of the blue bar.


  7. Wyllo Says:

    Paucity ..
    Yup, that would be it.
    What I am most looking forward to :)
    More Paucity, which will eventually lead to less :)


  8. Goreamir Says:

    Updating now…so basically when I log in I should expect to see my hunter’s crit rating in the toilet? Does that pretty much sum it up?


    • Scott Says:

      Ok so I have a level 85 hunter as well. Her crit rating was around 11k. Now it’s 9k, but the dps on my bow is higher I think and I don’t have power issues so its not a bad trade off.


    • Avatar of Rinon
      Rinon Says:

      I was expecting my burg’s crit chance to be sunk, but it was actually slightly higher than before. If you have a high Agility build you were probably into diminishing returns anyway, whereas now you get a contribution from Fate as well as Agility.


  9. Wilros Says:

    Frodo claimed to be a Man, not a hobbit, during Volume III Book 7. We told him he was wrong. Very, Very wrong.


  10. RoyalBob of DD Says:

    I thought the alienware light turning red in combat thing was interesting. Is that a common thing for games to do?


    • Damper Says:

      If you are prepared to shell out a lot of dough for a gaming system that you can get a lot cheaper elsewhere :)

      LoTRO is one of the few games that uses the LCD-screen on Logitech G-series keyboards though, so it always shows char-stats, location and hope-rating.


  11. Pickle Says:

    Forums of dead? lol


  12. Michele Says:

    “Effect icons and map notes should no longer flicker when running with DX10 and DX11″. Doesn’t work for me, they still flicker, and its annoying.


    • mrtoad Says:

      Michele — you have the latest drivers? The flickering issue was fixed for me, I have a Geforce 570. Sorry to hear it’s not fixed for you.


    • Thraorin Says:

      For me the flickering bug is fixed now (GeForce GTX 660M, driver version 314.14).


  13. Avatar of MagonDead
    MagonDead Says:

    Actually the whole DX11 mode was not working for me before U10. Now it is flawless, so I am happy.


  14. Pasduil Says:

    I’ve had to turn my graphics settings down since U10, and I know some of my friends have been doing the same. Anyone else had this?

    Were there even supposed to be any changed to graphics with the update? I didn’t see anything mentioned in any notes.

    DX11 was fine for me before, btw.



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