2013 LOTRO Player Council Members Announced

April 26, 2013


Last month LOTRO announced the details an open applications for the first player council. The council is to act as direct player feedback and comments on game ideas to Turbine for one calendar year.

Today Turbine has announced who our 2013 Player Council will be! Players are listed by server and share their player name as well as their country of origin. These players cannot discuss their activity on the council as they are under NDA but you do know someone you can perhaps share some of your concerns with that has a direct link to Turbine.

There are 70 names on the list and every server is represented although Sapience says that was a “happy coincidence” and not by design.

Go check out the list of our player council!

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19 Responses to “2013 LOTRO Player Council Members Announced”

  1. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    Leaves us with at least 5 more representives who need to check in!


  2. Mithrad Says:

    Congrats to Harperella and everyone else who made the list!


  3. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    Poll: “Had you interacted with the servers Player Council representatives who reside on your primary game world prior to the announcement?” #lotrocouncil

    A.Yes. Positively
    B.Yes. Negitively
    D.Who are our reps again?


  4. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    Woot Harperella!


  5. Pointy Says:

    I’m rather concerned that every server being represented was ‘happy coincidence’. Surely that SHOULD have been by design? If not all servers were represented, then how would that have felt for those on an unrepresented one?


    • Nusnogard Says:

      I thought it was by design when I saw the announcement. Not only that, but I figured they grabbed a certain amount of council members for each server based on server population, too…


    • Joshua Says:

      The goal was to represent every type of player, not necessarily every server. The idea being that there’s not really a dramatically different experience of the game between servers, not like there is between, say, PvMP and PvE soloers or raiders vs. RPers.


  6. Floradine Says:

    Hello everyone, if you have an idea in the field of roleplay, housing or the music system feel free to contact me. Find me on the forums as “Glenwin” or send me an email to floradine.strongfoot@gmail.net
    I set up this mail address specifically for everthing regarding the lotro council.


  7. Floradine Says:

    Hello everyone, if you have an idea in the field of roleplay, housing or the music system feel free to contact me. Find me on the forums as “Glenwin” or send me an email to floradine.strongfoot@gmail.com
    I set up this mail address specifically for everything regarding the lotro council. You can also contact me on Twitter. My name there is @Floradine_S


  8. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:

    Congrats to those who are representing the players, I look forward to positive and fun changes that arise from the dialogue between the devs and the end users!
    Well done Flo, Kira and Harp!


  9. Mr Warg Says:

    Ola All!

    I too would like to introduce myself as one of your councillors for the Laurelin server.

    Please feel free to contact me with any feedback you may have and I look forward to representing you.

    email: mrwarg AT theartofwarg
    Twitter @scotsboyuk OR @theartofwarg
    web: http://theartofwarg.com


    • Mr Warg Says:

      Doh! That email address should be mrwarg AT theartofwarg.com


      • Cadronas Says:

        Glad you got on Mr Warg. I like your website and find your observations are creep/freep balanced which is what is required for a rep. Nice to have an experienced PVMPer.


    • Thorcar Says:

      Between you and Yicky on the player council, I feel pretty confident in PvP being addressed well. It is a shame that the hardcore raiders have been neglected, though.


  10. Kia Says:

    Seriously Firfoot? A representative is named ”Shezgotnyctips”? Says that fast just to see what everyone else hears…


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