Episode 193: Helms Deep Expansion

April 28, 2013

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ScreenShot01353This episode we talk about the big announcement of Helms Deep, update 11 on bullroarer, upcoming changes to the LOTRO site, player council and more!

This week we had three Dums go and smash through the Warg Pens in Mirkwood. Then we returned to creeping. Silvers won a war-steed appearance from the anniversary festival envelopes. Otherwise she played a lot of Tomb Raider.

Merric wasn’t sure he did anything this week. Maybe something with is Warden?

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I was told to submit this picture of our wedding cake (just married on the 25th of March). It’s LotRO based since my husband and I met in the game a few years past.


Amberle (Hobbit Minstrel Isabela)CAKE


Hey Merrick and Goldenstar,

So…I’ve got a problem. My dumb computer keeps crashing when I take my 85 guard into Rohan. It seems to happen only in that area. I’ve check the forums…and have done a couple of things to try to fix it. Turning down Player Quality, Turning off Post Particle Effects, and stuff like that. To no avail. Are there any other people who are crashing lots only in Rohan? My computer isn’t great…but it shouldn’t be doing this. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time! Love the site/podcast/you guys,



Dear Goldenstar and Merric,

I listen to your CSTM podcast by going to the weekly episode show notes webpage and clicking on the play button at the end of the notes.  For the longest time (since I began listening), however, I have been having odd technical problems with the progress bar that opens up.  Although there is text below the bar that indicates the alleged length of the show, the show never actually ends at the specified time.  Instead, the bar fills and fills as the show plays, but when it reaches the designated end point, it just keeps going.  You two are literally exceeding the bar every week!  Not that I mind the length.  The same issue happens whether the show is 45 minutes or 90 minutes long.  The problem is that, if I miss something and want to hear it again, I may end up having to go back 10-15 minutes in the conversation because that is the where the progress bar ended.

The problem I have been having may be related to another issue that I have when listening to the show:  pausing.  I listen at work and so I often have to pause the show if I have to deliver something to one of my coworkers.  When I click “play” to resume the show, it almost always pushes me back 2-3 minutes earlier in the show.  So, if I paused during town crier, when I resume I could be back in the intro.  The pausing issue happens at any time during the podcast, whether the progress bar is filled yet or not.

We are still using IE8 at work, so I don’t know if that is the issue, or if this happens to everyone.  I don’t have the same issue with other podcasts that appear to use the same or a similar progress bar.

The show is good enough that I’ve been muddling through the timing issues for over a year.  I wasn’t sure if they have ever been brought to your attention, however, or if I’m the only one, and so I thought I would finally speak up.  It’s not really a huge issue, just a quality of life thing.

Thanks for being so receptive to feedback!


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Recorded April 27, 2013

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6 Responses to “Episode 193: Helms Deep Expansion”

  1. Avatar of Chromite
    Chromite Says:

    Hmm I don’t see any links for Ben’s question. I’ll just link the thread I created way back when RoI released (when many of the problems started happening):


    It has some suggestions and a way to reverse it. Please make sure to read the red text!


  2. Kiralynn Says:

    Joe, I have the exact same problem listening to this podcast, but no others. Pause always jumps me back between 15 and 30 minutes, so I hate to do it. This happens whether I use the latest version of IE or Firefox.

    Is there some way to put little time bookmarks to particular segments?


  3. Thieleplex Says:

    My vision of Helms Deep
    Daily quests for level 10+ that send aid to the battle completing quests like these as a community add buffs to higher level players at the battle. Also they could help contribute to the refugee train in some way before the battle takes place. Along with this I think the moors will also have an impact like this with the capture of keeps, buffs can be added to the enemy or the freeps.
    I also envision an instance which is pvmp. The scene from the movie with the torch runner will be made into an instance where the freeps must hold of the creeps from reaching the bomb; possibly with a creep being chosen at random to be the torch bearer. This would allow high level content while allowing for lower levels to take part in the outside non-consolidated battle where they fight mobs far under the level cap but which come in massive waves to still add challenge. This wouldn’t be an instance or session play but just a function of the zone.
    I think turbine will set aside the lore to allow for characters that players have invested lots of time and work into to take part in the battle. (Looks like we’ll need a lot of boxes!)
    At some point if you reach a goal such as killing a certain number of mobs and completing quests you are allowed to enter a solo instance of you being pushed back to the central keep and then charging out with king Théoden into the sun and meeting up with Gandalf. This could be gated to max level players and could be a mounted combat instance.
    This would be my ideal Helms Deep



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