Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 4: On the Farm

April 4, 2013


On The Farm

Hello and welcome to another offering of Lilikate’s Creatures. It has been quite a busy week trying to tame rabbits and catch chickens.

If you have any suggestions for future episodes of Lilikate’s Creatures please leave your ideas in the comments section below. I shall be concluding the Animals of The Shire in another few episodes, and after a short respite Lilikate Buggins will wander outside the bounds of her beloved homeland.


Hullo! The Stable master has been paid! So saddle up for a long days riding. Straw hats compulsory as we travel all over The Shire visiting farms. I hope you packed a large picnic. Lets begin our discovery of domesticated animals in this episode of Lilikate’s Creatures!



Most farms have a cat or several to hunt rodents and chase the vermin away. During the day they prefer to snooze in the sunshine. I must admit to being quite fond of cats.



Sandson’s Farm has a reputation as being the best chicken farm in all the Four Farthings. Some of the best laying hens have even been named by the local farmer here. We have Moonlight, Bellina, Pimpinella, Bellflower, Cineraria and Telltime.



This Rooster “George” protects his hens and guards the nests. Recently George has been acting a little strangely. I wonder what can be bothering him so much? Probably all the howling coming from the Brownlock Farm!

6.Mathom Steed-001

Mathom Steed

The Mathom Society award it’s most capable collectors with a chance to own a special steed. With rare and distinctive black and white colouring. A very comfortable saddle too!



The local farmer seems to love rabbits, that or the rabbits love his crop! Like the wild Coney they are extremely timid. Quite difficult to get a good look at them. Have a look for a rabbit in the Bird and Baby.



Budgeford is the place to be if you are fond of all things pig related. They have large pens devoted to raising these creatures. Plenty of food, mud and a shelter from bad weather. Shout out to Old Sally, a wonderful creature from Tuckborough.



Bucklanders are proud of their dairy herds, but this one Heifer seems to have found an unlikely spot of grazing. I wonder if she will ever be persuaded to come down.



I thought this piggy family so cute! I just had to share the scene with you all. I think they are lovely!



Bamfurlong is famous for mushrooms, but trespassers will have to brave these find dogs. Fang is sleepy, Grip likes to stay close to his master but Wolf patrols the farm constantly making sure that all is well.



I have noticed in my travels that sheep generally wander about just as they please. Brockenborings is a fine example of this practice. However here there is rumour of danger to the north. More care is needed to prevent the sheep from being stolen.



Graceful, tall and proud. These ponies carry Hobbits and baggage throughout The Shire. I have even seen Dwarves upon ponies too! The Stable Master can help you, if you have travelling needs.

15.Next time 1-001

Next time we head north again to the Greenfields and brave the Old Forest in another episode of Lilikate’s Creatures.

Haha!   Look at Derriden trying to catch that Chook!

Thank You

Derriden DowniverLittle HensDerriden Down river thank you for your help in rounding up those frisky hens.

Mornawen, Caiyyd and Aalloria for being amazing chooks!

Special Mention

TinuivorI would also like to thank Tinuivor for a very generous gift of Critted Skirmishers Armour. Now all spiders and beasties in Oatbarton will fear me!

See you next time.

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12 Responses to “Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 4: On the Farm”

  1. susan Says:

    very cute and well done :-)


  2. DJPimpDaddy Says:

    These articles are the best. They always brighten my day. Keep it up Lilikate!


  3. Floradine Says:

    And another overly cute report by the famous Lilikate! I looooove your articles, please please continue as long as possible to lighten out hearts with them :D

    About that rooster… I tell you that rooster isn’t all sane in his head. He is a control freak and watches after his chickens so often that it makes them very nervous. When I once visited the farm I saw the chicken going mad about him and I had to write a song about the whole situation:´s-chickenfarm/


  4. Harperella Says:

    Keep em coming, Lilikate! This was a good one!


  5. khorgrim Says:

    Nicely done. I’m glad others are able to continue to give new perspectives on the game and keep it interesting.


  6. Mericc Of Nimrodel Says:

    Very nice Miss Lilikate


  7. Belwynne Says:

    Love it! Makes me smile!


  8. Daruma Says:

    I really love your series, Lilikate! (Reminds me of the wonderful “Living in Annuminas, Moria, Rivendell, etc.” series from 2011/2012. Which, I hope, will return one day ^_^)


  9. Hobbitmeister Says:

    love this series!! Keep up the awesome work LiliKate! :)


  10. Gennyrose Says:

    Yay, another Lilikate episode! Maybe the cutest one yet, and that’s saying something!


  11. Danania Says:

    Lilikate, Excellent as always. I cant help but smile every time I read your articles. :D Beware the living trees of the Old Forest.


  12. Zyngor Says:

    Very awesome Kate, oh Master of Chickens, Herder of Sheep, Hopper of the Bunnies – good travels!

    Though the forest may be Old, a new danger lurks around every bend and beyond every drooping spider web – beware!


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