Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 5: Bound Beater.

April 24, 2013


Bound Beater Collage


Welcome to another addition of Lilikate’s Creatures! I would like to wish you all happy LOTRO anniversary. Just remember to be safe lighting all those glorious fireworks.



Today we are going to be taking a quick peek behind the High Hay, heading into the Old Forest. Then over the Brandywine Bridge to look at life on the fields. Join me Lilikate, as I go Beating the Bounds.

The Old Forest

The Old Forest

Any one could think that not much can survive in such a dark and dingy forest. However there is an abundance of life to be discovered just a few minutes from the High Hay.  Numerous Bears, Wolves and Bats can be found under the leaves and branches. We’re not going too far in, not today anyway!

Elder Forest Hunter

Elder Forest Hunter

The Elder Forest Hunter has this big grey shaggy fur. He can hide in the undergrowth, remain unseen until he is ready to pounce on his prey.

Bark Shredder Bear

Barkshredder Bears

These “Barkshredder” Bears are so called for their feeding activity, they must lick the bark sap, or feast on insects that live in these big shaggy trees. They seem to be doing quite well as a group, there are many Cubs.

Flittering Gloom Wing

Flittering Gloom-wing Bats

Flittering Gloom-wing bats have been discovered here, I think they roost high in the trees, there they remain out of reach from forest predators. Their droppings make good fertilizer, so they in turn help keep the forest green and growing.

Broken Oak Root

Broken Oak Roots

Strange as it may seem, these roots will actually strike those more mobile, watch out for Broken Oak Roots! The Old Forest is a queer place indeed!



Here at these Ruins near Budgeford dwells Laugfut, a huge Warg! He is the leader of these wolves.  An Elf in Woody End told me the Warg is from Angmar, which I hear is a very bad land to the north.



Between the banks of the River Brandywine and the Budgeford-Scary Road lies the Bridgefields. Lush green land dotted with trees and with very little settlement. Many creatures live in these lands; black bears, wolves, red foxes, coneys, and White-tailed Deer.



Badgers can be found on the Bridgefields and the Greenfields, North of Brokenborings. With distinctive little stripey pointed noses. Eating mostly small insects and living in badger communities dug into the earth. Peaceful creatures if left undisturbed.

Great Brown Bat

Great Brown Bats

Great Brown Bats have an impressive wing span. The bats fingers are joined by this membrane that makes flight possible for these creatures. Bats never used to be this numerous in these parts. Locals like to keep the numbers of bats to a minimum as they have been known to be hostile and have attacked hobbits in the day time!

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel

I have only seen two Grey Squirrels in the entire Shire. One haunts a Took in the Great Smials heehee… and this one! When the Great Bat numbers are lowered these small creatures have a chance to return to these lands. Once part of the great kingdom of Arnor.



Oh my goodness! Look at this little Bird! I have only ever seen it’s like as in a cage. How wonderful! I thought that these small creatures were no longer found in The Shire. I am so happy to discover this little creature wild and free!

Next Time

Next Time

I bid you a fond farewell, from me and this delightful tiny creature! We will remain in the Shire and Old Forest for next time on Lilikate’s Creatures we investigate the Secret Lives of Spiders!

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15 Responses to “Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 5: Bound Beater.”

  1. Brainslug Says:

    Amazing screenshots as always, loved the one with the bird.


  2. TSU Says:

    Amazing Job

    I was thinking of doing a series of horned animals in LOTRO after posting a screenshot of my char carrying an Auroch’s skull in North Downs…

    Of course with my twisted mentality it would be called ‘Middle Earth’s Horny monsters.’

    Must did up the chimera pic I took in Ered Luin…stagfoxrabbit

    chi‧me‧ra , chimaera [countable]
    1 formal something, especially an idea or hope, that is not really possible and can never exist:
    trying to present that chimera, ‘a balanced view’
    2 an imaginary creature that breathes fire and has a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a snake’s tail


  3. Byrcha of Landroval Says:

    Hooray for more lili-creatures!


  4. LilyRose Says:

    Another wonderful installment introducing the wild world of Middle Earth.

    Brava, Lilikate!


  5. Avatar of Aehro
    Aehro Says:

    Great work, love the shot of the two bats in the title image.



  6. Thraorin Says:

    A big thumbs-up for another lovely episode. :D


  7. BarrelRider Says:

    Wonderful as always, Lilikate! And so informative. :)
    I especially love that little bird at the end! He’s precious.


  8. Gennyrose Says:

    Cripes! Careful in the old forest, Lilikate! And the bird and squirrel are adorable!


  9. Avatar of JohnGee
    JohnGee Says:

    Thank you Lilikate another wonderful episode!! ;)


  10. Mericc Of Nimrodel Says:

    Goodness! some dangerous creatures in the Old Forest. I hope Miss Lilikate took proper precautions?


  11. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:

    Thankyou everyone who has left a supportive comment!



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