LOTRO 6th Anniversary Festival Guide

April 16, 2013

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LOTRO is celebrating six years! This year’s event is going on from April 16 – 30th May 6th.

The quests are mostly broken up into four major regions in Middle Earth.

  • Bree Firework Stand by North Gate (29.1S, 52.2W Bree-town)
  • Bree Boar Fountain (63.95N, 132.90W Bree-town)
  • Thorin’s Hall (13.48S, 103.2W Thorin’s Gate) – in the underground Tavern
  • Shire Methel Stage (32.68S, 69.92W)

Not included in this festival
Most festivals mean certain things are also available by default. The horse races are active for this festival but the other festival extras like the dance quests, Inn League/Ale Association are not active in this festival. Don’t worry, they will return with the spring festival next month.

What is new from last year:

Not a whole lot. There are no new cosmetics or housing rewards on the vendors that we have found.

  • The badges requirement has been removed from the envelope quest.
  • The envelope quest can now randomly drop [War-steed Cosmetic Set - Reveller's Gilded Appearance]
  • The envelope quest is a daily that can be repeated for 5 mithril coins.
  • The horse races no longer reward race tokens and they are not required for purchase of the anniversary steeds.
  • Riddermark tokens have been added to drop off level 85 monsters.
  • *New* 4/29/13 cosmetic rewards and new consumables added


  • The Mightiest Arm: granted for clubbing 200 opponents in the beer battle and gives you the title “Clubber”
  • Why Your Head Hurts: granted for winning the beer fight 25 times on expert level and gives the title “Battered, Bruised and Contused”.
  • Fireworks: Launch Blue Fireworks: Granted for launching 50 blue fireworks. Gives you 1 anniversary token
  • Fireworks: Launch Red Fireworks: Granted for launching 50 red fireworks. Gives you 1 anniversary token
  • Fireworks: Launch Green Fireworks: Granted for launching 50 green fireworks. Gives you 1 anniversary token
  • Fireworks: Launch Yellow Fireworks: Granted for launching 50 yellow fireworks. Gives you 1 anniversary token
  • Fireworks: Launch Orange Fireworks: Granted for launching 50 orange fireworks. Gives you 1 anniversary token
  • Fireworks: Launch Purple Fireworks: Granted for launching 50 purple fireworks. Gives you 1 anniversary token
  • Fireworks: Master Firework Launcher: Granted for completing each of of the firework color deeds. Gives you 1 anniversary token and title of “Master Blaster”


Fireworks in the Shire

clip_image001Quest Giver: Milo Brockhouse
Quest Level: 10+
Rewards:1 Anniversary Token
Repeat: Every 10 minutes or so

This quest is available on fairly short reset timer of about 5 minutes between the end of the last event and the announcement of the next. This event happens regardless of time of day (Bree fireworks show is night-only). The show will not start unless there are “more than one or two participants” present.

Talk to Milo Brockhouse on the Methel-stage. Then wait until the show starts (when the firework launchers on the stage become active). Click on the launchers to participate in the show.

After the crowd has been suitably impressed (the NPCs watching will start cheering) you can speak to Milo to claim your reward. There is a 3 minute timer for the quest; if not enough fireworks are launched during that time, the quest will fail.

You may repeat this quest as often as it is available, assuming there are enough people present to make the show work.

Firework Explorer

clip_image002Quest Giver: Gandalf
Quest Level: 30+
Rewards:1 Anniversary Token, Title: “Firecracker”
Repeat: No

This quest comes from an old familiar friend who is watching the fireworks show at the Methel-stage. Gandalf has asked you to travel to each of these locations and launch the appropriate fireworks:

  • Launch blue fireworks at the firework show in Bree, near the North-gate.
  • Launch red fireworks at Frérin’s Court outside of Thorin’s Hall.
  • Launch green fireworks at the Last Homely House in Rivendell.
  • Launch yellow fireworks at the Party Tree of Hobbiton in the Shire.
  • Launch orange fireworks at the summit of Weathertop in the Lone-lands.
  • Launch purple fireworks outside Tom Bombadil’s home in the Old Forest.
  • An announcement will appear on the screen when you are in the correct area to launch the firework and even reminds you which color.

Before you leave Gandalf, make sure you stop at one of the two Fireworks Vendors near him to pick up the fireworks you need to complete this quest. You only need one of each color to complete the quest but you’ll probably will want to pick up a stack to complete the deed associated with fireworks (see deed section above).

Note: This quest is listed as quest level 30 however my level 15 Lore-master was able to obtain it. I do not think there is any barrier to lower levels getting this quest.

Fireworks in Bree

clip_image003Quest Giver: Winston Peartree
Quest Level: 10+
Rewards: 2 Anniversary Tokens
Repeat: Every 30 minutes (night-time only)

This quest is only available at night. The fireworks area is one of the farms on the north side of Bree. After you start this quest, an event panel will appear on your screen with fireworks in it. You use these to participate in the show.


The Fireworks Announcer will call out the fireworks for you to use, and you need to do this correctly 10 times to complete the quest. If you launch an incorrect firework, the quest is failed and you will need to start over. This quest can be repeated every 30 minutes (as long as it is night in-game).

Some instructions you may hear from the Fireworks Announcer:

  • “Quickly, launch a green firework high into the sky!”
  • “This is not the time for resting, launch your red fireworks!”
  • ”Send up anything except a blue firework; this will be unexpected!”
  • ”Send up a yellow firework, this is the perfect time for one!”

There is no set pattern that needs to be followed for this (you can choose not to launch a firework and will not fail the quest for inactivity), just random instructions to either use or not use a specific color.

Sparking an Interest

clip_image005Quest Giver: Young Took or Young Brandybuck
Quest Level: 10+
Rewards: 2 Anniversary Tokens
Repeat: Daily

These quest givers can be found in the Bree Fireworks location. During the day they’re standing in the middle of the fireworks field. In the evening these two young hobbits are off to the side watching the show.

This quest sends you around Bree looking for “Ideal places to launch fireworks” to spark the interest of the townsfolk in the firework show. There are approximately 15-20 “ideal locations” for this quest, but the place to click de-spawns after someone else uses it. Also, you sometimes you will see a spot that someone else can’t see and vice versa.

Ketani was awesome enough to map out the ideal locations on the map to help give you an idea where to look.


The quest almost looks like you should have small fireworks in you inventory but nothing is required. When you find an ideal location, simply click on it and the firework will launch. Find an launch 6 fireworks in ideal locations and collect your tokens.

Gift Quest

Quest Giver: Can start from any NPC listed in the listing below
Quest Level: 10+
Rewards: 7 Anniversary Tokens
Repeat: Weekly resetting on Thursday

The following “Gift” quests have you deliver an item from one NPC to another. They are not difficult to get to and completing one of these quests grants you a 15 minute +10% out of combat run speed buff. These quests reward 1 anniversary token each, and the individual quests are on what appears to be a weekly timer (Thursday morning, 3am?).

You can pick up any of these quests from one of the NPCs listed below, the order of delivering gifts is set in a loop but you can start from anywhere.

Gift – A Pint of Ale

  • From Rúnulf in Thorin’s Hall Inn (the area near the door to the beer arena)
  • To Roger Hazeltwig in Bree (standing by the Boar Fountain)

Gift – A Delicate Bracelet

Gift – Delicious Pastries

Gift – Wooden Carving

Gift – New Hammer

  • From Esmerelda Burrows
  • To Dudo Chubb in Hobbiton (standing by the Task Bulletin Board)

Gift – Dwarf-shield

  • From Dudo Chubb
  • To Ormur in Frerin’s Court (east of the stable)

Gift – Lucky Goat’s Horn

Lost Invitations

clip_image008Quest Giver: Percy Brywood
Quest Level: 10+
Rewards: 2 Anniversary Tokens
Repeat: Daily (Repeatable for 5 Mithril Coins)


You are to search throughout Bree-town for envelopes, pick them up and find 6 invitations. You can continue to pick up envelopes until you receive all 6 invitations.

The envelopes could be sitting still on ledges, under bushes or sleeping people, stuck to the sides of walls or they can be free floating around and you can chase and catch them.

The quest completes when 6 invitations have been collected.

The envelopes could contain more than just invitations in them. Sometimes there’s some vendor trash an extra anniversary token or better like Horses or Emotes!

*New* Lost Invitation War-Steed appearance:

New this year is the addition of the War-steed Cosmetic Set: Reveler’s Gilded Appearance. This is just for war-steeds and can be granted randomly to any player regardless of level. I’ve also read on the forums that this appearance set cannot be dyed.

War-steed Cosmetic Set - Reveller's Gilded Appearance
Thank you to Andswaru of Laurelin for the screenshot!

Lost Invitation Emote:

/Toast Emote: random reward available from the festival envelopes


Horse Races

The festival horse races have returned with special anniversary steeds for you to earn.

This event operates the same way as all other festival horse races. If you are new to the festival horse races you can read our General Festival Guide for the run down on this event.

The race quest rewards one of the following: 2 anniversary tokens. It is repeatable daily for both the Bree and Shire locations.

There are two mounts available at Hengstacer Farm from the festival horse trader Will Peartree

Anniversary Steed
62% speed 100 morale
Cost: 20 Anniversary Tokens
Fireworks Laden Steed
62% speed 200 morale
Cost: 40 Anniversary Tokens
*Note: this steed randomly fires off fireworks as it runs.

Teal Fireworks Laden Steed *NEW*
62% speed 200 morale
Cost: 40 Anniversary Tokens

Note: There is no new horse this year.

Battle for Glorious Beer

clip_image013The Battle for Glorius Beer happens in Thorin’s Hall. There are two entrances to the festival arena. One is outside by the steps leading up to the gate and one is inside Thorin’s Hall down in the underground tavern on the back wall. Look for the door labeled “The Festival Arena”.

The Mightest Blow is the name of the quest you are given by Gisli Strongclub who hands you a Dwarf Club of Unimaginable Power. You should put this club in your action bar so you can easily use it.

There are now three difficulty levels for this quest. Basic, Intermediate and Expert. You must do the Basic quest before the other options are available to you, even if you have done the Beer Fight in previous festivals.


  • smack people around with your new bat 8 times
  • you will not fail the quest if you are knocked out of the arena
  • you do not need to pick up the mug of Glorious Beer
  • reward is 1 Anniversary Token


  • smack people around with your new bat 8 times
  • you will fail the quest if you are knocked out the arena
  • you do not need to pick up the mug of Glorious Beer
  • reward: 2 Anniversary Token


  • smack people around with your new bat 8 times
  • you will fail the quest if you are knocked out the arena
  • pick up the mug of Glorious Beer
  • reward: 3 Anniversary Token

Each round lasts 3 minutes and this event is repeatable each time a new round starts. The quest becomes available to pick up 3 minutes after the previous event ends so you’ll looking at about a 9-minute cycle for this event from start to end.

Note: Mithril coins are not required to repeat these quests!

Gift Box Tokens

Just like previous years, monsters will be dropping level appropriate gift boxes randomly that will hold metal themed names. These are not the same as the anniversary tokens. You will not have to do anything special as these will just randomly drop as you are slaying your foes.

Token Types:

  • Riddermark *NEW* (drops off level 85 mobs)
  • Calenard
  • Ancient Gold
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Iron
  • Tin

The NPCs that do the token exchange are called “Keeper of Gifts”. Update 2 added these vendors to all the major hubs in each zone so they’re be easier to turn in this year. You can expect things like potions, hope tokens, skirmish marks, relics, food, and fun items like cosmetics and fireworks recipes to randomly drop from these gift boxes.

You can also trade in your tokens for Marks if you prefer those over the random gifts in the boxes.

This event is also available for monster players to participate in!


This festival uses Anniversary Tokens bartered with the Games-Master that can be found in most of the major cities.


Images can be clicked on to see slightly larger views. All items can be dyed. See Cosmetic LOTRO for examples of the items dyed.

Spark-Maker’s Pack
7 Tokens
Firework Hoodless Cloak
5 Tokens
Firework Hooded Cloak
5 Tokens
You In a Box
10 Tokens
Cake Topper
10 Tokens
Firework Launcher’s Face Guard
7 Tokens
Silken Gown of Golden Splendor
4 Tokens
Silken Robe of Golden Splendor
4 Tokens
Cloak of the Shining Star
4 Tokens

Cloak of the 5th Season
10 Tokens

Dark Sky Firework Cloak
5 Tokens

Patterned You-in-a-box
10 Tokens

Teal Spark-maker’s Pack
7 Tokens

Decorated Cake Topper
10 Tokens


Housing Items

No new housing items were added with this year’s festival.

See our Decoration and Furniture Guide for the Anniversary Event to see the housing items available to earn in this festival.


  • clip_image024Piles of Mysterious Powder
    1 Anniversary Token for a stack of 5
    These ingredients are only available during the festival and is used in the recipes for making fireworks that can be found in the Gift Boxes (see gift box tokens section above).
  • White Anniversary Fireworks: 5 Tokens (for 5)
  • Rainbow Anniversary Fireworks: 5 Tokens (for 5)


Special thanks to Ketani & Merric for helping me gather all the information for this guide!

Have I missed something? Feel free to politely point it out in the comments below. I do not change the guide unless I have verification so don’t be surprised if your change doesn’t show up on the guide right away.

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51 Responses to “LOTRO 6th Anniversary Festival Guide”

  1. Sen Says:

    No new horse this year? Awww… :(


  2. DK Says:

    Happy Anniversary!


  3. Jayarih Says:

    least with no new horses i can just go after maps im missing :)


  4. Gliredhel Says:

    So the 6th year Azure War-steed cosmetic cannot be dyed, and the random drop Reveler’s Gilded War-steed cosmetic cannot be dyed, either.

    I like them both. Would love to be able to dye them.


  5. melneth Says:

    @Lotro confirmed no new cosmetics or steeds :/

    Ittybittybritt:@lotro Is it working as intended that there are zero new rewards for this festival?
    LOTRO: @houseoftheharp other than the 6th year rewards, yes.



  6. Brainslug Says:

    No new horses (other than the grind-o-steed)
    No new housing/cosmetic items
    and a lackluster reward box

    Wow, what a great anniversary this year …


  7. Daruma Says:

    After the disappointing 2nd part of the ‘Rohan instance cluster’, I was actually looking forward to the anniversary (and spring) festival. But no new quests, cosmetics, housing items or deeds … This is the saddest festival ever. Makes you wonder how many people are actually left there at Turbine, working on this (once great) game, and how much longer it will last :-(


  8. Calathea Says:

    Thanks for the guide, this is my first anniversary festival, don’t want to miss anything!

    Sad that there aren’t any new cosmetics or steeds, glad I can finally get the firework steed and pack though! Been wanting it ever since I saw it!


  9. Goreamir Says:

    Yawn, back to swtor, thought this festival might give me a reason to log in before update 11.. Nothing new whatsoever, if you got what you wanted last year.


  10. Nyrydin Says:

    I like the fact that there is no new things this year. Gives me a chance to catch up on what I couldn’t get last year (stuff and titles and deeds), and also it allows me to spend more time on my alts to get them through the festival and get the steeds and deeds for them, or some of them at least.

    I don’t fault Turbine for not changing or adding stuff to the anniversary this year, what they made for last year was already awesome, and still is. Besides, I prefer no change than every quest, especially the clubbing one, needing some sort of coin to be done more than once a day. (Yes, I know that most of them requires Mithril coin to be done more than once a day, but the firework one and the clubbing one do not, so I’m happy)


  11. Angela Says:

    Actually I am thrilled there is nothing new this year. I figure the other festivals coming up should have new things with each one plus not I dont have to work like a dog getting all the new stuff. Instead I can quest to earn the special tokens for marks. :)


  12. buckyball Says:

    I saw someone riding a warhorse with a blue colored Revelers Gilded appearance so I think it must be dye-able. Or at least it must come in random colors.


  13. Glinluin Says:

    Im sure that there are some people who want to still get a lot of anniversary stuff from last year on mains or alts.

    Besides, its all still good content and Id rather Turbine focus their efforts on new non occational content.


  14. susan Says:

    for those new to the festival its fun, for us oldies its a bit of a relief not to have to grind to get new stuff. will take a breather and not sweat it for once. will do the envelope quest on my main for a chance at the war steed appearance but really not bothered by it either way.


  15. Zanza Says:

    i dont have a sixt character frame. i just got a second fifth frame that looks different.


  16. Tinker Says:

    Thanks Goldenstar for the great info.
    I’m so relieved that Turbine did not gate this festival, nor make the beer brawl a daily (like they did the Yule snowball fights). Thank you Turbine!
    Now time to get my goodies for my alts.
    Happy Anniversary! Woot!

    P.S. Does anyone know if you can open unlimited envelops if you’re in a raid? Not that *I* would do that, but…er…I saw other players doing it last year and I’m just curious. :-D


    • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

      There is no ‘in a raid’ effect on anything anymore. Quests, Deeds and all sorts of things advance in a raid. The game no longer cares if you’re in a raid.


    • CJ Says:

      I’ve heard if you cancel before turning in, you can pick up the quest in 5 mins again. Or just spend the 5 mithril coins to repeat it.


  17. Eppy Says:

    Where does a solo player get Riddermark tokens from? I tried a hytbold crafting instance and some of the mobs were lvl 84 and gave me calenard tokens. Do solo skirms drop these as well? There aren’t many lvl 85 mobs available to farm on the landscape :(


  18. Aurelas Says:

    Wow, I’m glad I checked here before getting too excited about the festival. I can’t believe there is NOTHING new…how disappointing! I really hope this isn’t a sign of things to come :(


  19. Damper Says:

    kinda funny, I got all the stuff except the horses from the invitation-daily last year. First envelope I opened yesterday contained the warsteed-appearance for my RK :) Looks excellent btw, my current cosmetic outfit is red as well.


  20. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    Have you been able to obtain confirmation that the Lossoth and Dusk-watch steeds are in the envelopes this year? The general consensus seems to be that they are no longer dropping. I have personal confirmation that the Toast emote is still there, but I’m curious about the two steeds as nobody seems to have obtained any.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      It’s possible they are gone. I didn’t anticipate them removing rewards. It’s really a difficult thing to dis-prove unless Turbine comes out and tells us it’s not there.


      • Kidnova Says:

        By this time last year there were many reports of obtaining steeds on the official forums. The lack of confirmed sightings this year would lead me to believe they’ve been removed. The WS cosmetics seem to drop frequently however.


    • Andy Says:

      If they have done then my festival is now over having got the toast emote of all my hobbits.

      Quite happy in a way as the breevamp still hasnt got any better for playability.

      While lurching about bree looking for envelopes I’ve come to the conclusion that the performance dips during the night time due to the fact that every lamppost has moths fluttering around them.


  21. Tyraleth Says:

    Other games I’ve played never change their festivals from year to year. Some don’t even have festivals for that matter. I think we are a bit spoiled with the cosmetics, and expect new stuff each year when it rare in other games.


  22. Ben Says:

    I still haven’t found any Lossoth/Dusk-watch steeds and I have been doing the envelope quests with 10 toons for two days. I have gotten two of the festival war-steed packs


  23. Margeylane Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s come around again. Thank you so much for keeping up with these guides. They are completely priceless!


  24. Ithoran Says:

    I’m assuming there’s virtually no new content or rewards outside of the 6th anniversary stuff because they’re having to pour all of their resources into getting West Rohan out. Last year they announced Riders of Rohan in January, but this year we’re already halfway through April with no announcement about West Rohan. Seems that they’re behind quite a bit.


  25. Ryzis Says:

    I’m relieved that there isn’t really too many new things since this gives me a chance to run this on my alts and catch up on other things anyway.


  26. Aerindis Says:

    Are anniversary tokens really per-character like regular gold? I had assumed they’d be shared like festival tokens, but was surprised after logging into an alt who had 0 :(


  27. victor Says:

    Is this an exploit in Lost Invitation quest? One can open Envelopes then cancel quest. Wait for 5 minutes and take quest again. Horse farming :(


  28. Joni Says:

    I got the War-steed Cosmetic Set last night and it is AWESOME. *loves*


  29. Stana Says:

    I say this not to be mean, I am actually glad there isn’t anything new. Because now I will not feel compelled to log in, just so I don’t ‘miss out’ on something.


  30. Rosekitten Says:

    So far from what I have gathered the mounts don’t drop… I’ve been asking everyday and I have been doing the quest on all of my characters. As far as the quest reset of five minutes that was mentioned above I have been doing that on one character for the sake of trying to figure out if the steeds were there or not. After about eight sets of war steed armor and one emote I think they removed the steeds from the letters sadly.

    That or the drop rate is very low, but I haven’t heard of anyone (at least on my server) getting the steeds this year. Though I guess in a way I am glad I wasn’t able to do the event last year … so I got caught up this year more or less.


  31. SunGryphon Says:

    Wonder if they moved the mounts into the daily gift boxes.


  32. Kamil Says:

    so the riddermark token gift chest does not contain new stuff?


  33. Cadronas Says:

    My daughter is almost 5 and has a lvl 19 guard. The first envelope she opened had the warsteed pack. Shame she wont be using it anytime soon. While my own alts wont be doing much festival stuff I went to Bree to get my anniversary box. I must say I was truely amazed at the way Bree was improved (yes apart from using the satbles I hadn’t been there for ages). Good job whoever did this.


  34. Ariadneth Says:

    I would like to add two different details I’ve seen while playing the anniversary (and forgive me if I tell something already pointed out, I haven’t seen it):

    - The Fireworks explorer quest from Gandalf in fact isn’t limited, as I had a level 7 alt getting it. However, I expect it to be hard to complete immediately as the character hasn’t been (and won’t be in some time for obvious reasons) in Rivendell, Lone Lands or the Old Forest. I guess having the correct fireworks in the inventory will allow to complete it later, after the festival has ended.

    - The ideal locations for fireworks seem to be “splited” in 6 different areas: next to the west gate, around the legendary vendors (this one isn’t completely clear to me), near the Prancing Pony, near the boar fountain, near the city hall and near the south gate. This means even if there are two or more available locations in the same “area”, as soon as you activate one of them the other is gone, and so you have to move to a different “area” in order to find another available site. About one of these areas I’m not completely sure but about the others, I’m very positive.


  35. Squishier than thou Says:

    Have Cloak of the 5th Season always been Bind on Acquire?

    The other cosmetics aren’t bound so I took for granted that this wasn’t bound either so now I’ve got one stuck on a character who won’t be using it ^^;


  36. Fernando Says:

    Thanks for all the Festival guides you made, all were the best, i’ll miss it :(



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